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0208 Serindia : vol.1
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same mould (but not always used in the same connexion) A.T. ii. 0037 ; iii. 0011.2.-C ; iv. 0030. a, b, 00145, 00147, 00149 ; V. 0051. From smaller mould : A.T. 001 I2.

A.T. v. 0052. Stucco relief fr. R. upper part of triangle like A.T. 0033, but with crescent border. Cf. A.T. v. 0050. Light red clay, grey in section. 2" X Ir".

A.T. v. oo56. Stucco relief fr. Cloud orn. See *A.T. 0030. 4" X 2k". Pl. VIII.

A.T. v. 0061. Stucco relief fr. Chain ; Vandyke band between two fillets. Cf. A.T. ii. 0022. Mud-coloured clay. rr x I".

A.T. v. 0062. Stucco relief fr. Bunch of grapes (?) ; grapes rendered by stamping with concave punch. Cf. A.T. 0044. Red clay. I" x If.

A.T. v. 0065. Stucco relief fr. Eight-petalled flower with central boss, and part of curved stalk with incised markings. Reddish-drab clay. Cf. A.T. oo6o. 2" x I1".

A.T. v. 0067. Stucco relief. Base of statuette ; quadrangular with moulding of two sq. members at bottom and same inverted at top. On top hexagonal lotus base, diminishing, upper part missing. Cf. base in Anc. Khotan, i. Fig. 29. See A.T. i. 0077. Light red clay. H. 2e ; base 3" wide, if deep. PI. Ix.

A.T. v. oo7o. Stucco relief fr. R. side of standing fig. of Buddha Q); head and all below about middle of thighs lost. R. arm bent at elbow ; hand rests on breast.

Fig. clad in loose wide-sleeved patchwork garment. Rather
coarse work. Red clay, drab surface. 4" x 2i". PI. IX.

A.T. v. 0071. Stucco relief fr. Portion of cornice or capital. The neck is a narrow band of horizontal cable. The cushion is covered with overlapping pointed and ribbed scales having convex surfaces. Upon top are remains of thin applied strips of uncertain design. Brick-red clay, creamy wash. 41" x 21". Pl. VIII.

A.T. v. 0072. Stucco fr. Thumb with first to third fingers of R. hand. From same mould as *A.T. iii. 0062. Rather coarse reddish clay with thin white slip. 3"x I " PI. VIII.

A.T. v. 0077. Stucco relief fr. R. leg and L. foot of seated Buddha. Cf. A.T. v. 0029. Red clay, purplish surface. Ii" x 2f.

A.T. v. 0080. Stucco relief fr. of flame. Cf. A.T.

iii. oo6o (different mould).   Light red clay, buff slip.
2g"x 2".

A.T. v. 0089. Stucco relief fr. At edge fillet with band of stamped circles ; in field raised diagonal band with same orn. ; leaf orn. above. Light red clay. ii" x Ii".

A.T. v. 0091. Stucco relief fr. Below, fractured at thin necking ; above, this widens out like calix of flower to first moulding. From this to second, nearly straight-sided and cylindrical. Above second moulding is elongated dome terminating in a sq. shaft. Light red clay. 4" x 2j". PI. IX.

A.T. v. 0097. Stucco relief fr. of drapery (?), with considerable traces of gilding. Light red clay. 2" x If".


Si. ooi. Fr. of neck of vessel ; wheel-made of well-levigated clay, burned to terra-cotta red; kiln-fired. On neck, incised horizontal grooves. Small handle terminating below in anthemion, suggesting metal technique ; body apparently covered with lightly impressed stump-drawn patterns. 3" x 3". Pl. Iv.

Si. 002. Small pottery vase, base and portion of sides of; hand-made, of fairly well-levigated clay, skilfully potted and finely finished outside with engobage ; grey clay burned to terra-cotta red. Fired on open hearth or very primitive kiln. j'x 21".

*Si. oog. Stucco relief fr. ; one of several. Buddha seated against a circular vesica of lotus-petals, in the centre of which is a rayed glory; hands bare, folded on lap, feet

bare ; plain nimbus.   34" x 2.".

From same mould : Si. 004 ; i. 00 1, 002, 003, 006, 007 ; ii, 001, 002. These reliefs are taken from the same mould, or from a mould made from the same original, as was used for the Ak•terek series A.T. 0025. a, etc., q. v. All of red clay accidentally fired. Cf. Si. 1. 005.

Si. 005. Stucco relief fr. Head of Buddha. L. ear and below mouth broken off. Cap-like hair. Grey clay, accidentally fired. rte" x

*Si. oo6. Stucco relief fr., one of several. Two volutes curving away from each other (prob. from top of triangular orn.) support a faceted jewel or censer (?) ; for which cf. K.S. 0017. 'TV X I-"

From same mould : Si. i. 0013, 0014 ; ii. 004. All of clay, accidentally burned.

*Si. 007. Stucco relief fr. Eight-petalled circular flower, also Si. ii. oo6. Reddish clay accidentally burned. IA" x I4".

*Si. oo8. Stucco relief fr. of volute flame orn. ; from edge of vesica, flat, with groove veining ; from same mould Si. ii. oo8. Red clay accidentally burned. 2" x 3".

Si. i. 005. Stucco circular mould of seated Buddha with hands under robe. Head and upper and lower parts of halo broken off. Outer edge of rays. From the same mould, or from a mould taken from the same original, as the Ak-terek series A.T. 0027, etc., q. v. Cf. Si. 003. 21" X 3".