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0488 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 488 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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N. xxi, N. xxi. 5. Rectang. under-tablet, in 2 pieces (joined). Obv. 7 11. Khar., faded, cursive ; spotted by water-stains. Rev. t 1. transversely, very cursive. 8k" x 3". Fairly preserved. Spotted with water-stains and sand.

N. xxi. 6. Elongated oval tablet ; hole at small end. Obv. 2 11. Khar., very cursive, complete. Rev. blank. 5" x t". Well-preserved.

N. xxi. 7+4. Rectang. tablet, complete. Cov: tablet. Obv. Seal cay. i. " x 3", evidently intended for two seals. Empty. 3 11. Khar. to L. p., very cursive and indistinct, but probably a good deal legible. To R. p. 2 11. Khar, Rev. 7 11. Khar., cursive, partly deleted. 7k" x 3k". Under-tablet. Obv. 8 II. Khar., cursive, faint, and partly deleted. Rev. A few char. near R. p. end. to" x 3". Perfectly preserved.


N. xxii. N. xxii. ox. Wedge cov.-tablet. Seal cav, about • ta" from sq. end. Cavity xi" x t"; hole near point, which is

split. Completely bleached and much abraded by sand. No trace of writing left. 9i" x ri" x r.


N. xxiii. N. xxiii. i. Rectang. cov.-tablet, warped ; found by Hasan Akhitn on 28. i. 1901. Obv. Two seals transversely, in cay. ii" high, i ' broad, impressed in grey clay (cracked). L. seal, male â" high, turned to R. in low

relief. R. seal, bird rising with wings extended, from seal slightly longer than L. seal. On L. p. edge 2 11. Khar., slightly damaged ; near R. p. edge 1 1. Khar. Rev. blank. Slight crack. 7" x 34" x é". See Pl. LXXII.


Miscell. finds.

N. ow. Fragment of bronze ornamental object. Perhaps portion of large buckle or fastening. 21" diameter ; fly" widest part. Found near Camp 95. See PI. LXXIV.

  1.  Flake of flint. Straight on one side, round on opposite side, and round at one end. Opposite end was probably pointed, but is broken off. Along round side is a sharp edge. t" x r. Found close to Camp 93.

  2.  Pebble whorl, conical dome shaped. Diameter 1"; diam. of hole i"; thickness 1". See Pl. LXXIV.

  3.  a. Brcnze arrow-head. Shape of point an equilateral triangular pyramid. In centre of each triangular face an incised triangle, into which has been put some substance darker than the bronze. There is a short hexagonal neck, and a hole pierced as though for a shaft. Length IT", width of triangular face $". See Pl. LXXIV.

N. 005. b. Portion of Amalaka-shaped bead in porcelanous frit with turquoise-blue glaze. Exactly similar to . Roman beads. Height r, diam. â". See Pl. LXXIV,

N. oo6. Square seal of green glass, pierced for cord. On obverse sq. face in upper half, lion (or dragon) rampant, regardant to R. ; in lower half, similar creature reversed. Between the two are two char., one of which may be intended for a snake. Cf. gryphon on N. xv. 133. b. On reverse 3 incised char. On rectangular (oblong) sides : (a) on either side of the hole an incised dot ; (b) opposite a, two parallel incised lines ; (c) a deep groove ; (d) opposite c, two short grooves. 75" sq., . " thick. Found south of Camp 95. . See Pl. L.

N. 007. Fragment of bronze object, unidentified. tr x" x i". , Found north of Camp 94. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. oo8. Iron buckle, much oxidized. The form is a kind of heart-shape, and the movable point (now fixed by oxidation) strong and tapering. 1" x tr. Found north of Camp 93. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. oog. Fragment of Chinese mirror, cast bronze.;

circular, having projecting knob in centre through which a hole is pierced. The edge is thickened ; reverse plain. Obverse ornamented with narrow border of radiating flutes within the outer plain rim. Within fluted border are three concentric rings ; remaining portion occupied by design in bold relief, part shown on fragment containing a conventional dragon-like creature with a long, thin, and curling tail. Cf. N. 0012. f. g. h. Diam. about 2â". Found near Camp 95. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. oowo. Metal fragments ; beads. Two fragments of plain bronze finger ring ; piece of lead wire ; two fragments of small bronze hook or clasp, with hole drilled in one piece for rivet. Two small blue glass beads; one piece of broken glass bead. Pebble or piece of water-worn jade. Irregular piece of metal, probably silver. There may be a device on one side, but it is very indistinct.

N. oon. a. Bronze seal, shank at back broken; irregular trapezium form, bearing countersunk conventional floral design. I" x 1". Found near Camp 94. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. oon. b. Bronze seal, much corroded. Lower portion a square of about â" sides with geometrical device. Attached by four corner pieces at top or reverse, a dome-shaped piece. Hollow inside. See Pl. L.

N. oou. c. Moulded glass beads, two fragments. [N. 0012. Objects found near Camp 95.]