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0232 Serindia : vol.1
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bordered, outside which pink, and then blue with thin white line between.

Technique of painting shows great care. The flesh is extremely delicately shaded over the flat flesh-pink with transparent washes of red-brown. Flesh contours are in red outline, with black for under line of upper eyelids and to deepen the outer angles of mouth. The lips are shaded with red-brown. White of eyes carefully and exquisitely shaded with grey-blue. Pupil black. High lights are finally added in pale flesh-pink on upper line of upper lip; round nostril and wing of nose ; down contour line of nose (which sweeps round on under-side and round one side of cleft in upper lip, joining the line over upper lip); on upper and lower lines of upper eyelid. All this careful work on flesh is in marked contrast with roughly indicated details of mukuta, and is certainly by different hand. 8" x 5". Pl. XII.

Kha. i. C. oox. Stucco fr. with traces of gold leaf. Slightly concave face. At back, remains of canvas backing with thin layer of stucco. a" X I ".

Kha. i. C. 002. Stucco relief fr. of human heel and ankle. Core of grass or rushes. White stucco. z*" x ii".

Kha. i. C. oo3. Fr. of pottery, from junction of neck and body of vessel. Junction marked by narrow collar of short vertical bars, like milled edge of a coin. Glazed outside and partly inside with smooth dark green glaze. 24" x Is".

Kha. i. C. 005. Stucco relief fr. from lotus wreath. Traces of orange colouring. Cf. Kha. ii. ooz, but with single plain fillets and two rows of small petals between. White stucco. 41" X Ii".

Kha. i. C. oo8, i. E. ooio, i. W. 006 (joined). Stucco relief of standing Buddha (complete). All colours well preserved. See Kha. i. oox. 7" x zk". Pl. xv.

Kha. i. C. oog. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of Gandharvi ; both arms (outstretched) and body below breast lost. Hair painted black, close-fitting bodice greyish-blue. Fig. wears cross-belts, incised. White stucco. 2" x 22".

*Kha. 1. C. ooio. Stucco relief fr. of bead and lotus-petal border; apparently from same mould Kha. i. W. 007. Traces of crimson colouring. White stucco. i"

*Kha. i. C. ooii. a, b. Stucco relief frs. Flame pattern, from border of vesica. One of several, showing three rows of overlapping flattened S-shaped flames with depressed central rib. Painted red, green, and blue. Low relief. Cast in large pieces. (a) 3g" x ai" ; (b) 3" x 3f". From same mould : Kha. i. E. 004, 005, oo 16, 0041. All in white stucco.

Kha. i. C. 0013. Stucco relief. Plaque consisting of circular lotus, with recurved petals. The flat seed vessel forms a vesica on which is modelled a Buddha fig. in pose of meditation. Behind head a halo. Face broken away and feet. Traces of thick whitewash. Hard white plaster; abraded. Diam. 3". Pl. Xvi.

Kha i. C. 0014. Fr. of painted wood. Very small

portion of painted surface. Toes of L. foot standing on green lotus (?) against rich red background. Flesh contours

red. Hard. 7" x xi". Width of painted surface â".

Kha. i. C. 0015, Kha. ix. 0019, Kha. i. E. 0035. Fr. of painted panel in several pieces, now joined. Shows portion of original upper edge, the other three sides broken away. Fr. appears to be approximately centre of upper part of a panel. Obv. Head, neck, and breast of animal-headed deity (? rat). Head inclined to R. p. Jaws slightly open, showing rat-like teeth. Portion of eye. Head-dress consists of a large egg-like object, lying in a surrounding border or nest' of recurved lotus petals and marked with a few black lines, the `egg' and all the objects composing the head-dress being white. Stuck into the egg, R. and L., are two feathers, and below these are two long bud-shaped objects, outlined and marked with red, and somewhat resembling long clenched hands. Below these is the supporting taenia surrounding the head. Round neck usual elaborate carcanet with pendent bells. The dress (small portions visible) is pale green. Nimbus, olive. Outlines of flesh red ; also the upper portion of egg' and the hand-like buds. Other lines black. Painting much defaced. Rev. Fig. in tightly-fitting red garment with deep collar and cuffs and train' of dark grey. The red powdered with small pattern composed of four white dots. Head and shoulders to R. Hips nearly profile. Waist narrow. R. hand lightly closed, held to middle of breast ; L. hand, slightly out from body and raised to chin level, holds some object outlined black but indistinguishable. Face round, eyes slightly oblique, eyebrows sloping down to centre. Hair black, with crimped lock in front of R. ear. Ears prob. have earrings. Coronet on head. Collar, cuffs, and `train' orn. with oblique rows of white dots. The fig., which may be female, is in a sitting posture, the thighs being directed forward (to L. p.), but the knees are just out of the picture, and position of lower legs is doubtful. From below thighs, a narrow swirl of dark drapery swings backwards and downwards and this ` train ' gives a mermaid-like character to fig. Nimbus deep red with white outlines. Background almost all missing, but here and there are spots of pattern similar to that on red robe, but larger. Some fragmentary marks in black behind upper R. arm may be remains of written chars. Generally better preserved than "

Obv. 7i" X 3" X   to 19,”. Pl. XII.

Kha. i. C. 0016. Fr. of painted panel (prob. about half), showing original edges on three sides, lower edge chamfered. Obv. Seated deity (prob. Ganda) in scarlet kurta, with bell-shaped short sleeves and tight-fitting long ones. R. arm only visible, and this rests with hand in lap or on thigh. All details perished. Outline of encircling halo partly traceable. Rev. Faint traces of paint. Scored with knife-cuts. Soft and perished. 5§"x Ii" x ".

Kha. i. C. 0017. Fr. of painted panel similar to Kha. i. N. of c. base. 001. Portions of two figs. Much broken, but where intact paint is well preserved. 8i" x zr" X i".