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0252 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 252 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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low relief. Lower painted green ; higher red. Hard white stucco. See Kha. ii. ooro ; vii. 003. 4" x 28

Kha. vii. oo3. Stucco relief fr., prob. of vesica border. Flame pattern in overlapping leaf-shaped masses. Very low relief. Red ground. White stucco. Cf. Kha. ii. ooro; vii. 002. 38" x 48".

Kha. vii. 005. Stucco relief fr. Fine moulding consisting of string of bead orn., with row of single lotus petals, between each pair of which is a ` dart' (orig. pointed outer leaf of lotus). Strikingly recalls Gk. ` egg and tongue' moulding with which it is, perhaps, connected. Hard white stucco. Cf. Kha. i. E. 002 ; ix. ooro. 58" X 4".

Kha. vii. 006. Stucco relief fr. of drapery, with series of curved horizontal folds, bounded on L. by broad vertical fold. Drapery red, inner side green. Hard white stucco. 28" x ram.

Kha. vii. on. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of fig. of Gandharvl to L., with portion of vesica. Head and R. side of vesica lost. Colour remains on hair and drapery (black), vesica (green), and tunic (red). Cf. Kha. i. N. 002 (different mould). Hard white stucco. 48" x 38".

Kha. vii. 008. Stucco relief fr., prob. of vesica border. Flame pattern in overlapping leaf-shaped masses. Very low relief. Traces of pink on ground. Cf. Kha. ii. ooro; vii. 002. 4" X 31" X

Kha. vii. oog. Stucco fr. in round. Upper part of R. hand. Fingers missing, and thumb broken at first joint. Plain single bracelet round wrist. At fracture marks of staff (?) grasped in hand. White plaster, hollow cast and partly clay-filled; hand and arm made separately. Gr. length 5"; diam. at wrist 28".

Kha. vii. ooio. Stucco miniature Stiipa, in soft white clay, roughly circular in plan. In elevation it consists of a base and a plinth surmounted by a faintly projecting cushion moulding, from which rises the flattened dome. As a finial, or tee, is a sq. projection supporting a hemisphere, convex aspect upwards ; the transition from sq. to base of hemisphere is by a hollow chamfer. In about 8 relief are placed round the plinth and resting on the base eight equidistant smaller Stüpas, each having a sq. base in two steps, above which seems to be a cushion-shaped drum, surmounted by a well-rounded dome and finial. Diam. of base 38"; h. 2E". Pl. Ix.

Kha. viii. oox. Fr. of stucco mould with rounded top. Above, in centre, cinquefoil flower ; below, foliage of lotus petals on either side of double bead stalk. Slightly smaller than Kha. ii. 0074 and with less prominent points between petals. Remaining, flower, top petal, and half of second and two beads on L.; one bead and fr. of top petal on R. Hard white stucco. 5$"

Kha. viii. 002. Turned piece of wood, like Khora. oor ; apparently finial. Sq. projecting dowel below. Bad condition. H. IO"; diam. base 48". Pl. XVIi.

Kha. viii. 003. Wood fr., split from object like Kha. viii. 002, but smaller. Similar projecting dowel. H. 7" ; radius at base, c. 4".

Kha. viii. 004. Fr. of turned wooden baluster. Above (broken), ball moulding between beadings, umbrella moulding with cavetto leading to second ball moulding between beadings, and plain base-ring. Tenon below. Traces of red and creamy white paint. C. 3 of circumference left. H. 78"; diam. 3*".

Kha. ix. zo. Painted panel broken away at one end and lower edge. Part broken off, now joined. Obv. Three

seated female figs. each with black hair falling on shoulders.

First fig. (R. p.) in white kurta with half-sleeves. L. arm flexed bringing closed hand to level of breast, but held

slightly outward clear of body, knuckles down ; R. hand

resting in lap. Both hands defaced. Second fig. in dull green (?) garment, carries swathed infant ; L. hand upraised

to support head and shoulders ; R. resting across infant's

legs. Nimbus dark red. Third fig. in dark red garment, spotted with pattern composed of four white dots ; holds

an object resembling a circular tray. To L. p. of this fig. are traces of further painting. All figs. wear ear-rings. Background white with few red spots. All outlines black.

Rev. Upper part of three female figs. Long black hair. Each to R. p. Each wears a coronet and is nimbate. Faces show heightened colour on cheeks. Each fig. wears ear-rings. First fig., to L. p., light nimbus, wears white kurta with under-sleeves dark red. She has in front an object, possibly a loom, and holds in her R. hand either the end of the cloth beam, or more prob. the weaver's comb. On the background (white) near her L. shoulder, a spindle charged with yarn ; and near the R. hand another. Near R. shoulder a ball of yarn in which seem to be stuck two spindles. Second fig., light nimbus, in red spotted with white, holds in L. hand a piece of white cloth, and in the R. hand a pair of shears upheld on level of shoulder. The white cloth seems to extend to R. p., past the: next fig., and is possibly held at other end by a fourth person. Third fig. red nimbus, red garment ; holds L. hand against breast. R. forearm seems to be lifted and suggests that R. hand may be caressing a fourth person whose head appears just at shoulder of third. The whole sand-encrusted and partially defaced. 'or x 4" x 8". Pl. XIV.

Kha. ix. Ir. a. Fr. of carved wood, prob. part of headdress of statue. At base, oval lock of hair (?) with transverse markings ; then narrow fillet from which rises tongue-pattern of very classical type. Above a curled lock of hair. Then broad plain fillet above which a floral rosette between two oval bead-bordered frames, in which jewels were prob. set. Low relief. 28" x z8".

Kha. ix. II. b. Tumbler block of wooden lock. Inner end chamfered off; bored for key with five pegs, : • :; fits Kha. ix. oo8. Wood hard and well preserved. Cf. Kha. v. 006. 2" X I" X