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0646 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 646 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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latter uses contracted forms, as tine, for the full spelling of the Kanjur (tin ne). My aim has been to show the more significant points of difference between our fragments and the Kanjur, and their bearing upon the original Sanskrit text.

On the subject of this Siitra the essays of Professor de la Vallée Poussin should be consulted (Yournal asiatique, 1902, p. 237 ff., 1904, p. 357 if.).

(A. Fol. 2.)

(Mdo xvi, ff. 191 b-192 a.)

Line 1. ... rky[e]nd kyis reg pa I reg pai rkyend kyis tscor bao I ts`or bai rkyend kyis sred pa I sred pai rkyend kyis lend pa I [lend pai rkyend kyis srid pa I srid pai rkyend kyis skye ba I skyc bai rkyend kyis rga s"i dan I mya nan dan I smre snags odond pa dan ]

  1. sdug bstial ba dan f yi mug pa 2 dan I ok`rug pa rnams obyun ste I de ltar sdug bsnal gyi p`un po c'en p03 odi ob[yuti bar ogyur ro II de la ma rig pa ogags pas odu byed ogag I odu byed ogags pas rnam par ses pa]

  2. ogag rnam par ses pa ogags pas myin dan gzugs ogag ( myin dan gzugs ogags pas [skye mc`ed drug ogag I skyc meted drug ogags pas reg pa ogag I reg pa ogags pas ts`or ba ogag f ]

  3. ts`or ba ogags pas sred pa ogag I sred pa ogags pas lend pa ogag I lend pa ogags pas srid pa ogag [I srid pa ogags pas skye ba ogag I skye ba ogags pas rga si dan I mya nan dan I smre snags odond pa dan I sdug]

  4. bsnal ba dan yi mug pa dan ok`rug pa rnams ogag par ogyur te I de ltar sdug bsnal gyi p`un po c'en [p]o [odi cgag par ogyur ro I odi ni bcom Idan cdas kyis rtend cin cbreld par obyun ba]

A single fragment (E. i. 12), numbered on the margin guis, and forming part of page 2 in the original MS. ; width, about 8Z in. ; height, 21 in.

1 This lengthening seems due to the short pause fol-   ' The Kanjur here, and again in 1. 5, readsyid mi Me ba.

lowing; compare nao (B z and 4, E r), pao (C 2, M 2),   3 After po here and in 1. 5 the Kanjur adds oba irk po, i. e.

myin (D 2).   fß.

(B. Fol. 3.)

(Mdo xvi, ff. 192 a-b.)

Line I. ies gsuns so II c`os gati ie nao I op`ags pai lam yan lag brgyad pa ste ( odic t lta ste yan dag pai lta ba dan yan dag pai rtog pa dan I yan dag pai nag [dan I yan dag pai las kyi mt`a dan yan dag pai]

  1. ots`o ba dan I yan dag pai rtsol ba dan I yan dag pai dran ba dan I yan dag pai tine odzind to odi ni op`agis pai lam yan lag brgyad pa ies bya ste obras bu reed 2 pa [dan mya nan las odas pa gcig tu bsdus]

  2. te bcom Idan odas kyis c'os so ies bka stsald to II I de la sans rgyas bcom ldan odas I gati ie na I sus c'os tams cad t`ugsu c'ud pai p`yir sans rgyas ie[s bya ste I des op`ags pai ses rab kyi spyan dan]

  3. c`os kyi skus 3 byan cub 4 byed pa dan I slob pa dan myi slob pai c'os rnams gzigs sob II de la ji liar na rtend cin obreld par obyun ba mt`oti ie nao a I odi la bcom Idan o[das kyis sus rtend cin obreld par obyun ba rtag pa]

  4. dan srog myed pa dan srog dan bral ba dan ji lta bu nid dan ma nord pa dan ma skyes pa dan ma byun ba dan ma byas pa dan 7 t`ogis pa rayed pa dan dmyigs pa myed pa dan ii ba dan myi ojigs pa 8 dan [myi op`rogs pa dan rnam par ii ba ma yin pai ran bin du mt`on ba ste I]

Two fragments (E. i. 32 a, 18), forming the greater part of the third page of the original MS. ; width, 9 in. and 44 in. respectively ; height, 2.8 in.

1 The spelling G\R' is probably a mere blunder.   text seems to point to an original reading something like

2 In the Kanjur fob.   M 1   4 T t    f%71:, whereas the words in the

3 The Kanjur reads sku dan ldanpa dan slob pa, &c. Our   Kanjur represent °hitigitigisl:.