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0177 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 177 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Khot. or. f. Two terra-cotta monkeys, owl type, squatting on low seat ; L. hands raised to mouths. H. xi".

Khot. or. g. Terra-cotta male head, front cast of. Bald forehead, narrow eyes, long thin moustache, arched eyebrows. Closely resembles Yo. 009. a. H. 1i".

Khot. or. h. Terra-cotta male head, front cast of. Same features as Khot. or. g, but flatter and broader; eyebrows rendered by raised ridges instead of by incision. H. 1".

Khot. or. i-k. Three terra-cotta female heads belonging to the sane series as Yo. 009, 0041 ; probably from same set of moulds. Khot. or.:: Hair descends in point over forehead and curls forward towards mouth. Round topknot ; short upper pigtail over cushion, and traces of lower pigtail turned up. Eyes very prominent. Nostrils and mouth-corners drilled. Cf. Yo. 009. h. 2. H. zg". Khot. or. j. Hair brushed straight over forehead and in front of ears. Eyes narrow and slightly sloped, incised. Corners of mouth drilled. Contours delicately modelled. Cf. Yo. 0041. e. H. I8". Khot. or. k. Hair parted in middle, brushed straight up from forehead, where held in place by comb with palmette

points and tasselled ends.   Small pigtail doubled back
over ingot-shaped cushion ; main pigtail upturned. Eyes prominent, features rough. Round neck a twisted necklace fastened by knob behind. Cf. Yo. 009. d. i (larger scale). H. 1$".

Khot. or. 1. Terra-cotta grotesque female fig. Hair dressed in conical coiffure with long pigtail ; large ears; collar (as Khot. o1. k) supporting circular jewel in front ; body naked ; belt with jewels, the ends hanging down by R. side, and short kilt-like skirt. Arms and legs broken away. H. z s".

Khot. or. m. Terra-cotta fr. of vase with appliqué fig. of Gandharvî. Brows bound with broad rope-like tiara. Lower part lost. Hands lifted, holding beaded festoon across body. Cf. Yo. 0018. H. 1«".

Khot. or. n-q. Four terra-cotta appliqué masks of grotesque human type, forming part of the same series as Yo. oo1, q. v. ; prob. from same set of moulds, in spite of differences in attached details. Khot. or. n. Closely resembling Yo. oor. r. Prominent eyes, corners of mouth turned up and open, with dots inside. H. 1A". Khot. or. o. Much defaced. H. 1$". Khot. oz. p. Closely resembling Yo. oo1. u. Corners of mouth down-turned : vertical line down forehead. H. 14". Khot. or. q. Small and rough. H. 1a".

Khot. ox. r. Terra-cotta appliqué lion-mask fringed with conventional curls. Moustache of moderate size. The whole of irregular shield-shape. H. z8".

Khot. or. s. Terra-cotta fr. of vessel, orn. with horizontal flutings and circular lion-head mask of debased type. 1$" x 1 r.

Khot. or. t. Terra-cotta female monkey, naturalistic type ; nude, kneeling on R. knee ; L. leg bent at knee


supports L. elbow, L. hand being raised to temple. Fine miniature work. H. a".

Khot. or. u. Iron arrowhead. Three barbs, short solid haft. Section triangular with concave sides, differing from T. xix. i. 005. Length I4".

Khot. ox. v. Round bronze seal, with shank pierced for suspension as Yo. 00142, etc. Device, antlered deer, very rude. Diam. to 1 s';. Pl. v.

Khot. or. w. Flat circular bronze orn. Face adorned with raised lines radiating from centre. Condition poor. Average diam. r.

Khot. or. x. Rectangular lump of lead (?), with covering of bronze. A weight. i g" sq. X â".

Khot. or. aa. Bronze fr. of rim of mirror, with raised pattern of interlacing arches between two bands. Length


'is •

Khot. 02. c. Round bronze button, with large shank behind. On face are raised edges to form setting of inlay, as on Khot. 0020. Inlays all lost, and part of setting. When complete would have formed flower with eight pointed petals, and scalloped border connecting the points. Two scallops between each petal and next. Diam. Pl. VII.

Khot. 02. d. Octagonal bronze button or seal, with shank at back. On face design of four-petalled flower. Condition bad. Prob. an ink seal. Diam. i".

Khot. 02. e. Octagonal bronze seal, with shank at back, prob. an ink seal. Design, cruciform flower, the tips of petals in-curled. Rough work ; poor condition.

Diam.   Pl. V.

Khot. oz. f. Sq. stone seal, as Yo. 00159, etc. Tendril-like design on basis of Svastika with spur on each arm. H. ig" ; base i" sq. Pl. v.

Khot. oz. g. Small bronze object, shaped like washer. Ring with cruciform arms. Use uncertain. Diam. outside of ring r ; arm to arm (diagonally), f".

Khot. 02. h. Bronze Buddha fig. Solid casting ; seated cross-legged with hands in lap. Elongated ears and topknot. From under feet rums down long tongue of bronze, which originally filled passage in mould and was meant to be broken off. Same may apply to projection in middle of back, due to air-hole of mould. Condition bad, H. Imo" ; length of tongue, 1A". Pl. VII.

Khot. 02. j. Roughly elliptical lump of bronze with flat bottom. Condition bad. Use (?). H. 8" ; length 1?6.° ; gr. width fi".

Khot. 02. k. Bronze arrowhead. Type of Khot. o1. u. Length I8".

Khot. o2.1. Fr. of bronze orn., much corroded. Design indistinguishable. I" x â".