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0651 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 651 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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gi ran] I bin gyi[s rgyu byed do I ma ri]lg pa dan sred pa ni non moos pai ran bin gyis rgyu byed do de la las dan lon moils pa dag ni sa bon

  1. rnam par ses pa skyed do I de la las ni sa bon rnam par ses pai zin gi bya ba byed do I [sred pa ni sa bo] In rnam pa[r ses pa rlan 6 bar bye] l d do I ma rig pa ni sa bon rnam par ses pa odebs te I rkyend odi dag myed na sa bon rnam par ses pa ninon bar

  2. ogrub par myi ogyur ro ( de la las kyan odi Isar bdag gis sa bon rnam par ses pai lin gi [bya ba byao snam] I du myi [s]e[ms so I sred pa yan o]Idi Itar bdag gis sa bon rnam par ses pa rlan bar byao snam du myi semso I ma rig pa yan odi ltar

Two considerable fragments (E. i. 10, 13), with a small piece partially filling up the gap between them in lines 3-5. As arranged, they measure respectively 7â-8, A-IL and 8 in. in width, and in height 2g, 1;4, and 28 in.

The Kanjur for these words reads rgyu gian dan gian

las byun ba rkyen gian dah gian las byun ba, i.e.   -

tact   wwi)wsice1w if4t.

' After this word the Kanjur adds rgyu med pa ma yin

rkyen med pa ma yin, i. e.   miiie1rfffh. This is
probably a variant for the words rgyu eyed pa las byun ba rkyend myed pa las byun ba ma yin in our text, which are not found in the Kanjur.

' This and the following words as far as rjesu tugs appear in the Kanjur as l'og ma med pai dus nas rugs pa rgyun ma

c`ad par klun gi rgyun Min du rjes su tugs, i. e.   I1VIii-

k•iNg ni:cff   jf ii t'   tgc1K~ (more exactly 'i.gBpsiJigce1l-
s1A° or °Jipfn.z3u°) •unplcgog.

4After ni follow in the Kanjurt he words rien coin obrel par obyuit bai yan lag bcu gills po, in Sanskrit RKAINIFW

sin looiBl   rmiçkeet; and for de the Kanjur has de dag.

S In the Kanjur ogyur ro; the Sanskrit has tray! AtrA.

6 Here and in the next line the Kanjur spells this word brlan.

(M. Fol. 17. See Plate CXVII.)
(Mdo xvi, ff. 199 b-zoo a.)

Line I. bdag gis sa .bon rnam par ses pa gdab bo snam du myi sems so I sa bon rnam par ses pa yan odi ]tar bdag ni rkyen odi dag gis bskyed do snam du myi sems te I oond kyan sa bon rnam par ges pa las kyi zin la rtend 1 pa sred pai rland kyis brlan

  1. pao 2 ( ma rig pai had kyis btab pa 3 I skye ba na 4 mai mtal de dan der myit dan gzugs kyi myi gu mnon bar ogrub ste I myi In dan gzugs kyi myi gu de yan bdag gis ma byas I p`a rold kyis 5 ma byas ~ gflis kas ma byas dbati pos ma spruld °I dus

  2. kyis ma bsgyurd. I ran bzin las ma byun J byed pa la rag las pa ma yin I rgyu myed pa las kyan ma skyes te 7 I p`a dan ma p`rad pa dan dus s dan Idan ba dan rkyend gzan yan tstogs pa na 9 ~ bdag

po myed pai c`os bdagi myed pa odzind   .

  1. pa myed pa I nam ka dan mts`uns pa sgyu mai mtstan nid dan 11 ran bin dag la rgyu dan rkyend ma ts`at ba myed pai p`yilr I skye bai gnas nid mts`ams sbyor ba I mai mtal de dan der myon ba dan idan bai sa bon rnam par ses pa myin dan gzugs

  2. kyi myi gu mnon bar sgrub bo 12 II odi lta ste myig gi rnam par ges pa ni lnai ptyir skyeo 13 I Ina pail ze na myig la' brtend I pa dan ( gzugs dan I snail ba dan nam mk`a dan I de skyed pa 14 yid la byed pa la yan brtend nas myig gi rnam par ses pa skyeo 15

Two fragments .(E. i. 24, SI), forming a complete page of 181 x 21 in.; their. respective widths are 8 and q$ its.

' Spelt in the Kanjur brier.   ' See note on A r.

3 This clause apparently means isifgw i tigi 1   ct414. The
Kanjur reads ma reg pai lus kyis bran pa, in which lus seems to be a corruption of lias. The 11lâdhyamika-vrtti has altfttlirtn Waret supported by its Tibetan version, and the Sciksâsamuccaya reads Ilfgcq i ggiÎ

4 After this the Kanjur inserts skye bai gnas îtid mis`ams sbyor ba, supported by the Sanskrit WI WwIFrArrePririPtft (or oAfit).

s In the Kanjur gian gyis, as before.

6 In the Kanjur dban pyug gis ma byas, as before.

7 Followed in the Kanjur by oon kyan.

8 For this word the Kanjur substitutes zla milan, which looks like a gloss. The Sanskrit has

9 In the Kanjur (Wogs na.   10 Sic !

" In the Kanjur kyi.   12 In the Kanjur ogrub bo.

13 These three words appear in the Kanjur as rgyu lias cbyuit sie; the Sanskrit hasfii::.

" In the Kanjur par.   'S In the Kanjur cbyuii no.