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0267 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 267 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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legs, and encircling the upper curve of phallus bring their feet together in front. The arms of the figure hang down, the hands resting on the inner angles of the thighs. Above them the umbilicus is strongly marked. (For treatment of monkey comp. Y. 0012. d, Y. 0012. V, B. 002): Height r1", width I", depth r. See Plate XLVII.

Y. oog. q. i. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey seated astride a phallus. Similar to Y. oog. q but less carefully made. There is a single pair of legs only. The head of phallus on which the hands rest reaches to face of monkey, so that the sex of monkey is indistinguishable. Height r, width', depth i". See Plate XLVII.

Y. oog. r. Terra-cotta grotesque. Two monkeys, naturalistic type, embracing amorously. The head of one is missing, and the lower portions of legs of both. One has a long tail of hair hanging from the top of the head to the root of the tail proper. The tail is very broad at the root, spreading over the upper surface of buttocks. The tail of the other figure is similar. Their legs are entwined, and the arms of the one pass under the arms of the other, the hands of each supporting the other behind the shoulders. Hair is indicated only on head and tails. They both seem to wear bangles on their wrists. Cleverly modelled. Height 1A", width 8", depth i". See Plate XLVII.

Y. 00x0. Terra-cotta human head of very low type. The face is rather broad, with large eyes obliquely placed, nose short, flat, and broad. Full and pointed beard. Bushy eyebrows. Very low forehead and bull-necked. Mouth coarse, ears high. The whole very clumsily executed. Height xi", width ri", depth 1". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 001x. a. Terra-cotta grotesque head of crocodile. Lower jaw missing. The end of the snout, which is moderately broad, bears the protuberance such as the Gavialis gangeticus has. The ears are shown as external organs. The armour of the crocodile is expressed by a series of transverse ribs. The eyes are too wide apart, and on the sides instead of the top of head. A kind of eyebrow is indicated by the usual dashes representing hair ; and a collar encircles the neck and runs behind the ears. On the head between the eyes is a mark made with a circular stamp. Length 18", width â". See Plate XLVI.

Y. ooxx. b. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, hairless and nude, seated upon a long object (a log?) with legs dangling, playing the sitar. The L. proper arm is broken off. The head is of owl-like type. Height xi', width ii". See Plate XLVI.

Y. ooxx. c. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, hairless, and with narrow band thrown over lap ; seated on something, the legs dangling and seeming to be only to knees. The two hands are raised, grasping a syrinx upon which it plays. Face of owl-like type. A hole has been dug between the legs. There is another on the back which is probably due to some impurity in the clay. Height ii". width W. See Plate XLVII.

Y. ooii. d. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, having hair indicated on the body and head. It is a fragment, to the middle only ; face naturalistic. The figure is playing a kind of sitar with four strings. The left hand shows fingers and thumb grasping the neck of the instrument, while the fingers of the R. hand are roughly suggested by the usual digs of the modelling tool. Height 2", width xi", depth r. See Plate XLVI.

Y. 00xx. e. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey ; naturalistic type. It grasps in both hands a very large syrinx, very clearly shown. The six pipes are held together by a single band round the centre. The monkey is squatting but the legs are not formed, the body ending in a roughly quatrefoil-shaped base enabling it to stand. Hair is indicated all over the body. The mouth very cleverly suggests the peculiar formation of the upper lip assumed by a person blowing downwards into a pipe or flute. Height 2 ff", width xi", depth r. See Plate XLVI.

Y. ooxI. f. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, fragment to middle, in pose similar to Y. oox r. e, but from different mould. The syrinx is smaller and shows two cinctures. Six pipes are shown. The arms and hands are more carefully modelled than in Y. oox 1. e, as is also the head, although it has not such a successful blowing expression. This example has a very satyr-like appearance. Clay deep red and fine texture, similar to Y. oox. j. Height width 1 ", depth e". See Plate XLVII.

Y. 001x. g. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey. Part below hips broken away. Naturalistic type, but with abruptly protruding mouth and snout. Ears very low,. narrow, and forward. Body hairy. The hands are placed together, the finger-tips touching, in an attitude of supplication or humility. Round the wrists are bands. This specimen seems to be untouched after leaving the mould. Height x r, width r. See Plate XLVII.

Y. ooxx. h. Fragment of terra-cotta grotesque monkey. Head and part of neck. Type very similar to Y. ooxx. g, but mouth not so prominent, and eyes smaller. Height ir, width $", depth fi". See Plate XLVI.

Y. 00x1. i. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey. Owl-face type. Appears to be squatting, but R. proper leg is missing. Both hands are raised to mouth. Height ri". See Plate XLIV.

Y. ooxx. j. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, in sitting posture, the legs dangling from the knees. In the lap across middle is some object which may be clothing : otherwise nude and hairless. Owl-face type. Hands raised holding syrinx to lips. Skin markings from the potter's fingers are visible on this. Clay dark red and of fine texture. Height 1".

Y. ooxx. k. Terra-cotta grotesque monkey, naturalistic, seated cross-legged, playing four-stringed rabdb. The whole piece is well modelled, and shows interesting detail in the rabdb. Height x', width 1r". See Plate XLVI.