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0647 Ancient Khotan : vol.1
Ancient Khotan : vol.1 / Page 647 (Color Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000182
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4 The unaspirated cub may be a mere error; compare   cbrel pa cbyuin ba into* ba ji lia bu le na. The Sanskrit has

nam ka, M 4.

gzigs pao.   . The omission here is probably due to error.

6 This clause in the Kanjur reads thus : de la rien cin   6 The Kanjur reads ojigs pa med pa.

7 Here the Kanjur adds odus ma byas pa dan, i. e.

(C. Fol. 4.)

(Mdo xvi, ff. 192 b-193 a.)

Line I. [gati gis ts`ul odi Odra bar c`os la yan rtag pa I srog myed pa dan srog dan brai ba dan ji lta bu nid] dan ma nord pa dan ma skyes pa dan ma byuti ba dan ma byas pa dan odus ma byas pa dan togs pa myed pa 1 dan dmyigs pa myed pa dan ii [ba]

  1. [dan myi ojigs pa dan myi op`rogs pa dan rnam par ci ba ma yin pai ran biin du mt`on ba de op`ags pai c`os muon bar rt]ogs sin 2 yan dag pai ye s" es t`ob pass bla na myed pai c`os kyi skur sans rgyas mewl no es gsutis so II smras pao

  2. [cii p`yir rtend cin obreld par obyun ba ces bya I smras pao I rgyu dan bcas rkyend dan bcas pa la byai rgyu myed rkyen]d myed pa la 4 ma yin te I dei ptyir rtend chi obreld par obyun ba ces byao II de la bcom ldan odas kyis rtend cin obrel par

  3. [obyun bai mtscan nid mdor bsdus te bka stsald pa rkyend odi nid kyi obras bu ste I de Win gsegs pa rnams byun ya]n run ma byun yan run c`os rnams kyi c`os nid odi ni odug pao ies bya ba nas j gait odi c`os hid dan c`os gnas pa nid daft

  4. [c`os myi ogyur ba hid daft rtend cin obreld par obyun ba mt`un ba daft de biin nid dan ma nord pa de brin hid da]ti I gcan ma yin ba de biin hid daft I yan dag pa hid daft bden ba k`o na daft I de k`o na nid e dan ma nord pa hid dan p`yin ci ma

A single fragment (E. i. 34 a), forming about half of the fourth page in the original MS. ; width, about 91 in. ; height, 2$ in.

' The Kanjur, which immediately before agreed with our

text, has here the words fog ma med pa, i. e.   ç.
2 Te in the Kanjur.

' In the Kanjurye .$es dais ldan pas, as on the preceding

page. Our text suggests a reading   TfiTiffit

IPTI   : (NI   I li Ling   ?) &c.

' The Kanjur reads la ni.

S The words de k`o na Rid dan, probably a translation of

TIttT or 7/1K, are wanting in the Kanjur.

(D. Fol. 7.)

(Mdo xvi, f. 194a-b.)

Line I. ba byao sham du myi sems so de biin du ctui k`ams kyati odi ltar 1 bdag [gi] Is sa bon rlan 2 par [byao sham du myi] t sems so I myei k'ams kyan odi ltar bdag gis sa bon ts`os par byao s sham du myi sems so I dun gi k`ams kyan odi

  1. 'tar bdag gis sa bon obu bar byao sham du myi seins so I nam mktai j k`ams kyan, odi /tar b[dag gis sa bon] I la myi sgrib pai bya ba byao sham du myi sems so I dus kyan odi ltar bdag gis sa bon bsgyur bai bya ba byao sham du myio ~

  2. sems so ( sa bon yan odi ltar bdag gis myi gu4 moon bar bsgrub I bo sham du myi sems so j myi gu ya]lti odi ltar bdag ni rkyen odi dag gis ration bar bsgrubs so sham du myi sems mod kyi oond kyan rkyend odi dag yod

  3. la sa bon ogag pa na myi gu =Ion bar ogrub par ogyur ro I d[e] biin du I me t`og 6 yod na obras bui b[ar du yan m]l non bar ogrub par ogyur te I myi gu de yan bdag gis ma byas p`a rold kyis 6 ma byas guis kas ma byas dban pos ma spruld z ~