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0598 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 598 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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R. xii– lxxxiv.

R. xii. 2. Stucco relief fragment, in 2 pieces. Replica R. xii. x. Red clay, traces of white and red. Height ya", width 6i". Very friable.

R. xii. 3. Stucco relief fragment, in several pieces. Replica R. xii. x . Red clay, coloured. Very friable.

R. xxv. x. Stucco relief fragments. Replica R. ii. x ; outer ray of vesica missing.

R. xxv. 2. Stucco relief fragments. Replica R. ii. x, broken into many peces. Very friable.

R. xxv. 3. Stucco relief, seated Buddha, in 2 pieces. Replica R. 2, but without tree. Red clay, red-washed.

7" x 5".

R. xxvii. I. Stucco relief, female head and bust in many fragments (re-united at British Museum). Red clay, with traces of whitewash. Shape of face a full oval, but in re-uniting the fragments the proper and original symmetry of outline has been rather lost. Features small; nose destroyed ; depression for eye-pupil ; ears slightly elongated ; hair long and waved, passing gracefully right and left from beneath a jewelled tiara and falling in full masses over upper parts of ears and round to back of neck. Hair at top of head loosely ' bunched.' Back of head presents a flat surface, where it has been attached to a wall. The neck is rather short (as restored) and thick. The breasts are delicate and small—smaller than is usual even in Northern Indian sculptures—and well-placed, excepting that they are rather high. Shoulders and bust draped. The tilt of the head should be rather more upward than is shown in the reconstruction. Height 8$", width at shoulders 7". See Pl. LXXXV.

R. xxix. x. Pieces of gold.leaf, two, stuck orig. to L. and R. knee of statue R. xxix.

R. xxx. x. Stucco relief, standing figure, fragments probably from vesica. Red clay, traces of whitewash on hands and drapery round neck. Trace of red paint on L. p. hand. L. p. hand lowered at side, R. p. hand raised to chest open, palm outwards. Head and legs below knees missing. Single long robe. Hole pierced through for fixing. Height 14", width below shoulders 6r. Roughly modelled. Friable. See Pl. LXXXVI.

R. xlviii. x. Stucco relief; head of Buddha ; fragment in many pieces. About life-size. Replica R. lxxii. r. Red clay ; traces of white in eyes. Nose broken ; top-knob missing, much of the hair flaked away. Ears elongated, slit ; hair in narrow wavy fillets across head. Very friable.

R. lxx. x. a. Stucco relief ; head of Buddha. Red clay, whitewashed ; red contour lines; black eyelashes and pupils. Top-knob to chin 4j", between ears 31". Colour in good preservation. See PI. LXXXIV.

R. lxx. x. b. Stucco relief; head of Buddha ; fragment. Replica R. lxx. r. c. Traces of colour (white, red, black). 5i" from top-knob to below chin, 31" between ears. Very friable.

R. lxx. x. c. Stucco relief ; head of Buddha. Red clay, traces of whitewash and red contour lines. Eyes half-closed ; features well-proportioned ; elongated ears, lobes curved outwards; two deep folds running round neck; hair not modelled, giving appearance of skull-cap with top-knob. 4i" top-knob to below chin, 3A" between ears. See Pl. LXXXIV.

R. lxxii. I. Stucco relief ; head of Buddha with neck ; fragment. Red clay, whitewashed. Eyes nearly closed ; nose (broken) and mouth small; ears elongated, lobes broken off. Hair simple, much broken ; neck, two deep wrinkles. Hollow for wood frame. 64" from end of neck to top of head, 44" between ears. Friable. See Pl. LXXXVIII.

R. lxxii. 2. a. Stucco relief fragments ; 2 pieces. Replica R. lxxxiv. r. Red clay, traces of whitewash. Seated male figure, legs crossed ; hands in lap ; turbaned; ornaments in elongated ears. Garment dhôr ; nude above middle; neck ornaments. Nimbus at back of head. Remains of vesica under legs. L. p. knee and elbow missing. 4" high, zJ" wide at knees. Very friable.

R. lxxii. 2. b. Stucco relief fragment in many pieces.

Seated Buddha with nimbus, vesica broken.   Replica
R. ii. 2. Red clay, traces of whitewash. 2*" x Friable.

R. lxxii. 2. C. Stucco relief fragment. Replica R. lxxxiv. 2. a. Red clay. Much worn, but vesica intact. 3i" 3 ".

R. lxxiv. x. Stucco relief fragment ; head of Buddha. Red clay, traces of whitewash, black pupils to eyes, red contour line visible on R. p. wing of nose. Eyes long, half-closed. Nose, mouth and chin delicate and well-proportioned. Ears broken away. Hair a series of closely-plaited bands commencing forward of ears, each band passing from side to side of head over top. Top-knob consists of similar bands wound horizontally. Hollow for wood frame (rotted). 6i" from top-knob to below chin. 3." at level of ears. Friable. See PI. LXXXIV.

R. lxxix. x. a. Stucco relief fragment. Replica R. ii. 2. Part of outer ray broken. Face broken. Figure seated on bracket. Red clay. 34" x 31".

R. lxxix. x. b. Stucco relief fragment, Replica R. ii. 2. Portion of outer ray broken ; face gone. Red clay. 3-i" X 3-".

R. lxxix. x. c. Stucco relief fragment. Replica of R. ii. 2. Hands of figure covered by drapery, also feet. 3" x 3". Friable.

R. lxxxiv. x. Stucco relief fragment (much broken). Replica R. lxxii. a. Red clay. Seated figure, cross-legged, both feet exposed. Hands, palm to palm resting in lap. Garment, dhôli. Upper part of figure nude with the exception of ornament; on each upper arm large armlets of lotus pattern ; at wrists, bracelets; in ears, heavy ornaments. Ornamented turban having long streamers