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0160 Serindia : vol.1
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Yo. oil. d. Terra-cotta camel. Very rough ; legs solid ; hair indicated by incised lines for mane, and small triangular points on neck and shoulders. Cf. Anc. Khotan,

PI. XLVII, Y. 009. I.   Hind-legs and humps missing.
H. 3".

Yo. oil. e. Terra-cotta Bactrian camel, roughly modelled (cf. Anc. Kholan, Pl. XLVII, Y. 0012. t). Sides of face drilled abnormally to represent corners of mouth. Flanks between two humps rough, indicating loss of a rider. Hair scored. H. 2".

Yo. 012. a. Elliptical cornelian intaglio, flat. Boar, with long snout, walking L. Poor work, almost entirely

drilled. 1" x   Pl. v.

Yo. on. b. Circular garnet intaglio, convex, L. half of. Winged Victory wearing wreath and long drapery advances R., flying just above ground with hands outstretched towards a trophy (?) of which helmet, cuirass, and greaves can be distinguished. Cf. Roman coins of the fourth century. Poor work, but polished in cutting. Diam. h". Pl. v.

Yo. on. c. Elliptical garnet intaglio, convex, L. side of. Forepart of animal to L., feeding in field; grass indicated. Very rough work. A.". PI. V.

Yo. 012. d. Elliptical intaglio of banded chalcedony, flat. Camel, with single, apparently hairy, hump, kneeling to L. with head turned R. over back. Summary work. ?"x*". Pl. v.

Yo. ooi. a-v. Terra-cotta appliqué masks from vases, series of. Faces grotesquely human. Several slightly different moulds were used, and parts were moulded separately so that great variety results. Much hand-tooling on the finished cast made further differences, and there are few duplicates. All have hair parted in middle and rising over forehead in straight line to ears ; strands represented by grooved lines running back over ears or to top of head. Forehead plain, or marked by central dot, by straight vertical line, or by straight line and V. Eyes prominent, compass-drawn circles set either in long socket or flush with face. Nose prominent with very broad nostrils, sometimes accentuated by drilled holes or compass-drawn circles. Mouth very large with thick lips ; lines from nose to corners of mouth generally deeply marked ; corners of mouth often accentuated by a depression, or by a second dimple. Ears large, rather pointed, with big lobes or earrings.

See Yo. 0024, 0044. Cf. Yo. 00x I, 0012. a, Anc. Kholan, PI. XLVII, Kh. 003. f. Most human type Yo. 001. 0, 0024. n, q. v ; type degenerates until through Yo. oox. h, it arrives with ooz. u. x almost at the lion (Yo. oox2. i) from which it is distinguished mainly by absence of beard and mane.

Vo. ooz. a. Resembles Yo. oox. r, but lower features much worn. H. xi". Yo. ooz. 6. Replica of Yo. oor. r; worn example. H. xi". Yo. ooz. c. Very cleanly modelled. Vertical groove and curved V-mark on fore-

head ; eyes set in long sockets ; nostrils marked by three incised circles. Cf. Yo. 0024. f. H. ri". Yo. ooz. d. Same type as Yo. oor. h, i. H. ri". Yo. oar. e. Vertical groove in forehead. Small eyes set in long sockets ; features well defined. Resembles Yo. oor. d in general character. H. I $". Yo. ooz. f. Small ; finely finished. Hair on R. side worked into fine locks. See Yo. 0024. h, 0044. e. Mouth turned up. H. I â". Yo. ooz. g. Vertical groove in forehead ; top line of forehead almost flat; lines of hair almost upright. Mouth short and straight.

Eyes flat raised discs without central dot.   Cf. Yo.
0024. c. H. Ir. Yo. ooz. h. Replica of Yo. oor. i type. H. IA". Pl. III. Yo. ooz.:: Forehead pointed, with slight vertical groove. Eyes small, set in slight hollow. Nostrils marked by incised circles. Mouth long and straight with broad lips. Receding chin. See Yo. oor. d, e, h, u, 0024. b, e, 0044. d. H. ri". Yo. ooz. k. Replica of Yo. oor. c much worn. H. r ". Yo. ooz. 1. Partly broken. Approaching lion type. Nose shorter ; mouth curved with deeply drilled corners ; ears larger than in typical examples as Yo. oor. e. H. ri". Yo. ooz. m. Three dimples at corners of mouth. Much damaged. H. i 6". Yo. ooz. n. Burnt since firing and indistinct. H. I". Yo. ooz. o. Differs from others in depth of lines and roundness and height of modelling. Excellent work, not from same series of moulds. H. ii". Pl. III. Yo. 001. p. Mouth deeply outlined ; curved lines from eyes to mouth ; hole in forehead. Cf. Yo. oor. s. H. i ". Yo. ooz. q. Small. Rough work. H. IT". Yo. ooz. r. Well-worked lines from nostrils round corners of mouth ; dimples beyond these. Cf. Yo. 0044. a. H. IA". Yo. ooz. s. Replica of Yo. oor. r. H. xi". Yo. ooz. 1. Lines of hair slightly waved. Eyes and mouth very large. Surface rubbed. H. Ii". Yo. ooz. u. Replica (except for hair) of Yo. oor. e. H. x s". Yo. ooz. u. z. Large. Nostrils, corners of mouth, ears, and forehead punctured. Eyes and lobes of ears have compass-incised circles. Outline of hair over forehead faint. Approaching lion type. H. IA". Pl. III. Yo. ooz. v. Small ; features set very close together. Poor work. H. f4".

Yo. 002. a-n. Terra-cotta pairs of miniature figs., rudely modelled, nude in symplegma. Faces monkey-like, with prominent muzzle, round eyes, and depression up forehead and crown. Yo. 002. k has surface punctured for hair, and a tail. This larger, Yo. 002. f smaller than rest which average I" H. Feet not distinguished. Female sometimes shown by long pigtail (Yo. 002. i). Cf. Yo. 0048 a-f (a and b unusually well done, moulded, not modelled). Cf. Anc. Kholan, PI. XLVII, Y. 0012. a. ii, 0012. Z, 009. r.

Yo. 002. a. Legs broken. H. ri". Yo. 002. b. Female wears pigtail. Head and L. leg. of female ; L. leg below knee and R. arm of male lost. H. xi". Yo. 002. c. Single fig.; head and arm lost. Hands of second show behind. H. r.h". Yo. 002. d. Head of male lost; sex of other fig. indicated by long pigtail. H. I â". Yo. 002. e.