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0657 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 657 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000182
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Part iii]   TWO RELIGIOUS POEMS   561



Two poems from the Teeg-mc`og-mdzod (tRwit•ic   ?)'. Written on a nearly rectangular sheet of native

paper about ioi inches by 71 inches, in a careless, semi-cursive script (E. i. ii). See Plate CXV III.


~ II at71 :? 11   1aaaN•T.T64•WtRtZ1154N II 2   ‘'Att.Si'lZt' II 3   .glc17Tnk4.

~~ kL11•(4rrI 11 4   ~'4Z1(qc'(4tT1"R.T•qZ\T 115   6•wX1171TQI"T:r 116   ~~'~~~~•~1~.~~.

411Z11W~ II'   • •   ••~~"~II 8   t5'1"~Z'5t1t"~'"f5

II 9.   647T47FtrI'-'

cTllkksi II 10   R"`~'Ç"WErIkkt"519.qc(41 11 11   ~~~"~~'~   ~~~'~1~ 11 12   ~~"~~•~~~i"~'~~1~'~~~

r~~ II 13   i"~~~~~"~ ~ I 14 ~~I "'ZI1ETlN•47Ni15~ 1115 rN•r4ka1~r llkva

kkr•~k 1116

(T4'ETIT4N74gi5Z'1 IT 17   PT1"alguljgwkkrEl~•rict~ 1118   tTlirk4.4i(11" 5'~"Wgt 1119   i"izgçT'
74.ArrrA c4TIN II 20

5. After ' the scribe has written (1:T1 by mistake, and then put marks of erasure.—g.   apparently

by error for   .—i5. The L" is very uncertain ; perhaps 41should be read.-18. At the beginning of this

and the next verse the scribe has written1, and then scored out the letters.

Mr. Francke has kindly furnished the following translation and notes. By a remarkable coincidence, these poems were a part of the studies once pursued by the evangelist of the Moravian Mission at Leh, Tear-riled Cos-opeel, formerly a Lama at the Tashilhunpo monastery, who learnt them and other works by heart 2 ; and Mr. Francke has likewise communicated this version, which, as will be seen, differs very little from that of the Endere MS.

The version of T`ar-riled Cos-01;0, apart from details of spelling, presents the following divergences :v. 8, nor dan p`a yul ; v. 9, mi bur ; v. ix, ci ltar ; v. 12, sgon bu; v.13, dga mgu odod; v. 14, bu smad gn"era gyis slu bar red; v.15, o, or ba sags pas odzin par red; v.16, smyo bai glan gis [b]rdzis par red; v.17, log pa na rjes mi gton na; v. 19, grva.

' The first poem is quoted by Sarat Chandra Das, Tibetan   Das, as he informs us that both poems are from the Teeg-

Dictionary, p. 653, as Mr. F. W. Thomas first perceived.   mc`og-mdzod.
2 This gentleman confirms the statement of Sarat Chandra

STEIN   4c