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0200 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 200 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000183
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A.T. 0041. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of human ear. At point of junction with cheek is narrow vertical band with single row of short stamped crescents. Light red clay. i" x Ir".

A.T. 0043. Stucco relief fr. of curved double band decorated with bead orn. Cf. A.T. iv. 0091. Light red clay. i "x ii".

A.T. 0044. Stucco relief fr., stamped all over with concave punch producing half-round projections ; prob. bunch of grapes. Cf. A.T. v. 0062. Hard red clay. x IA".

A.T. 0045. Stucco relief fr. ; smooth, slightly convex face with fr. of curving square ridge at edge. Reddish-drab clay. I$" x 1".

*A.T. 0051. Stucco relief fr. of nimbus and halo of Buddha, one of many. Lotus-petal border, petals with strongly-marked double lobes beyond which central rib rising to point. A.T. 005r. Part of plain nimbus, of rayed halo with knob edge and of lotus-petal border. Light red clay. 3" x 2A".

From same or similar mould : A.T. 0029 ; i. 0016, 0019, 0061, 0062 ; ii. 009, 0036 ; iii. 007, 008 ; iv. 0019, 0085, 0087, 00118, 00158 ; V. 009, 0058, 0076. Cf. (larger scale) A.T. i. 0017, (smaller) A.T. i. 00125.

A.T. 0054. Stucco relief fr. of perpendicular sharply ridged drapery fold. Light red clay. 3" x 2r".

A.T. 0056. Stucco relief fr. of human face ; R. eye, brow, and part of hair and bridge of nose. Treatment very flat, the whole eye being in projection. Eyebrow is raised thin line. Hair twisted rope-wise along edge of brow, moulded separately. Light red clay, grey in section. 2" X Ir".

A.T. 0057. Stucco relief fr. of plaited necklet ; cf. A.T. iii. 0021. Reddish-drab clay. 3" x f4"

A.T. 0059. Stucco relief fr. Spiral curl of hair. Drab clay. Diam. t".

*A.T. 0060. Stucco relief fr., flower, one of many. Flower has round central boss and eight pointed petals with V-shaped longitudinal depression, diam. r," ; they were affixed in rows on flat background. Well-levigated light red clay with traces of slip ; flower centres were painted light yellow. A.T. oo6o, diam.

From same mould : A.T. i. 002o, 00121 ; ii. 0055 ; iv. 0023. a, b, 00153 ; V. 0045, 0066. Similar but from another mould, having diamond-shaped depression in each petal : A.T. i. 0021 ; ii. 0030 ; iii. 0040, 0041; iv. 0022. a-o, 00154. a, b ; these similarly arranged in rows. Cf.

from larger mould A.T. i. 0076. a, b ; iii. 009.   For
similar flowers in different arrangement see A.T. ii. oo56, v. 0065. Cf. also A.T. i. 0012, and A.T. iii. oo80.

*A.T. 0063. Stucco relief fr. of drapery ; one of many similar but not from same mould. Folds curved ; each rising to central ridge and distinguished from those on either side of it by deep incised line. Well-levigated light red clay, covered with thin white limewash on which remain traces either of gold-leaf or of dark red paint. Several pieces show behind impress of reeds used in wall-facing. A.T. 0063, 21"x I$".

Similar pieces: A.T. 0064. a-c, 0086. a-f; i. 0071. a, b, ooIII.a-d; iii. 0027,0028, 0048, 0055. a-d; iv. 00136, 00137, 00138, 00139.

A.T. 0064. a-c. Stucco relief frs. of drapery with curved folds. Hard light red clay with distinct traces of gold-leaf. See A.T. 0063. (a) 2" X Ii" ; (b) 2" x IAg" ;

(c) IA" x3

A.T. 0065. Stucco relief fr. End of stalk, with two lobes. Reddish mud-coloured clay. Cf. A.T. ii. 007 (but smaller). I26" X I".

A.T. 0071. Stucco relief fr. Central L. part of face of demon with wide nostrils ; flat short bridge of nose ; open mouth. Upper part of face was probably as A.T. iv. 009. Hard red clay covered with yellowish-white slip. 2" X 2". Pl. Ix.

*A.T. 0072. Stucco relief fr. L. side of small capital orn. with rich acanthus-like foliage. Necking is plain toms. Similar pieces A.T. i. 0093, V. 0024. A.T. 0072, brick-red clay, drab wash. 3" x 3". PI. IX.

A.T. 0075. Stucco relief fr., seated Buddha, with halo and fr. of lotus-leaf edging. Resembling A.T. 0028, but with feet tucked under drapery. Same mould as A.T. 0076. Red clay. 3/1" x 2k".

A.T. oo76. Stucco relief fr., seated Buddha, with veiled feet, from same mould as A.T. 0075. Most of halo and vesica lost. Red clay. 3f" x 2r".

*A.T. 0077. Stucco relief fr., head of Buddha. Eyes nearly closed, slightly aslant ; ears elongated. Cf. A.T. 0025. a. Larger scale. Bright red clay. 2" x 1i". From same mould : A.T. ii. 0027, 0044 ; iv. 0018, 0071, 0072, 00116 ; V. 00I I, 0048, 0054.

A.T. 0086. a-f. Stucco relief frs. of drapery ; b, f have traces of gilding. See A. T. 0063. Light red clay. (a) 3 " X 20; (b) 2 " x 2 " ; (c) 2*" x i i" ; (d) 3 " x " ; (e) 2"X 1*"; (f) xi" Xf".

*A.T. 0087. Stucco relief fr. One of many, representing topknot of head-dress. From a heavy jewelled band (A.T. iv. 0096) rose a pleated linen crest curving over on either side and reaching down to band again. Behind flat nimbus with Vandyke pattern enclosed by fillet; crescents divided by balls affixed to rim (A.T. v. 0093). Cf. A.T. v. 0050. A.T. 0087, top of topknot, halo, and part of crescents. Red clay. 21" x 2*". From same mould : A.T. oo88 ; i. 0025, 0026, 0046, 00112 ; ii. 0010 ; iv. 0090, 0096 (Pl. VIII), 00100 ;