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0319 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 319 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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tied up with fine cord and containing sand (1); scrap of soft yellow silk, unravelled ; strip of blue silk twisted into cord (z3" long); thread of red silk twist ' (18" long); piece of brown and white hair string, three ply (9" long); ball of light buff string (two ply); and claw of eagle or other large bird.

N. xiv. iii. oo7. a. Miscellaneous rags of red, buff, and yellow, probably woollen fabrics, and brown and light buff felt. Very decayed and dirty.

N. xlv. iii. 007. b. Fr. of tanned leather of irregular shape, tied up with goat's-hair string, and containing minute broken pieces of bark and stick.

N. xrv. iii. 007. c. Frs. of braid. Cf. N. xxv. iii. oo6. e. Deep red. Gr. M. 14" x 2"

N. siv. iii. ooz. d. Fr. of flat goat's-hair string band. Cf. L.B. Iti. 004 and N. xxix. oor. Plaited, of five strands,two dark brown and three yellow. Plaiting frayed out except for about 2". I I" X C. a".

N. xiv. iii. ooz. e. Two frs. of tanned leather, oblong shape, one with stitch-marks round the edges and rather thicker than the other. Resemble shoulder-pieces from a coat. Thick piece, Gr. M. 41" x 3"; thin piece, Gr. M. 6~ xzE


N. sly. iii. 007. f. Two strips of felt, light buff and dark blue. The blue is laid on top of the buff, and for space of 2" sewed closely down upon it with red thread. On blue side, stitches give effect of scattered red seed ; on buff, of irregular cross-work. 2" from end a narrow band of green silk is sewed across the blue strip, and beyond this the two strips of felt are free. Part of a fringe (?). Buff felt 6i" x r; blue 5â" x4".

N. xiv. iii. 007. g. Strip of deer-skin (?), formed of three pieces, 3i" to 31" long, joined lengthways. Fur still remains for most part. Down one edge remains of fringe (1). This apparently consisted of strips of blue, red, and yellow felt overheaded to edge with red thread, lying inwards over the hide in small points whence hung tassels suspended on long threads ; one survives, heart-shaped, blue and red, with secondary small tassel dependent from it. On lower edge stitch-holes. Tanned and soft. 'or x

N. sly. iii. ooz. h. Strip of tanned leather, tapering towards one end (broken off). At the other (also broken)

a rectangular piece has been cut out.   from this a
line of stitching crosses the strip, and from it, at right angles, run four lines of stitching towards the tapering end, nearing each other as they approach it. On the reverse side frs. of tufts of red thread remain in the stitches. The edges of the strip are carefully finished off. Tongue of

a belt(?). Cf. N. xxiii. ooz. 3 "x IA"; thickness   ".

N. sly. iii. 007. j. Piece of black shale, one edge cut, the others broken. Under-surface, flat ; upper, slightly

convex and scratched. Hole of C.   " diam. bored in
corner. 2E x i"; thickness fle.

N. sly. iii. 007. k. Handle of twisted leather thong,

with flat ends showing stitch-marks and remains of gut stitches. Round middle of handle is knotted a doubled string, ends free. Length of handle 4"; diam. ".

N. xxv. iii. oo7. 1. Woollen fr. similar to N. xxv. iii. 004, to which it prob. belongs. C. 61" x 7".

N. xxv. iii. 008. Wooden spatula or modelling tool (?). Handle round, blade flat with blunt wedge-shaped point. 7i" X i" (round end); A" x AN at flat end.

N. sly. iii. oog. Wooden modelling tool (?), like N. xtv. iii. oo8. Round handle and long blade with wedge-shaped point. 7" x V" handle. Blade 4" long, R" to 1-" x :" t0 N.

N. sly. iii. ooro. Wooden seal-case (?) unattached, like T. xi'. ooz. Groove ." x 4". Ends not sq., but rudely bevelled. I e" x " x E. PI. XXVIII.

N. xxv. iii. oorr. Wooden stick, so cut (not turned) as to be a series of balls between double cones (in longitudinal section circles between lozenges). Begins with a cone base, and ends (broken off) with ball. 5E x.A" to â". Pl. XXVIII.

N. xrv. iii. 0012. Wooden stick, like N. xxv. iii. oor r. Broken both ends (ball and cone-point). 4a" x " x ".

N. xrv. iii. 0013. Wooden stick, like N. xxv. iii. ooi x. Complete ; begins with cone-base and ends with cone-point (blunted). 5ff" x i4" x i". Pl. XXVIII.

N. siv. iii. 0054. Short wooden stick. Bark left on to middle ; then the stick is gradually pared down to about 1" from end, where it swells to original diam., making flat-ended knob. Prob. small stamp or pestle. 4j;" x A" t0 i".

N. xiv. iii. 0015. Roughly flattened wooden spatula. Cf. N. xiv. iii. 008-9. 8g" X An to A" X " to An.

N. srv. iii. 0016. Rounded wooden stick, one end expanded to pointed knob. Knob I â" x i" ; stick 6i" X r. Pl. XXVIII.

N. xrv. iii. 0017. Wooden seal-case (?), like T. xtr. ooz. Central mortise I" X.A". Ends vigorously bevelled. Sides rounded, flat base. z" x fig" x ". Pl. XXVIII.

N. xiv. iii. oor8. Wooden comb, round-topped and fine-toothed. Cf. N. xxvll. oor, &c. H. 2"; length of teeth $"; width z"; thickness A"; thirty-five teeth to 1". Pl. XXVIII.

N. xiv. iii. oo1g. Wooden comb, square-topped, with long coarse teeth. H. 3" ; length of teeth z*" ; width 2" ; thickness in ; seven teeth to I". Pl. XXVIII.

N. Xiv. iii. 0020. Straight wooden stick, with bark rudely trimmed off. Chop-stick (?). 8 " x -s-" to E.

N. muv. iii. 0021. ' Straight lacquer stick. Lacquered red over black, but red is mostly worn off. Ends lacquered. Chop-stick. 8$" x E.

N. xxv. iii. 0022. Flat piece of wood. Oblong, with a tag projecting at one end. Hole in tag and hole at the