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0240 Serindia : vol.1
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[Chap. V

black. Leaves are arranged in imbricated rows, their petal-shaped backgrounds meeting side by side, each row being alternately green and blue. To one side of this scheme is a piece of ' quilted and buttoned ' ornament, bounded on one side by red band edged with yellow. Quilting lines, red one way, green the other. Buttons, red ; intervals, white. Background, blue. 8" x 6r". Pl. XII.

Kha. i. E. 0052. Fresco fr. of L. p. vesica border, composed of seated Buddhas in haloes, formed by bands interlaced in ' true lovers ' knots. Prob. portion of Kha. i. E. 0050. Io" x 9".

Kha. i. E. 0058. Fresco fr., very roughly painted. Head and shoulders, c. half life-size, of Buddha fig., head to R. p. Whole painted in red, solid or thin, as required. The eyebrows and eyes only in black. Vesica white. Outer background dark brown. Character of work seems to suggest untrained hand. Abraded. I I"x I 3".

Kha. i. E. 0054. Fresco fr., showing torso and L. arm of standing (?) Bodhisattva wearing jewelled necklet, armlet, bangle on R. wrist. Narrow scarf hangs round neck, loosely tied below breast. Parti-coloured stole encircles L. arm and floats out to L. p. R. hand raised ; web between thumb and first finger. Vesica grey bordered with red and dark brown. Nimbus green, bordered pink. Work rapid but good. 7i" x 6f".

Kha. i. E. 0055. Fresco fr., showing portions of three of a row of seated Buddha figs. on straight Padmâsanas. Colours of robes alternately red and white. Below, a row of boldly written Brahmi characters in black. See Appendix F. Below these part of a row of large leaves, prob. part of large Padmâsana. Work all rather rough. Condition good. 9r X 73-".

Kha. i. E. 0056. Fresco fr. of detail of large subject. Near centre two curved bands, brown and red, of vesica border. To L. p. of these, head of Buddha fig. outlined in black, with haloes also in black ; all on a pale pink ground tint. Above this, and dividing it from a similar fig., a rosette and bud in black outline. These figs. seem to be part of border decoration of large vesica to R. p. Work rather rough. Abraded. r X 5".

Kha. i. E. 0057. Fresco fr., showing head to R. p., of Bodhisattva. Very pink ; flesh contours brown ; eyebrows, long hair, etc., black. Shading roughly indicated with a wash of umber at each inner angle of eyes, corners of mouth, wing of nose, below lower lip, at temple, and in bands round neck. Dark shadows at eyes give a fierce expression. Otherwise unskilful attempt to follow the dreamy model of eyes. On head a coronet of vertical petal shapes supported on a band of brown resting on hair. Halo, dark green, red bordered. Background red. Above is showing a red Padmâsana, on which stands a pink foot. 7-" x 3i ".

Kha. i. E. 0058. a—e. Fresco frs. of surface covered with rows of seated Buddha figs., with colours interchanged.

Colours used : red, green, buff, grey, black. General
height of figs. 4". Work rapid. (a) I Ii" X 12" ; (b) ion x

6k   "

"; (c) 9â"x6"; (d) 5 X4:"; (e) 4â"X4".

Kha. i. E. 0059. Fresco fr., showing shaded pink lotus with yellow centre, on which are two feet close together in profile to L. p. Dark green background. 28" X I"

Kha. i. E. oo6o. Fresco fr., showing portion of L. side and hand of standing Buddha fig. grasping fold of dark red robe. Flesh pink, shaded broadly with thin umber. The hand is shown as almost entirely in shadow, with a light falling on fleshy part about little finger and on wrist. A white leaf shaded and veined with red springs from side of fig. Vesica grey green. Border red and black. White dividing lines and on edges of robe. Work very good. 8" x 8".

Kha. i. E. 0061. Fresco fr. of ornamental detail. Part of a panel of rhomboidal shape, bordered with red-brown lined with black and white to suggest fringe or petals. Within this a green border surrounding a white field, on which is a large red-brown lotus with grey centre encircled by white dots excepting where a cone-shaped seed-vessel protrudes. Rough dabs of dull brown in corners. Outlines black. Broken away on one side. 13" x 7".

Kha. ii. E. 0062. Fresco fr. of ornamental background similar to Kha. i. C. ooi 59. Much abraded. 3i" x ii".

Kha. i. E. 0063. a—c. Fresco frs. Ornamental background consisting of palmette-shaped flowers in grey, white, and green, and green leaves. Very broken. Abraded. (a) 21" X 2"; (b) 2ij" X Ii"; (c) I j" x 2".

Kha. i. E. 0064. Fresco fr. of standing fig. a to L. p. ; nude from waist upwards. Flesh pink, shaded with umber, in manner similar to Kha. i. E. 0057. Round arms a green-yellow stole. At neck a broad necklet, and below it a loosely tied scarf outlined in black. A garland of oval-shaped objects depends from fold of stole over R. arm. What appears to be a voluminous, white-flowered, dark maroon skirt covers legs, and is tied round waist with white band. Vesica grey-blue bordered with Indian red and black, with thin white dividing lines painted with extraordinary accuracy. Abraded. 8" x 6ii".

Kha. 1. E. 0065. Fresco fr. containing head of Buddha, front. Eyes downcast, rather slanting. Flesh colour very pale pink covered by thin wash of umber, leaving only as high-lights upper eyelids, nose, cheek-bones, lips, chin, portions of ears and lines round neck. Hair blue, with white taenia round U,snia tied in knot on each side, with hanging ends at back. Halo, oval, buff, pale umber, and grey blue. All outlines black. Execution firm and good. Abraded. 4" X 3"

Kha. i. E. 0066. Fresco fr. of scroll ornament, with lily-like flowers and curled bracts. Outlined black and white on a white ground. Pink and dirty green on scrolls, etc. Probably much discoloured. Work very good. Much abraded. 2" X 3".