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0490 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 490 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Miscell.   towards the upper end are 4 ovoid jewels of pebble or

finds.   glass in a gold setting. On one shoulder of body a similar

gem. The ornament appears to have been made in two halves, joined together and filled with the lac. Height i", width i" nearly. Found south of N. viii. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. 0018. Pyramidal seal in green of porcelanous frit. Face has simple (probably symbolical) scroll design, countersunk. The back near apex has a hole pierced for cord. Apex is cut off square. Face 1" square. Height â". Found south of N. viii. See Pl. L.

N. ooig. Fragment of white glass, apparently foot of a vessel. Thickness i."; diam. of circular foot i~", height 4" nearly. Found near N. x. See Pl. LXXIV.

[N. 0020. Objects found in sand west of N. ix.]

N. 0020. a. A number of gilt glass beads, resembling in shape rice grains, but smaller. A piece of sapphire-blue glass, prism-shaped, drilled as a bead. Four white glass (or shell) beads, very small. A piece of amber-coloured glass, drilled as a bead. $" x ". See Pl. LXXIV,

N. 0020. b. Small flat slab of slate, drilled at one end. gx "x

N. 0020. c. Small bell of usual spherical kind, with loose bead inside.

N. 0020. d. Bronze ring in two pieces.

N. 0020. e. Small piece of bronze, hook-shaped.

N. 0021. a. Piece of bronze wire bent into hook-shape ; 2 fragments of bronze.

N. 0021. b. Metal disk pierced near edge, with small hole for cord. Probably from a necklace or similar ornament. See Pl. LXXIV,

N. 0022. Beads : gourd-shaped, black clay bead (i” long) ; a black clay bead (A" long) ; a roughly-carved 6-petalled flower, in shell, pierced with two fine holes (h" diam.) ; thin pink pebble or jade bead (A" long); fragment of green glass bead, cut cubical with the angles cut away. Evidently all portions of a necklace. See Pl. LXXIV.

N. 0023. Bronze disk, broken at one part ; concavo-convex. Marked on concave side with small square punch mark. Diam. r--". Found near N. ix.