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0164 Serindia : vol.1
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Yo. ooio. b. Terra-cotta fr. of monkey, lying as baby in cradle swaddled. Lower part and under-side lost ; remainder rubbed. Length ri".

Yo. oo1I. Terra-cotta appliqué mask of frowning demon with thick brows gathered into W shape ; lips are drawn back, showing teeth in kind of snarl. Incised circles for eyes. H. Ii6".

Yo. 0012. a. Terra-cotta appliqué mask, Gorgoneion' type. Head framed in circle of formal curls ; lips curved up at corners ; cheeks full. H. I ". Pl. III.

Yo. 0012. b-k. Terra-cotta appliqué lion masks. Heads framed in hair and almost circular. Yo. 0012. b. Half only. Replica of Yo. 0,227. b. H. 1". Yo. 0012. C. Heavy moustache ; puckered brow with deep-set eyes. Cf. Anc. Khotan, PI. XLIV, Y. 0015 ; i. p. 215. H. 2". Yo. 0012. d. High relief but poor work. Prominent muzzle. Edges much chipped. H. ti". Yo. 0012. e. Flat relief. Large moustache ; prominent eyes. All edges broken away. Much worn. H. 1i". Yo. 0012. f. Deep-set eyes with overhanging brows; retroussé muzzle; wide mouth ending in drilled circles. Coarse work, but strong. H. 1". Pl. I. Yo. 0012. g. Heavy moustache and knotted brow. Hair parted in centre after human fashion (cf. Anc. Khotan, PI. XLVII, Y. 009. j). H. Ig". Yo. 0012. h. Poor work. Much worn. H. t". Yo. 0012. High relief. Well modelled. Ears large. H. I". Yo. 0012. k. Very poor work. Hair rendered by dots, and features also. H. 1iß".

Yo. 0012. 1. Terra-cotta appliqué ram's mask, with projecting pig-like muzzle and heavy curving horns. Part of framing of curls remains. H. Ii6".

Yo. 0012. m. Terra-cotta appliqué lion mask in strong projection, grasping in jaws narrow band, which escapes at each corner of mouth. H. Ig"; width gig". PI. I.

Yo. 0013. a. Terra-cotta fr., lower part of female fig. L. hand placed as in classical pudica type. H. I r.

Yo. 0013. b. Terra-cotta fig., nude female torso. Head, arms, and legs moulded separately, missing. Breasts roughly indicated ; belly prominent ; punctured navel ; pubes roughly scored. H. 3"

Yo. 0014. a. Terra-cotta miniature amphora. Mouth boldly splayed. Handles have out-curved finials at both attachments. H. W. Pl. III.

Yo. 0014. b. Terra-cotta miniature amphora. Replica of Yo. 0014. a, but only body and spring of one handle remain. H. I".

Yo. 0014. c. Terra-cotta miniature amphora ; body sharply angled, on shoulder vertical lines with dots between. H.1-h". Pl. III.

Yo. ooi$. a. Terra-cotta fig. of camel Q) and rider ; of latter only traces of legs remain. Very rough work. Camel has no humps and has lost fore-legs. H. rile; length 2f".


Yo. 0015. b. Terra-cotta fig. of horse, fore-part, with rider ; of latter only one leg remains clad in baggy breeches and shoes; horse very crude. I'lost of R. side split away. Cf. Yo. 0030. a. H. I".

Yo. oox5. c. Terra-cotta fr. of horse. Head and neck (L. side cast). Burnt and in part vitrified. H. Ii".

Yo. 0015. d. Terra-cotta camel's head and neck. R. half cast ; neck abnormally long ; reins incised along neck. Length ii".

Yo. 0015. e. Terra-cotta fr. of head of horse. Face crude ; harness shown by incised lines. Cf. Yo. 0030. a. H. x".

Yo. 0015. f-1. Terra-cotta handle of vessel, in form of grotesque beast. Fore-legs formed upper attachment with vessel, hind-legs the lower, body being grip. Two main types : (a) Ram-like head; short round ears ; no horns; short curling mane rendered by crescent-shaped impressions, also used to denote whiskers. See Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLVII, B. oor. e. Rest of body smooth. (b) Head similar but with horse-like mane, rising to pointed tuft between ears ; bar of hair across forehead ; neck smooth ; on fore-quarters wings, pointed, lying along

flanks; v. Anc. Khotan, PI. XLV, Y. 009. b.   Several
sizes represented, but fairly consistent with types.

Type (a) Yo. 0015. I ; 0017. a, b ; 0030. d, e, f, g, i ; 0045. c, d. Cf. Yo. 0045. e.

Type (b) Yo. oo15. f, f. r, g, h, i, k ; 0030. b, h ; 0045. h, g.

Yo. 0015. f Type (b). Head only, in perfect condition. Ii"x 1k". Yo. 0015.11. See Yo. oo15. f. Hind quarters only ; legs in one mass. Tail against flank, short and hairy. Small example. Length 1i". Yo. oors. g. See Yo. oor5. f. Type (b). Hind quarters missing. Wings spring fr. circular orn. on either shoulder. H. 1r; length 2$". Yo. oars. h-:: L. side casts of heads ; see Yo. oox5. f. Type (b). Length ii" x xi". Yo. 0015. k. L. side cast of head ; see Yo. oo i 5. f. Type (b). H. Yo. Dorf. 1. See Yo. oo15. f. Type (a). L. hand cast. Small scale. Legs broken off short. Length


Yo. oo16. a. Terra-cotta fig. Hoopoe. Long bill ; crest at back of head ; no legs. Wings closed. (Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLV, Y. 001 2. i.) Detail incised. Rough work. Length 1".

Yo. 0016. b. Terra-cotta miniature bird, on stand ; wings spread above body as if in act of flight. Tail raised. Crest missing. Details roughly incised. H. W.

Yo. 0016. c. Terra-cotta bird in same attitude as Yo. oor6. b. Upright crest on head ; large bill, flat outspread tail ; small arm-like wings raised above back. Body pierced as if for suspension. No stand. Length i".

Yo. 0016. d. Terra-cotta bird in same attitude as Yo. oo16. b, but wings and plumage better indicated. Roughly modelled. Body pierced. Length â".