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0480 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 480 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000182
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N. xv.   Under-tablet. Obv. 7 11. Khar. clear ; black ink. Rev.

blank.   Wood well-preserved.   6i" x 3" (nearly) x
Found 3 ft. above floor. See Pl. XCIV.

N. xv. 156. Rectang. cov.•tablet. Obv. Seal cay. ri" x r â". R. p. edge notched tooth-like. x 1. Khar. and 2 disconnected characters, transversely, very cursive, and faint. Rev. x 1. Khar., very cursive, faint, part covered by encrusted sand. 4k" x x " x . ". Hard, well-preserved. Found 3 ft. above floor.

N. xv. 158. Rectang. under-tablet. Obv. 9 II. Khar., very coarse and cursive. Rev. blank. 74" x 3i". Soft, sand-encrusted and stained. Found 3 ft. above floor.

N. xv. 159. Rectang. cov.•tablet. Obv. Seal cay. z" x ii". Clay remains, probably of a double seal. 4 string-grooves. At top traces of z 11. Khar. Sand-encrusted. Rev. Traces of 5 11. Khar. Surface much abraded, and sand-encrusted. 5i' x 3i"x S". Soft. Found 3 ft. above floor.

N. xv. 16o. Rectang. cov.•tablet. Obv. Seal cay. xi" x 3k". On R. p. edge 3 11. Khar. transverse, very faint and cursive. L. p. x 1. Khar. transverse, very faint and cursive. Rev. 5 11. Khar., very cursive, distinct. 81" x

41" x   . Rather soft. Slightly sand-encrusted. See PI.
XCVI. Found 3 ft. above floor.

N. xv. 162. Rectang. under-tablet ; chipped at lower

edge.   Obv. 7 11. Khar., cursive, decipherable only in
parts. Much sand-encrusted. Rev. blank. 51" x zi". Soft. Found 3 ft. above floor.

N. xv. 163. Rectang. cov.-tablet, raised in middle to i" thickness. Obv. Two seals (see Pl. LXXII) in middle transversely, impressed in grey clay. L. seal, male head turned to L., 1" high, raised from concave background with plain rims ; R. seal, male (?) head, turned to R., V" high, raised on flat background, with higher ribbed rim a". Traces of r line Khar. on R. p. edge transverse ; also r i. tranverse on L. p. Rev. 3 11. Khar., bold hand. 9" x 3i". Well-preserved. Found 3 ft. above floor.

14. xv. 164. Document on leather, almost complete. Obv. 6 11. Khar., cursive, black ; 4th, 5th, and 6th II. incomplete. x short 1. near lower edge. Rev. 3 items in Khar., rather indistinct. ro" x 3". Well-preserved. Found 3 ft. above floor.

N. xv. 165. Rectang. cov.-tablet ; broken at one corner. Obv. Seal cay. 2" x x". At L. p. edge, transversely, 3 11. Khar., cursive, indistinct ; on R. p. 2 11. Khar., cursive, part indistinct. Rev. 2 11. Khar., fragmentary. 5xu" x 3" x $ ". Soft, abraded, stained, and sand-encrusted.

N. xv. x66. Rectang. double tablet, complete. Cov. tablet. Obv. Seal ri" sq. (see Pl. LXXI); device Pallas Athene to L. p., in cameo, surrounded by elliptical borders. Deep impression. Clay mixed with hair. Transversely at L. p. edge 2 11. Khar., cursive, black ; on R. p. r 1. similar. Strings (which have been cut with knife) hang from R. p. side. Rev. 2 11. Khar., cursive, black.

Under-tablet. Obv. 7 11. Khar., very cursive, clear. Rev. blank. 6i" x 21-8-" x r$" (both tablets). See Pl. XCV.

N. xv. 167. Rectang. cov..tablet. Two raised seals (see PI. LXXII) in grey clay, transversely, over broken strings. Seal R. p. 4 Chinese characters, lapidary, divided by cross 11., two lower appar. identical. Seal L. p., female head turned to L. p. holding flower in hand ; head wearing cap (?) with parallel folds ; hair-knob (?) or large button on top ; R. ear elongated ; lips parted, drapery below neck. On L. p. edge 2 11. Khar. transversely ; on R. p. 2 11. Khar. transversely. Rev. blank. 5" x 3". Well-preserved.

N. xv. 168. Document on leather ; fragment. Obv. 6 11. Khar., incomplete, very cursive ; black. Rev. blank. 42" x 21". Well-preserved. See Pl. XCII.

N. xv. 169. Slip of wood, Chinese char.; fragment. xi" x ". Fairly preserved. See Pl. CXIII.

N. xv. 172. Takhtii-shaped tablet ; hole in handle, broken at sq. end. Obv. 2 11. Khar., cursive, faint. Burn mark on handle. Rev. 3 11. Khar., very cursive, faint. 61" x ri". Soft, sand-encrusted.

N. xv. 173+o6. Rectang. double tablet, complete. Cov: tablet. Obv. Seal cay. ri" sq. At L. p. edge z 11. Khar. transversely, cursive, faint, sand-encrusted. Clay in cay. Rev. blank.

Under-tablet in 2 pieces. Obv. 5 11. Khar., faint, and in some parts quite faded. Writing small and neat. Sand-encrusted. Rev. blank. 8i," x 31'. Soft and warped.

N. xv. 174. Oblong tablet, rounded at one end, square at other. Obv. 3 Il. Khar., faint and cursive. Rev. 4 11. Khar., faint and cursive ; sand-encrusted. 4i"x xi". Soft and perished.

N. xv. 175. Slip of wood, Chinese char. ; fragment. rr x 1". Well-preserved. See Pl. CXIV.

N. xv. 175. a, Rectang. cov.-tablet ; one corner broken. Obv. Seal cay. zk-" x r ". At L. p. edge 2 11. Khar., very cursive, part indistinct. Rev. blank. 6 g" x 4" x h". Soft.

N. xv. 176. Slip of wood, Chinese char. ; fragment. 2/1" x A". Fairly preserved. See Pl. CXIII.

N. xv. 177. Oblong tablet, hole near centre of lower edge. Obv. 6 items in Khar., cursive. Sand-encrusted. Rev. blank. 7" x 2k". Hard.

N. xv. 178 +183 +186. Rectang. cov.-tablet, in 3 fragments. Obv. Seal cay. ri" x ri-". 2 11. Khar. transversely at L. p. edge, very cursive. Rev. 6 11. Khar., cursive, fairly clear, deleted by hole in centre. 71" x zg" x Wood hard. Found 3 ft. above floor.

N. xv. 179. Wedge under-tablet ; hole near point. Obv. 4 11. Khar., very cursive, partly deleted, with initial form. Part broken. Rev. Some char. at sq. end, very indistinct.


Hard. Found 2 ft. above floor.