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0165 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 165 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yo. 0016. e. Terra-cotta bird in attitude as Yo. 0016. b ; but wings smaller and crest larger. Body pierced. Length $".

Yo. 0016. f. Terra-cotta head of bird with upright, round-topped crest and triangular beak ; no ears indicated. Hoopoe or peacock. H. 4".

Yo. 0016. g. Terra-cotta head of bird, as Yo. 00 16. f ; but slightly larger and has ears. H. i".

Yo. coon. a. Terra-cotta head. See Vo. 0015. f. Type (a). H. Ii".

Yo. 0017. b. Terra-cotta head. See Yo. 0015. f. Type (a). H. B,.

Yo. 0017. c. Terra-cotta fr. R. hand cast of neck of horse ; has upright mane and incised rein on side of neck ; neck itself covered with fur. Length r r.

Yo. 0017. d. Terra-cotta fr. of head and throat of gryphon ; tuft of hair at corner of mouth ; curved beaklike muzzle. H. Ili".

Yo. o018. a-c. Terra-cotta appliqué Gandharvi figs. from vase. Cf. Anc. Khotan, PI. XLV, Kh. 003. b ; B. oor. d. c is complete; b has lost lower half, a most of lotus flower-base. Tiara on head. Heavy necklace with

pendant. Forearms raised, holding wreath.   Cf. Yo.
0040, 0042. a. H. (a)2i" , (b) IS", (c) 2fl". PI. I.

Yo. 0019. Terra-cotta circular stamp. Flat on one side, slightly convex on other ; centre shows rect-

angular handle fractured close to surface.   Flower;
small rosette in centre ; from this radiate long straight-edged, acute-angled petals. Cf. (in wood) Kha. ix. 0023. Diam. 2â ". Pl. II.

Yo. 0020. Terra-cotta appliqué mask, resembling that of Bes, with deep-set eyes, short wide nose, long moustache, short but wide triangular beard ; wears tiara with jewel. Outstanding hair (incised) forms circle round head. (Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLIII, Y. 0017, for general type.) H. 28" PI. I.

Yo. 0021. Terra-cotta fr. of neck of vase ; cf. Yo. 0059, with nude female fig. playing the guitar and dancing. (Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLIV, Y. 0019, fig. on R. of fr.) H. of fig. I".

Yo. 0022. Terra-cotta fr. of vase, with wreath appliqué. Half-round section. Alternate bands of lotus-petals (?) and small leaves, separated by berries. For western analogy, cf. Quibell, Excavations at Saggara (1909). PL xxxvl. 3. Length IV. Pl. III.

Yo. 0023. a. Terra-cotta rhyton, or spout from vessel, in form of ox's head, the horns turned inwards. Body curves up from head. Very rude conventional work. Length 3-". Pl. II.

Yo. 0023. a. I. Terra-cotta ox-head spout, as Yo. 0023. a, but smaller. Body curves down from head. Length


18 '

Yo. 0023. a. 2. Terra-cotta fr. of large ox-head spout. R. horn, end of muzzle, and all lower mould missing. Body curves up from head. Length 3". Pl. II.

Yo. 0023. a. 3. Terra-cotta fr. of small ox-head spout. Length

Yo. 0023. b. Terra-cotta fr. of handle of vessel, in form of nondescript animal (horse ?). At junction with body is appliqué anthemion. Length 2$". Pl. II.

Yo. 0023. c. Terra-cotta fr. of vessel, with half of well-moulded anthemion ornament. At stalk of this is small knob of clay suggesting berry. 2" X 2*". Pl. III.

Yo. 0023. d. Terra-cotta fr. of handle of vase, orn. with alternate diagonal bands of two incised lines and single line of dots. At point of junction with body nondescript animal head ; it has single horn growing up from crown of head, and long snout. See Anc. Khotan, PI. XLV, Kh. 003. I. Length 23".

Yo. 0023. e. Terra-cotta fr. of vessel. Spout in form of monkey's head of naturalistic type. Hair incised, eyes deep-set. Length Ir.

Yo. 0024. a-q. Terra-cotta appliqué masks from vases ; grotesque human faces. See Yo. oor. Yo. 0024. a. Replica of Yo. oor. n. H. IA". Yo. 0024. b. Replica of Yo. oor. d. H. I8". Yo. 0024. C. Vertical groove in forehead ; mouth short and straight ; replica of Yo. oor. g. H. I r". Yo. 0024. d. Long face ; vertical groove and V in forehead ; corners of mouth turned down. See Yo. 0024. q. H. 11". Pl. III. Yo. 0024. e. Replica of Yo. oor. d. H. q". Yo. 0024. f. Replica of Yo. oor. c. H. Ii ff'. Yo. 0024. g. Dimples at corners of mouth ; hair over forehead, less flat than usual. H. Yo. 0024. h. Lips very thick, hair more nearly upright than usual. Replica of Yo. oor. f; 0044. e. H. I8". Yo. 0024. r: Very small face, with peaked features ; rude work, apparently mostly modelled. H. 1". Yo. 0024. k. Small. Hair very slightly worked ; features set and not smiling, corners of mouth turned down. H. I". Yo. 0024. 1. Poor condition, unusually large. Details marked by bored holes ; cf. Yo. oor. u. r; 0044. c. H. IV". Yo. 0024. M. Covering junction of lower end of handle with body of vessel. Ribbed fr. attached above (wing ?). Nose very prominent ; eyes small ; lips naturalistic. H. 1

h". Pl. II•I. .Yo. 0024. n. Well and carefully modelled ; replica of Yo. 0024. g. Eyes prominent in long sockets; double dimples at corners of mouth ; pointed ears. H. r3".

Pl. III. Yo. 0024. o.   Small ; detail mostly perished.
H. I8". Yo. 0024. p. Replica of Yo. 0024. n, but in bad state. H. Iii". Yo. 0024. q. Replica of Yo. 0024. d. See Yo. oor. H. x ".

Yo. 0025. a. Terra-cotta appliqué lion's head mask; framed in circular curls ; heavy moustache. Cf. Anc. Khotan, PL XLIV, Y. 0015. Yo. 0043. c is from same mould. Fine bold work. H. q8".