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0174 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 174 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yo. 0013o. Small round flat lead pellet. A weight (?).

C. r   "xA".

Yo. 00133. Octagonal style (?) of white jade. One end tapering to a round point, the other slightly bevelled and then cut across. Length 417g" ; gr. diam. â".

Yo. 00134. Relief fr. of grey soapstone. Human face, short and round. Ears of moderate length. Nose worn almost flat. Hair done in topknot, and treatment plain. Eyes very long and narrow. C. 4" x $ " x ". Pl. VI.

Yo. 00135. Spinning.whorl of dark grey stone, dome-shaped but turning slightly in towards foot and with concave bottom. Latter is orn. with series of double horseshoe ' orns. running round hole. One horseshoe is inside the other, and down middle of each pair is line ending in dot. Same kind of pattern (elongated) is repeated on upper surface of dome ; and round narrowing lower part series of crescent-shaped lines, standing on end. Pattern all over carelessly and inaccurately cut. H. a.; gr. diam. c.

Yo. 00138. White soapstone relief, being half tympanum of arch. At L. bottom corner is palm-leaf capital supporting lintel, whereon line of chevron orn. which was also continued round curve of tympanum but is largely broken away. In field to L., a palm-tree (?) ; in centre grotesque fig. advancing R. Wears cap (or long hair), bead necklace ; stole, which passes behind back, crosses inside R. elbow and flies free ; breech clout (?), and anklet on L. leg. L. hand holds vase ; R. hand touches this ; knees bent. Fig. perhaps bearded. Orig. height Fr; width at base Ig-"; thickness TV. Top missing. PI. VI.

Yo. o0139. Cast lead figurine of camel with two humps. Coarse. H. ir. Pl. VI.

Yo. 00140. Small white steatite orn., strip of bead, slightly curved. From cnd to end j".

Yo. 00141. Bronze seal, with small, thin, pierced, loop handle. On face in intaglio single Chin. char. in modern form, X Jiang good, gentle', prob. as a personal name. The character not being cut reversed, impression gives reversed form (L. C. Hopkins). Face r x i8". H. Ay". PI. v.

Yo. 00142. Bronze D•shaped seal with shank at back for suspension. S-shaped counter-change pattern. â" x r.

Yo. 00143. Round bronze seal with stud behind. Design, a deer with antlers, L. Much defaced. Diam. c.â". PI. V.

Yo. 00144. Round bronze seal, with remains of shank behind. Design ; bead orn. round edge ; in field, tiger (?) R. fore-paw raised, head thrown up and back over R. shoulder. Good attitude, but work considerably effaced. Diam. jf" to â". Pl. V.

Yo. 00145. Sq. bronze seal, without shank. Part of edge broken, and hole through field. Fine design of lion seated, fore-paw raised heraldically, tail ending in three tufts,

mouth open as if roaring. Round this sq. border of single sunk line. C. ITV sq. Pl. v.

Yo. 00146. Sq. bronze button, with wide shank placed diagonally. Face plain except for inner border of single line of bead orn. g" sq. Thickness ig" Pl. VI

Yo. 00147. Bronze fr. of finial orn. (?). Adjoining halves of two arches or volutes, which spring from common base. On these rests another pointed arch with scalloped edge, its field showing remains of relief design now indistinguishable. The whole corroded. Plentiful traces of gilding. Gr. M. IA"x 1g"; thickness â". Pl. VI.

Yo. 00148. Side of bronze buckle (?), much corroded. Remains of three teeth on one side and four on other (?). Length 'W'.

Yo. 00149. Three frs. of bronze orns., apparently accidentally stuck together. Each consists of small crescent-shaped bar with thickened ring round middle. From this, on convex side of crescent, projected a small stud which passed through another ring. Perhaps ends of pendants. Tip to tip ig" to fi". H. c. ".

Yo. oo15o. Half of flat sq. bone seal. Device apparently of four spirals, radiating from centre, one filling each corner. Of these two remain. j-2" x (broken) A" x c.

Yo. oo151. Elliptical onyx intaglio with bevelled edge. Device, tiger or Cheetah, advancing L. Rough work. x~".

Yo. 00152. Fr. of white jade, perhaps end of buckle. Surface fiat and plain edges on one side chamfered. Ogee arch-like top. Iig" x 8" xg".

Yo. 00153. Fr. of blown glass vessel. Translucent green flashed with dark red on concave side. Gr. M. fr ; thickness ig".

Yo. 00154. Spheroid cornelian bead, as Yo. 00125, but plain. Roughly cut. Diam. r

Yo. 00156. Small oblong slab of black steatite. Hole bored through each corner. Traces of incised circles round these holes on one side. Ili"x -' 3" to 3i" X An.

Yo. 00157. Small sq. slab of black steatite. Wide bevel taken off upper surface. Base e" sq. ; top 8" sq. ; thickness TV.

Yo. 00158. Small oblong slab of light steatite. One short side bevelled, showing pale green interior. Hole bored longitudinally. is" x â" x 8" tog".

Yo. 00159. Seal of yellowish white soapstone. For shape and material, cf. Yo. 0089 ; but here a carefully cut shank rises from flat back of seal. Device, a crane (?), L., with ruffled-up wings and small triangular tail. Base c. r sq. H.1". PI. v.

Yo. 00160. Sq. bronze seal with part of shank behind. Face divided into four equal squares, filled respectively by a quatrefoil, a Svastika, a diagonal cross, and a trefoil fleur-de-lis (placed diagonally). rr8" x 1g.". Pl. v.