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0178 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 178 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Khot. 02. m. Bronze appliqué orn. in shape of low fivefold plume'. Stud through centre for attachment. Surface fiat. Condition fair. H. i" ; width 3-4".

Khot. oz. n. Bronze stud with circular head. Diam. of head A" to IA" ; length r".

Khot. 02. 0. Grotesque fig. of man in dark grey slate-stone. Nude except for girdle round hips, necklace, bracelets, and large circular ear-rings which rest upon shoulders. Fig. very broad and flat. Arms bent at elbow (L. broken off just below) ; in R. hand a small bag (?).

Legs apart, R. broken off at mid-thigh.   Short pigtail at
nape of neck. Head flat on top and sloping up to back, where it turns down again at a sharp angle. Practically no forehead. Fine work. Encrusted in parts. H. ir. Pl. VI.

Khot. 02. p. Terra-cotta fig. of squatting monkey, owl-type. Wears loin-cloth, on which it lays L. hand. R. hand on mouth. H. c. f6".

Khot. 02. q. Part of light red cornelian (?) bead, treated in same curious manner as Yo. 00125, with intersecting bands of white and white dots. Here black appears also in middle of white. Cf. also Khot. oz. r. H. A". PI. Iv.

Khot. 02. r. Flat square bead agate, dark brown and greyish-white, pierced diagonally. Surface on both sides treated with white in manner of Yo. 00' 25 and Khot. 02. q, q. v. Pattern, 2 squares (in outline), one inside the other, and within, a ' Maltese cross ' (also in outline). I" x" ; thickness c. A". PI. Iv.

Khot. 04. b. Disc of dark green malachite. One surface slightly sunk. In its centre a shank has been formed by boring two slanting holes to meet each other. This has broken, however, and another has been made just within the raised outer edge. Diam. 1g" ; thickness,

c. A"

Khot. 04. c. Sq. bronze seal with shank at back, as Yo. 00141, etc. Condition bad. Design, two birds standing facing each other, with uplifted wings. Indistinguishable object beneath feet. Over head horned disc (?). c. ." sq. Pl. V.

Khot. 04. d. Miniature bone comb. Broken off just below beginning of teeth. Grooves and concentric circles, as on Yo. 00162. Round top with projection having hole for suspension. H. (broken) "; length c. /". PI. VI.

Khot. 04. e. White soapstone relief fr., as Yo. 00138. Lower edge curved, with chevron orn. ; R. side straight, others broken. Relief represents kneeling female fig. with arms upraised from elbows, holding in R. hand a bunch of flowers. Wears long full skirt, head-dress, scarf, bracelets. Long tresses hang down sides of face. 1" x 4". Pl. VI.

Khot. 04. f. Seated bird in white jade, upper part of. Sides cut flat and hole pierced horizontally. Very rude work and no detail. H. 3k" ; length c. T". Pl. vi.

Kbot. 04. g. Short bar of soapstone, yellowish-white, with piece projecting at right angles at base. Broken off

larger object (?).   " x ".

Khot. 04. h. Elliptical garnet intaglio. Female bust to L. The hair parted in middle and drawn back to bunch behind in the manner of the Younger Faustina. Rude work, being little more than a succession of scarcely modified drill-holes ; only the profile fairly carefully worked. Cf. Khot. 0075, 0076, 0079, and Anc. Kholan, PI. XLIX, B. D. oo 1. c. TV x An. PI. v.

Khot. 04. j. Circular garnet intaglio, convex. Female fig. seated in profile to L. on rock (?). Small head, long queue of hair. Body heavy, with drapery to ankles. Arms advanced, R. raised, L. slightly lowered. Coarse work, almost entirely drilled. Diam. s". Pl. v.

Khot. 04. k. Elliptical lapis lazuli intaglio. Design of scorpion. Poor work. 42" x ie". Pl. V.

Khot. 04. 1. Circular garnet intaglio, lower half of, piano-convex. Design remaining shows stem and two out-curling leaves of acanthus type. Good work. r (broken) x r. Pl. V.

Khot. 04. m. Rhombus-shaped garnet intaglio. Rudely cut design of bird in profile, R., one wing showing above body, one below. i" x /". Pl. V.

Khot. 06. a. Terra-cotta male head, type of Khot. o1. h, q. v., showing tonsured crown. Hair indicated by incisions

set ' herring-bone ' fashion.   Narrow eyes, long thin
moustache ; beard along edge of jaw. H. z".

Khot. 06. b. Terra-cotta appliqué lion-mask, crude. Mouth open shows tongue and teeth. Eyebrows rendered by applied strips ; hair of mane by ring of saw-tooth projections. Diam.

Khot. o6. c. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part of; naturalistic type. L. hand laid on R. side of face. H. iS".

Khot. o6. d. Terra-cotta head of monkey, owl-type,

with broad pigtail falling down back of head. H. . ".

Khot. 06. e. Terra-cotta monkey's head, as Khot. o6. d, but larger size. No pigtail. H. g".

Khot. 06. f. Terra-cotta monkey, upper part of; owl-type. Hands raised and clasped in front of face as in prayer. H. f".

Khot. 06. g. Terra-cotta miniature monkey, upper part of; naturalistic type ; attitude as Khot. o6. f. H. "

Khot. o6. h. Terra-cotta hoopoe with crest, and wings meeting above back. Body pierced for suspension. Length H".

Khot. 06. i. Terra-cotta head of hoopoe with long beak and crest. H. -".

Khot. 06. j. Terra-cotta miniature vessel, oval-bodied, with round thick flat base. Handle or spout in form of bird's head and neck with wings. H. H".