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0168 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 168 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yo. 0038. d. Terra-cotta fr. monkey, as baby ; wrapped up and bound by two transverse bands. H. $".

Yo. 0039. a. Terra-cotta bird, with large beak and crest, and folded wings (hoopoe). Pierced for suspension. H. 1„

Yo. 0039. b. Terra-cotta miniature amphora. One handle and base-ring lost. Volute attachment at base of handle. H. is". Pl. III.

Yo. 0039. c. Terra-cotta miniature amphora. Rounded base-knob; both handles lost. Rough. H. iu".

Yo. 0039. d. Terra-cotta miniature oenochoë, with pinched lip and body orn. with spiral fluting. Handle lost. H. $".

Yo. 0039. e. Terra-cotta head of bird (hoopoe) with large crest. Beak broken. H. x i".

Yo. oo3g. f. Terra-cotta fr. of miniature vase. Slender foot, lathe-turned body with hexagonal shoulder. Neck and most of handle missing. H. fr. Pl. III.

Yo. 0039. g. Terra-cotta fr., consisting of six short spokes at R. angles. Four lost. Rest have couple of notches near their ends. Prob. from miniature piece of furniture. Length of spoke 4".

Yo. 0039. h. Terra-cotta fr. of handle, in form of beast (? bear). Body stamped all over with small curves indicating woolly fur. H. r$".

Yo. 0039. i. Pottery fr. of handle, in form of eel-like creature with out-curved gaping jaws, long pointed ears, and round goggle eyes. Length z". Pl. II.

Yo. 0039. k. Triangular fr. of red pottery, covered with thin slip of same colour but faced with creamy surface; orn. with elaborate but very conventional foliage pattern in relief. Straight bands, voluted stems, having close-set narrow spine-like leaves. 3-" x 2e". Pl. Iv.

Yo. 0039. 1. Fr. of ornamental pottery. Om. divided into two by horizontal appliqué cable band. Below this, fr. of incised lotus flower, profile view, strongly Egyptian in style. Above, appliqué relief. Vase with fluted body rests on concave-topped stand (relief above broken away) ; on L., draped knee of kneeling human fig. Cf. Foucher, L'Art du Gandhdra, fig. 2I I. Scene represents worship of

Buddha's alms-bowl.   x xe". Pl. I.

Yo. 0040. Terra-cotta appliqué fig. of Gandharvi. Halo behind bare head. Large ear-rings. Fore-arms raised to hold wreath. Wears short jacket ; lower points in front blown open. Lotus base. Cf. Anc. Khotan, Pl. XLV, B. oor. d, and Yo. 0018, 0042. a. H. 2r". Pl. I.

Yo. 0041. a-e. Terra-cotta heads of female figs. See Yo. oog. h. Yo. 0041. a. Eyes in prominent relief. Pointed fringe. No band to topknot. Lower L. side of face chipped; back of head missing. H. 2E. Yo. 0041. b. Eyebrows and eyelids incised. Pointed fringe. Jewelled

circlet round topknot and jewelled string binding it vertically. Pigtail looped up from behind and caught by bow. Good work, but worn. H. 21". Yo. 0041. c. Eyebrows punctured ; eyes in relief. Fringe cut away in

triangle.   Double circlet of beads round topknot, and

jewelled string binding it vertically.   Pigtail looped up

from behind and caught by bow. Good work. H. 2-a". Pl. I. Yo. 0041. d. Eyebrows incised and scored ; eyes in relief with compass-incised pupils. Narrow straight fringe. Bead circlet with braid of hair above round topknot ; this together with back of head missing. H. Ia ". Yo. 0041. e. Eyebrows ridged and scored ; eyes well modelled. Fringe cut away at parting, marked by very fine waved lines. From top of head hair falls straight in front of ears and over back of head to neck. On top of head hair gathered into flat ` plate ', from front of which a short tail is carried over to back of crown where it meets long plaited tail turned up from nape of neck. Very careful and delicate work; mouth especially far finer than in other figs. H. zr. Pl. I.

Yo. 0041. f. Terra-cotta female head, large. See oog. d. I-y. Pompadour ; comb missing. From behind springs pigtail supported by cushion and falling down back of head, under main pigtail looped up to meet it. Features good but damaged. Tassel ear-rings. H. Ii". Pl. I.

Yo. 0041. g. Terra-cotta female head, large. See Yo. ooq. d. I-y. Pompadour supported by frame ; short tail passes over cushion ; longer tail rises from nape, and the two are secured behind cushion. Detailed and clear example of this fashion. Side-curls on cheeks ; tassel ear-rings. Features rather indistinct. H. zy. PI. I.

Yo. 0041. h. Terra-cotta male head ; bald forehead ; ridged almond eyes ; long thin moustache. Back of head missing. H. I é".

Yo. 0045. i. Terra-cotta female head, small; see Yo. 009. d. I-y. Features very rudely marked. Rosette before topknot ; end of pigtail with bow. H.

Yo. 0041. k. Terra-cotta small male head and bust, with hair upright over forehead and cut short at nape of neck behind. Straight moustache. Much worn. H. Ia".

Yo. 0041. 1. Terra-cotta small female fig., with upright coiffure. See Yo. ooq d. I-7. Breasts bare; lower part of fig. and pigtail missing. H. I8".

Yo. 0041. m. Terra-cotta small female head. See Yo. ooq. d. I-7. Shows four-cornered cushion supporting pigtail (missing). H.". P. I.

Yo. 0041. n. Terra-cotta fr. of human head, cast from front mould. Full Indian type of face. On head diadem, possibly an inverted lotus, but resembling Uraeus crown ; central snake seen in front with head outstanding in relief Fig. might therefore represent a Nâga. Good work. H.

g.   PI. III.

Yo. 0042, a. Terra-cotta fr. of neck of vase, orn. with appliqué relief of Gandharvi. Tiara on head. Fore-