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0202 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 202 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000183
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A.T. i.. oozo. Stucco relief fr. of human finger from middle to tip. Light dull red clay. 2" X Ir.

*A.T. i. 0012. Stucco relief fr. Flower, with central boss and seven rounded petals with pear-shaped depression ; rising from foliage with flat base and two leaves which curl over to either side and form volutes below flower. Total height (from frs.) 3 ". Well-levigated clay with traces of creamy wash ; flower and foliage moulded separately A.T. i. 0012, base broken off. IH.'x II". Pl. VIII.

From same mould : (a) Flowers, A.T. iii. 0057, iv. 00I 51 ; (b) Stalks, A.T. 0046 ; i. 0040, oo118 ; ii. oo6 ; iv. 0093, 00105, 0015o, 00155. a, b. For similar design on much larger scale see A.T. iii. oo80. A similar round-petalled flower apparently was set on a stalk having a narrow base bound round, and ending above in two lobes, i. e. leaves inturned ; cf. A.T. 0035, 0099 ; ii. 0057 ; iv. 0094 ; V. 0059.

*A.T. i. 0017. Stucco relief fr. Large lotus petal from border of halo (cf. A.T. v. 0029). Two central lobes and edge of petal in high relief. Central rib rises to point. Apparently there were two overlapping rows of similar petals. Light red clay. IA' x

From same mould : A.T. i. 0018 ; ii. 005 ; iv. oo88, 0089 ; V. 0012.

A.T. i. 0022. Stucco relief fr. ; elliptical jewel orn., central stone almost rectangular, with plain band and bead border. Drab clay. r X

A.T. i. 0028. Stucco relief fr. of drapery, hanging in flat vertical folds like centre of A.T. iv. 0037. Light red clay. 2." X 2".

A.T. i. 0029. Stucco relief fr. of drapery ; zigzag fold emphasized by incised line ; rough. Light red clay.

z5"X 2*"

*A.T. i. 003o. Stucco relief fr. of hair ; one of many similar but not from same mould. The locks, differing in size according to position are represented by bands of crescents in low relief, alternate bands being reversed ; crescents relieved by incised lines parallel with their edges, their ends sometimes joining so as to form S curves. Each mould seems to have produced a strip of two bands, 2" wide and of uncertain length. The frs. are of red or drab clay with traces of white limewash or slip. Clay well levigated ; used sparingly so that appliqué band might be as thin as possible. A.T. i. 0030, a' x 2".

Also A.T. i. 0031. a, b, 0057. a, b, 00504, oolo5, 00106 ; ii. 0055, oo16, 0057, 0018, 0019 ; iii. oo15, 0016, 0017, 0038, 0045, 0072, 0073 ; iv. 0038, 0039. a, b, 0040, 0043, 0065, 0076, 00133, 00134 ; V. 0036, 0043, 0055, 0085.

*A.T. i. 0032. Stucco relief fr. Crescent-shaped lock of hair with five rounded ribs rising to centre. Mud-coloured clay. 21" x 3k".

From same mould : A.T. i. 0045 ; iv. 0043. Cf. A.T. i. 0030 (smaller), and . Anc. Kholan, Pl. LXXXII, R. ii. z.


A.T. i. 0033. Stucco relief fr. ; striated bands at right angles and curved lotus petal (?). Light red clay. I-" x Ir".

A.T. i:. 0037. Stucco relief fr. Flat lozenge-shaped orn. with deeply cut line running parallel and close to edges. Lower corner lost. Drab clay. 1" x

A.T. i. 0038. a, b. Stucco relief frs. of half-round moulding with twisted Vandyke bands (cf. A.T. ii. 0022) and narrow fillets. Red clay. (a) 1 " x 8" ; (b) I" x *".

A.T. i. 0039. Stucco fr. Upper part of ' corkscrew' curl, as A.T. iii. 0026. Hard, light red clay. 2".

A.T. i. 0045. Stucco fr. of bracelet (1), consisting of three half-round rings. Appliqué. Hard mud-coloured clay. 1-pa" x I.

A.T. i. 0042. Stucco relief fr. of drapery, looped fold; subsidiary folds indicated by parallel lines incised. Red clay. 11" Xi".

*A.T. f. 0044. Stucco relief fr., flame pattern, one of many, worked in high relief, each flame separately rendered as wavy tongue with seven ribs decreasing to five towards tip. Length c. 8r". A.T. i. 0044. 4 " X 21".

From same or similar mould : A.T. oo8o, oo8x ; i. 0063, 0095 ; iii. 0019, 0042, 0056, oo6o; iv. 0042, oo6o, oo61 ; V. 0046, 0078, 0079.

A.T. i. 0052. Stucco relief fr. Human L. ear coarsely modelled ; lower part missing. Light red clay, blackish in section ; white slip. 2g" x I!".

A.T. i. 0053. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of human ear (? R.). Hard red clay, prob. originally gilded, as globules of melted gold still adhere. r x

A.T. i. 0058. Stucco relief fr. Human nose similar to A.T. iv. 0077. Hard red clay, surface decayed. Iv" x

A.T. i. 0059. Stucco relief fr. Medallion from vesica with central rosette. See A.T. 0020. 3i" X 3". Pl. VIII.

A.T. i. 0065. Stucco relief fr. of five-leaved palmette ; pointed leaves with incised ribs. Red clay. I1" x 2".

A.T. i. 0067. Stucco' relief fr., slightly convex, divided by incised lines into series of lozenges in each of which is large stamped circle. Red clay, light wash. 2 "X Ii".

A.T. i. 0070. Stucco relief fr. of U-shaped band, square in section, on flat ground ; perhaps lobe of human ear. Reddish-drab clay, slatey grey in section. Cf. A.T. ii. 0050. 3" x I".

*A.T. i. 0075. Stucco relief fr. of flame for appliqué work. Each flame moulded separately in low relief, as continuous corkscrew curve marked with boldly incised parallel lines ; length as given by fragments not less than 4 ". A.T. i. 0075, flakey light red clay with traces of white slip. air x r.

From same mould : A.T. i. 00507. a, b ; ii. 0025 ; iv. 0047, oo92.a, 00103, 00135 ; similar frs. but from different moulds: A.T. 0039, 0040; i. 0036, ooro8, oorlo; ii. 0023, 0052 ; iii. 0022; iv. 0046, 00101 ; V. 0027, 0086.