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0228 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 228 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Kha. 0038. Fresco fr., showing upper part of standing Buddha fig., in pink robe, edged white. R. hand to breast, palm out ; L. hand grasps hem of robe. Head to R. p. Nimbus dark grey with pink border; vesica pale green with pink border outlined white ; contour lines red. The hands are painted on dark patches of pink which seem to be due to extra sizing preparatory to painting the hands, the surrounding colour by abrasion having become lighter, while extra size has caused the patches to darken. Same effect appears at neck of robe. General ground grey blue, on which to L. p. is shaded pink lotus, partly broken away; and other detail just visible. 7" X 5"•

Kha. oo3g. Fresco fr. of floral background (?). Three


Kha. i. 9. Fr. of roughly carved wooden base (?). From point of centre leaf of an irregular five-leaved palmette rises a stalk carved with inverted imbrications. On each side of stalk, a descending acanthus leaf, the veins bending slightly outwards. The vein on each side of palmette takes an ogee curve. All leaves deeply incised with a V-shaped cut. On R. p. side a series of horizontal cuts give a vague resemblance to masonry. The centre leaf of palmette might also be intended for a lotus bud hanging downwards from the stalk described. Traces of colour. At base of palmette, a small wedge-shaped incision. Broken at both sides. Wood soft. 6a" x 5" x 1a". Pl. xvII.

Kha. i. 16. Plain gilt stucco, two small frs. of, from wall. Marks of fabric backing behind. (a) 1"x i7a" x c. A" ; (b) 3"Xi"x".

Kha. i. x8 + Kha. i. r. a. Two frs. of portion of painted wooden panel. Obv. R. p. corner intact. Two edges broken away. In a vesica bordered with pearl orn., a seated Buddha fig.; only R. hand and wrist, upraised to shoulder level and holding some object (obscure), are visible on the larger fr., and the R. eye and part of forehead with Tilaka and pearl nimbus on the smaller. Within pearl border of vesica a parallel band of chevrons in alternate red and green, divided by black lines. Within this band the field of vesica appears to be green. Ground of panel light blue; above vesica is a canopy of feathers in three horizontal rows, imbricated; the first and third rows pink, the middle row dark grey with a kind of eye composed of two bright red spots encircled by a white line. Quill in each feather white. The rows of feathers stop short at edge of vesica, and above them is a band of chequer in yellow and white, outlined black. The whole canopy as far as visible has a convex outer edge. In corner of panel is a device in a roughly circular halo of yellow with red rays. Rev. Part of pink halo on dark red vesica outlined white. Background blue, changing to pink. In corner a white pointed vesica, with roughly

ovoid shapes,—two pink, banded across with darker pink, and white dots on the lighter colour; one blue, similarly treated,—meet with their ends at a central point. Below, a stem (?) and on each side a green leaf outlined yellow. Good work. „r X 21.0.

Kha. 0040. Fresco fr. of ornamental detail. On one side a broad plain red band; above, leaf and petal forms outlined in black. Very rough. 4i" x 3".

Kha. 0041. Fresco portion of angle of wall, showing two painted surfaces covered with diaper of small seated Buddha figs. Predominating colour red. A band of purple brown, c. i" wide, on which are circles of white dots regularly spaced, forms border to one surface. I 9" x 8" x 4r.


drawn flower stalk and leaves, the flower coming on the
blue and being painted white. Much damaged. Soft.

n   "   "   In In   g n

5~ x2 xigS ; 3z♦ X~ x~

Kha. i. 27. b. Fringed fr. of coarse fabric, pinkish-red. Discoloured. 4a" x (with fringe) 3".

Kha. i. 29. Fr. of plain gilt plaster stucco, as Kha. i. r6, sticking to strip of backing of usual light buff fabric. Backing 41" x (greatest width) I k".

Kha. i. 30. Fr. of painted panel. Parts of lower and one side edge intact ; broken elsewhere. Obv. Fig. wearing elaborate head-dress and necklaces, and holding some circular object, seems to be seated on lotus. Large halo behind head. All very indistinct. Rev. Buddha fig. with short black hair, and, long ears; dressed in single ample robe, seated on Padmâsana. Flesh prob. yellowish pink. Usual black and red lines. Double halo. Above, a second Padmâsana, but too defaced to discern details. Upper end of fr. damaged by fire. 11"X 1a" x r.

Kha. i. 31. Part of pennon. Square of faded plum-coloured ` Kham '. Edges have been turned in, square folded diagonally, and sewn along sides. Inside, along base of triangle so formed, small stick was sewn. Perhaps part of pennon; cf. Anc. Khotan, PI. LXXVII, E. i. o17. Dirty and discoloured. 5~`1" sq.

Kha. i. 42. Fr. of painted panel split off larger piece. Buddha head, 4 to R. p. Flesh yellow, eyebrows, upper eyelids, hair (short) black. Flesh contours and outline of nimbus red. Tilaka red. Elongated ears. Nimbus white. Background crimson. Well preserved. 6" x

In 1"

Kha. i. 51. Fr. of painted panel. Portions of top and one side complete ; elsewhere broken away. Obv. Black lines indicating vesica, within which, on a blue ground, portion of upper- and forearm of a fig. in dark red robe with white (?) stole round upper arm. Very defaced.