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0516 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
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found at this ` Tati '. More varied were the small pieces of glass and bronze (E. 002, 003, see Plate LII) which were picked up from the sand within the ruined fort and on eroded ground in its immediate vicinity. The fragment of green blue glass (E. 003. e) showing a kind of niello ornamentation deserves special mention. At a point about half a mile to the west Ibrahim, my treasure-seeking guide from Niya, alleged that he picked up the two interesting small objects described under E. ow. One of them is a cylindrical piece of hard Chinese ink, drilled for a string at one end (see Plate CV) ; the other a cubical die of bone (Plate LII) with the incised spots arranged exactly as in classical dice, the sum of any two opposite sides being seven.




E. E. E.


E. E.

E. E. E.



MSS. from E. i. I, 2, 3. Brâhmi MS. on paper. No. 39 ; two small

E. 1.      and two large frags. ; left sides of (apparently) two leaves,
numbered 3o and (29 ?), See Note xxii below.

E. i. 2. Brâhmi MS. on paper. No. 4o. Three frags.; left halves, numbered I1, 12, 13. See Note xxiii.

E. i. 4. Brâhmi MS. on paper. No. 41. Six frags.; two left halves, numbered 44 and 46, and four right halves. See Note xxiii.

E. i. 5. Brâhmi MS. on paper. No. 42. Eight frags.; left halves, numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Io.

No. 43. Also, two frags., left halves, but numbers not preserved, probably 1 and 2. See Note xxiii.

E. i. 6. Brâhmi MS. on paper ; frag. in slanting Central-Asian Brâhmi, measuring about 9" x 3" ; found made up into a roll. See Pl. CIX.

E. i. 7. Brâhmi MS. on paper. No. 53. Four leaves, 3 complete, I mutilated, found made up into a roll ; numbered Ig, 145, 149, 152. Comp. Note xxvi. See Pl. CXI.

E. i. 8. Chinese document on paper, small frag. See App. A. iii.

E. i. g. Brâhmi MS. on paper. No. 44. Two small frags.; one of left half, numbered 114.

No. 45. Also one very small frag. from middle of a leaf. See Note xxv.

E. 1. Io. a. Fragment of âlistamba•sitra, 8" x 2g". (App. B, i. L.)

E. i. Io. b. Fragment of do., " x 1$". (App. B, i. L.)

E. 1. II. Sheet containing 2 poems from the T'eg-mc'ogmdzod, 1 or x 7". (App. B, iii.)

E. 1. 12. Fragment of 6alistamba•siitra, 8g" x 2g". (App. B, i. A.)

  • i.. 13. Fragment of do., 8" x 2 ". (App. B, i. L.)

  • i. 14. Fragment of do., 4-" x 2$". (App. B, i. J.)

  • i. 15. Fragment of mystic work, I." x ii". (App. B, ii. D.)

  • 1. 16. Fragment of Salistamba•sntra, 4e" x 2 ".

(App. .8,i. o.)

i.17. Fragment of do., 91," x 2r. (App. B, i. o.)

  1. Fragment of do., 44" x 2r. (App. B, i. B.)

  2. Fragment of ritual work, 41" x 5-i". (App.

B, ii. A.)

i. 19. a. Fragment of paper, very yellow in tone, on which is a rapid sketch in Indian ink of a Bactrian camel suckling her calf. The drawing shows good general observation. The upper lip, the full eye, and the hairiness

of the animal are all well indicated. On near hind quarter a brand (perhaps of the owner). The excitement shown in the drawing of the calf's tail is familiar to those who have watched calves sucking. There is a certain amount of roundness suggested by pink washes round contours ; streamers painted red and yellow. Found with E. i. 19. Sir" x 4". See Pl. LXXIX.

I. 20. Three fragments of mystical work, 2 " x t ", X 1*", 1*"X I*". (App. B, u. D.)

  1. Fragment of â.listamba, 9$"x 2$". (App. B, i. M.)

  2. Fragment of do., 6r x 2 ". (App. B, i. D.)

  3. Fragment of do., 9$" x 2 ". (App. B, i. D.) i.24. Fragment of do., 8" x 2 ". (App. B, i. M.)

i. 25. Two fragments of religious work, 4f" x I â"

and 3" x â". (App. .8, ii. c.)

i. 25. a. Fragment of paper with very sketchy drawing in ink, done with a brush, showing head, shoulders, and right arm of a figure, and a few other lines the meaning