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0353 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 353 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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D. i. o8. Stucco relief fragment; standing Buddha. Head and feet missing. Replica D. z. z z, but robe red, Sanghâti green, flesh pink. Height 5". Hard.

D. z. og. Stucco relief fragment ; standing Buddha. Replica D. z. ix. Lower half; feet missing. Height 3r"

D. z. on. Stucco relief fragment; standing Buddha. Replica D. z. z z. Torso.

D. z. 012. Stucco relief fragment ; leaf. Replica D. z. 4 z. Portion of field of vesica. Conventional chrysan-

themum leaf (portion), coloured red; ground green. 3 " long, z." wide. See Plate LVII.

D. i. 013. Stucco relief fragment ; ornament. Lotus petal springing from row of beads. General shape of surface flat ; under side concave. Depth from beads to point z$", width 2r.

D. I. 014. Stucco relief fragment ; Gandharvi figure. Replica D. x. z zo. Scored lightly on back with tool. Much defaced and friable.


D. n. 2.. Painted wooden panel ; rectangular ; painted probably on both sides, but one side only recognizable. OBVERSE : Figure kneeling on L. p. knee. R. p. hand resting on R. p. knee, holding what appears to be a band. Above the hand appears a sheaf of some objects (arrows ?). Head quite indistinct, but seems to be in profile. Nimbus. Sleeves of garment loose. Folds and all contour lines black. Very free and suggestive in treatment. REVERSE : Subject quite indistinguishable. Adhering to surface fragments of paper manuscript in upright Gupta characters ; five to six lines of thick black writing, but only a few detached Aksaras in each legible. Wood perished ; shows ravages of insects. 4" wide, ryi" high, r thick.

D. n. 3. Stucco relief fragment, coloured. Red clay, no fibre. Replica of D. it. 12, colouring similar, but lines of drapery in black round neck showing loose end thrown over L. p. shoulder distinct. Friable. 31" high, zk" wide.

D. n. 4. Painted wooden panel ; rectangular. OBVERSE : Two seated figures, apparently nude to middle, one on either side of a central figure (?). Arms of side figures akimbo ; hands probably resting on thighs. Flesh pink, outlined black. Figure to L. p. head, three-quarter face, inclined to R. p. and slightly down. Necklet. Nimbus. Very much damaged. Centre unrecognizable.

REVERSE : Apparently three figures. To L. p. seated figure inclined to R. p. L. p. hand raised to breast. Towards centre appears representation of basketwork (?), perhaps portion of seat. Much deleted. Lower corner broken. Wood perished ; general condition points to

damage by damp. z z" long, 4r high, â" thick.   ,

D. n. 5. Stucco relief fragment, in several pieces. Replica D. u. roi. White chunam, perished. No colour. Brittle. Height 6$".

D. n. 6. Stucco relief fragment ; seated Bodhisattva on pedestal. Red clay with fine fibre (perished), coloured.

  • Full robe covering feet. Hand resting in lap. Ears elongated. Top-knob. Ovate vesica (top broken) from knees. Whitewash over the whole piece, red contour lines on L. p. ear. Hair black. Vesica fiat, divided into concentric bands by black lines. Portion behind head tinted pale green, shaded to white at outer edge ; next a band of pink similarly shaded. Then a narrow band

white ; outside this a broad band divided by radiating lines in black : outside this again a narrow plain band. Friable. 31" high, 3r wide. See Plate LV.

D. zz. 8. Stucco relief fragment. Replica D. xi. zor. White chunam.

D. n. zo. Stucco relief fragment ; seated Bodhisattva. Chunam, coloured. Seated figure on lotus, feet concealed by robe. R. p. hand raised, palm outwards; L. p. hand hangs over thigh, upon which forearm rests. Vesica rises from knees, behind figure. Nimbus. Robe and outer edge of vesica pink. Flesh light pink. Field of vesica dark (blue ?) Nimbus black (?). Height 4g ", width 4". See Plate LIV.

D. n. zz. Stucco relief fragment ; standing Buddha. Replica D. u. zoz. White chunam, coloured. Head, feet, and R. p. arm missing. Colouring : robe, pink ; Sanghâti, grey; flesh, pale pink ; background, emerald green. Back of background scored, portion of twig and

, portions of grass adhering in scorings. Height 4", width z1".

D. n, 12. Stucco relief fragment. Coloured. Replica D. u. 3. Red clay mixed with fine vegetable fibre. Seated Bodhisattva. Robe covering feet. Hands in lap, L. p. resting in palm of R. Ears elongated. Top-knob. Pointed oval vesica rising from knees. Nimbus at head. Hair and nimbus black, eyes outlined in black. Flesh white. Vesica emerald green. Soft. Height 3", width zâ". See Plate LIV.

D. n. 13. Fresco fragment on stucco with inscription. Removed from lower part of frescoed wall. Coarse mixture grey clay, straw and grass ; broken in two places. Feet, life-size, of standing figure (Buddha ?) resting upon open lotus. Between feet, and extending to R. p. outside foot, single line inscription in cursive Brâhmi characters, written in black with brush. Inscription between feet read by Dr. Hoernle, bya ja ga ri ja sho bha yi ? re ma pyâ da? s(?) ? ?. In centre of lotus, seed-cells indicated by red circles. Below lotus sketchy lines in black. Lotus-petals pink, shaded by washes of darker pink and outlined

Indian red. Feet pink, outlined bright red.   Very
friable. zo" x 71". See Plate LIX.

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