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0465 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 465 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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N. iv..

N. iv. x. Oblong tablet ; fragment. Hole (?) at one end, broken. Obv. Well-written Khar. char. in columns. Surface much cracked and discoloured. Rev. Surface quite perished. i 3" x 3". In bad preservation.

N. iv. 2. Oblong tablet ; fragment. Obv. Traces of Khar. char., prob. in columns. Rev. quite perished. io1" x 2/". Prob. undecipherable.

N. iv. 3. Oblong tablet. Hole at one corner. Obv. Traces of 3 11. Khar., very faint. Rev. Traces of 5 11. Khar., very faint. r 2*" x 3r. Perished, split and curling.

N. iv. 4. Oblong tablet. Obv. Traces of Khar. char. in column arrangement to read transversely. Surface split and perished. Rev. Traces of Khar. char., rather small, tabular, to read transversely. 8r x 2g". Badly perished and split.

N. iv. 6. Wedge-shaped tablet. Hole near point, broken. Obv. Long 1. Khar. at top. Below this at sq. end, column of 711., faint but fairly legible. Rev. blank. x6" x 3-" X i" Much perished, especially at edges, and discoloured.

N. iv. 7. Rectang. cov.-tablet ; fragment in several pieces. Obv. 2 or more 11. transversely below seal cay., almost deleted. Rev. 5 11. Khar., well-written but faded ; fragmentary. 5" x 2k" (approx.). Completely perished by damp.

N. iv. 8. Oblong tablet. Hole at one corner. Obv. Tabular. Column of 6 11. Khar. near hole. Irregular Il. in centre. Column of 8 or 9 II. at opposite end. Some 11. erased by stroke. Khar. very cursive, faded. Rev. blank. 94" x 3i". Perished, but uninjured otherwise.

N. iv. 8. a. Oblong tablet, curling at one end to point. Hole about 3 from point. Obv. Tabular Khar. writing in 3 columns ; very cursive. ist column (from sq. end), 3 11., very faded. 2nd column, 4 I1., 2nd and 4th erased. 3rd column, 7 11., ist, 3rd, and 4th erased. Last 411. bracketed. Rev. Column of 6 II., transversely from sq. end, very faded. 9" x 2*" x " to A". Dark in colour ; fairly preserved. See Pl. CIII.

N. iv. g. Parabolic tablet. Large hole in round end. Obv. 6 columns of 7 to 8 11. Khar. each. 2 11. in upper corner, bracketed. Writing, very cursive, part faded. Rev. 7 columns of 6 to ro 11. each ; very cursive, but clear. 7" x 24". Soft ; well-preserved.

N. iv. ix. Tablet, fragment, twisted fantastically. Obv. 5 11. Khar. at sq. end. Well-written and containing numerals. Further characters are traceable, but owing to broken and twisted condition of wood prob. undecipherable. Rev. Traces of Khar. char., but very fragmentary. 6a" x 2" approx. Quite perished. See Pl. CIV.

N. iv. 13. Rectang. tablet in several pieces, prob. complete. Cov.-tablet. Obv. Seal cay. ." sq. 3 11. Khar., black, cursive, transversely at L. p. edge. Rev. 7 Il. Khar., well-written, black, perfectly clear except where wood is perished.

Under-tablet. Obv. 6 11. Khar., well-written, clear, and black ; last 1. broken away. 9"x2" (approx.). Quite perished ; wood dark and twisted like a piece of leather that has been wet.

N. iv. 14. Rectang. cov.-tablet, in 2 pieces. Seal cav, i$" x Ir. Obv. 3 II. Khar., transversely at top. Very indistinct. Rev. 6 11. Khar., very cursive, clear, and black. 4" x 2 ". Wood perished ; much discoloured.

N. iv. 15. Oblong tablet. Hole at one corner. Obv. 4 11.

Khar., well written, black, cursive ; all readable.   Rev.
7 11. Khar., finer than obv. but much deleted and faded. 6/1" x 3" x r. Wood much perished and stained.

N. iv. 16. Rectang. under-tablet, in many pieces. Obv. Traces of Khar. characters. Very fragmentary. Rev. blank. 8*" x a ". Perished, stained, and encrusted with sand.

N. iv. 17. Oblong tablet. Obv. 4 columns of 8 and 9 11. Khar. each. i 1. above columns, and a short 1. (numerals) beside last column. Writing faded, but nearly all legible. Scorings as though from knife point in cutting leather (?). Rev. Scorings from knife point. i5$" x 3k". Wood well-preserved. Much encrusted with sand.

N. iv. r7. a. Rectang. cov: tablet, in 2 pieces (frag.). Obv. 2 11. Khar., cursive, black, incomplete ; transversely at L. p. edge. Rev. 5 11. Khar. blotted, cursive. 2" X 2r. Perished and discoloured.

N. iv. i7. b. Rectang. cov.-tablet ; frag. in 2 pieces. Obv. 3 11. Khar. transversely at L. p. edge ; incomplete. Rev. 2 II. Khar. cursive, blotted, incomplete. 4" x $" x r. Perished and discoloured.

N. iv. 17. c. Takhti-shaped tablet (?), fragment of; having portion of hole. Both sides blank.

N. iv. i8. Rectang. under-tablet, fragment. Obv. Portions of 8 11. Khar., very black. Rev. Faint traces of char. near edge. 3a" x 2r. Perished, twisted, very dark, and cracked.

N. iv. 20. Wedge-shaped tablet (point gone). Obv. 4 11.

Khar., cursive, generally distinct.   Rev. blank. ion"
x 2" x i -". Perished and dark.

N. iv. 21. Rectang. cov.-tablet, in 2 pieces. Seal cay. I" sq. Obv. 2 11. Khar., transversely at top, very indistinct. Rev. Traces of Khar. char., fragmentary and indistinct. 5s" x 3$" x i". Hard, very dark, warped and cracked.

N. iv. 22. Stick-like tablet. Obv. At broad end 3 Il. Khar. transversely ; then 2 11., 11., and r 1., with intervals transversely ; writing cursive, faint. Rev. blank. i i" x i". Wood well-preserved.

N. iv. 23. Stick-like tablet, warped. Obv. Traces of Khar. characters-some numerals, apparently arranged in columns. Rev. Do., but rather more legible; about 411., very cursive. 8*" x ii". Wood fairly hard. Discoloured and _sand-encru sted.