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0170 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 170 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yo. 0051. b. Terra-cotta monkey. Body below breast, and R. arm lost ; L. arm raised and hand laid on L. temple. Summary but lively work. Perhaps type of Yo. 003. a, q. v. H. i".

Yo. 0051. c. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part of. R. arm raised and hand placed on R. cheek ; L. arm and lower limbs, lost. Realistic work. Perhaps type of Yo. 003. a, q. v. H. II".

Yo. 0052. a-p. Terra-cotta frs. of monkeys. Yo. 0052. a. Naturalistic type. Rough. Lower part of body, R. arm, L. forearm lost. H. I$". Yo. 0052. b. Small; owl type ; hands clasped before breast. From waist down

missing. H.   Yo. 0052. c. Head ; naturalistic type ;

good work.   H. is". Pl. III.   Yo. 0052. d.   Owl
type ; L. arm outstretched but broken ; R. arm and both legs lost. H. 1". Yo. 0052. e. Head ; naturalistic type ; rough. H. 11{". Yo. 0052. f Head ; good naturalistic type. L. ear and side of face missing. H. xi". Yo. 0052. g. Head wearing helmet or hat with high, narrow crest. Very rough. H. i". Yo. 0052. h. Seated with knees drawn up (legs broken off short) ; L. hand on L. temple ; R. on R. thigh. H. e. Yo. 0052. i. Crude naturalistic type. R. arm and shoulder, L. arm just below shoulder, and lower part of body with legs, lost. H. 14". Yo. 0052. k. Crudest naturalistic type. Head and fr. of trunk only. Much worn. H. Ii". Yo. 0052.1. Head and bust (remainder with arms lost). Naturalistic type. H. IA". Yo. 0052. m Small, seated. Legs apart ; arms lost. Crudest naturalistic type. H. fr. Yo. 0052. n. Naturalistic type. R. arm and body below waist lost ; front of body without fur marking. H. Ii". Yo. 0052. o. Front cast of head and R. shoulder. On forehead remains of tiara ; band surmounted by round objects (? jewels). Rough work. H. 1i". Yo. 0052. p. Small ; naturalistic type. Arms and legs lost. H. Ig".

Yo. 0053. Terra-cotta miniature water-skin. Front sewn up ; neck tied round plug or stopper. Length IA".

Yo. 0054. a. Terra-cotta head of bird (peacock ?), with long straight beak and high feathered crest; detail of latter worked out on R. side, not on L. H. IA".

Yo. 0054. b. Terra-cotta head of bird (hoopoe ?), with high crest. Beak broken off short ; has well-marked ear. H. i".

Yo. 0055. a. Fr. of pottery. Above, incised leaf pattern. Below, moulded heart-shaped orn. with double fillet and dot-border; inner bands curl to make formal leaf orn. based on acanthus scheme ; dot-flower centre. 3" x 28". Pl. I.

Yo. 0055. b. Terra-cotta fr. of vessel; orn. with fruit on stalk (?), appliqué, hanging vertically. Above is stamped orn. of two concentric circles with outer circle of dots. Ii"x I".

Yo. 0055. c. Pottery-jug ; small hand-made model of brownish ware with horizontal pebble burnishing. Neck and handle lost. H. I r.

Yo. 0055. d. Pottery ; small hand-made model of pot. Bulb-shaped body ; plain everted lip. Rough. H.

Yo. 0055. e. Fr. of pottery. Slate-grey Lwheel-made orn. with encircling band of three raised mouldings. Length 2".

Yo. 0055. f. Fr. of' fine red pottery. I"x TV.

Yo. 0055. g. Fr. of red pottery, hard-fired, but slightly coarse ; outer face is covered with thin, white slip. z" x I â"

Yo. 0055. h. Fr. of red pottery, hard-fired. 1H" x

Yo. 0056. Terra-cotta fr. of vessel, in shape of squatting human fig. Only knees remain, with edge of upper skirt. Edges of drapery incised. Between knees protrudes object, either phallus, or grotesque head of small animal carrying the human fig. ; cf. Yo. 0070. H. .1-; width Jr.

Yo. oo57. Terra-cotta handle, lower part of. Junction with body covered by fine palmette running downwards, from end of which two volute ornaments curl upwards supporting small anthemion. Strong classical influence. Length 3". Pl. IT.

Yo. 0058. Pottery fr. of large hand-made vessel ; coarse drab clay. At top band of chevrons, enclosing circles (incised); below is slightly raised band orn. with pairs of punched holes ; below this affixed large mastiff's head, mouth slightly open showing teeth and tongue. Very fine bold work, practically in the round. H. of relief 22g"; width W. Pl. II.

Yo. 0059. Terra-cotta neck of vase (upper part lost), orn. with two narrow sunk bands. Above is band of dotand-circle orn. ; below is series of appliqué figs. (I) Elephant with trunk turned over back, supporting two kneeling figs. upon lotus flowers. (2) Bird upon bunch of grapes.

  1. Standing fig. robed to feet, playing on some instrument.

  2. Human fig. riding upon horned (?) beast. (5) Lost, except head ; prob. replica of 3. (6) Replica of 4. Appliqué work ; very worn and blunt ; details quite lost. H. 214" ; lower diam. 2A".

Yo. oo6o. Pottery ; small jug, hand-made, in sand-brown ware with single handle from shoulder to top of neck, pinch-in lip, and flat base. Just above greatest circumference of body is broad band enclosed by single incised lines. Above this, space is divided into three equal parts by double vertical lines with row of dots on either side. In each space is low curve marked by double lines below which are two rows of dots. Greek influence. H. 3h". PI. Iv.

Yo. 0061. Terra-cotta fig. of peacock, large moulded, with long straight beak, high square crest and folded wings. Legs lost ; eye-marks on tail and crest. Hole through beak ; triangular opening between wings. Prob. unguent-flask. H. 41" ; length 5r". Pl. II.

Yo. oo6x. a. Terra-cotta head of peacock, as Yo. °o61, but beak shorter and blunter. H. 2*".