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0320 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 320 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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other end. Label (?). 7" (with tag, 8r) x 2r x~"

to „".

N. xiv. iii. 0023. Thin strip of wood, lacquered, brown one side and red the other. Fairly preserved. 4nX lb"Xig".

N. xiv. iii. 0024. Wooden anchor-like object with straight slender shaft let into bowed cross-piece. Cf. L.B. w. ii. 009. Shaft broken. Cross-piece 22," x %" x ; shaft 2g"Xà ". Pl. XXVIII.

N. xiv. iii. 0025. Strip of lacquered wood. One corner rounded off to a right-angled return. Inner edge lacquered red. Rest lacquered brown. On one side a pattern. Two thin parallel red lines 2}" apart, crossed at intervals of 1i" by four thin red lines. In spaces between, four oval dashes arranged in a lozenge. These alternately red and yellow-green. Part of a frame. 4r X 8" X As".

N. Inv. iii. 0026. Grass broom. Made flat, each stalk crushed and twisted in, and carried along the edge, thus making a stout plaited border. Finally, broom was rolled up. Cf. Anc. Khotan, PI. LXXIII, N. x. 07. Length I1"; handle, 41" x 2" diam.

N. xxv. iii. 0027. Tarigh (millet) grains.

N. xxv. iii. 0028. Fabrics. Two pieces brown felt ; one piece buff silk ; one piece fine matting. Gr. M. 6r". N. xxv. iii. 002g. Wheat grains.

N. xlv.. iii. 0030. Wheat grains.

N. xiv. iii. 003x. Bronze strip, oblong in section. qn In

1ä X 8 x hn


N. xv. i. 2. Oblong label-like tablet, pierced at one end; lower edge has slanting sawn notch near pierced end. Obv. three 11. Khar., clear. Rev. blank. Hard and well preserved. 6" X 2h".

N. xv. i. 2. a-b. Two ends of a flat wooden strip like N. xxxv. viii. 004. One side of each shows traces of writing. a. I off" ; b. 6" x r x

N. xv. i. 3. Label-like tablet. One end roughly rounded, other pointed and pierced. Obv. thirteen 11. Khar. written across width of tablet. Rev. four 11. Khar. written as on Obv. Hard and well preserved. 8" x x ".

N. xv. i. 4. Rectang. under-tablet. Obv. seven 11. Khar., black and clear. Rev. one very short 1. at lower edge ; above in corner is single character. Excellent condition. 9àqn x2rqn


N. xv. i:. 5. Wedge under-tablet. Obv. three 11. Khar., clear and black. Rev. blank. Hard and well preserved. 7r x

N. xvi. i. I. Oblong tablet. Obv. faint traces of three 11. Khar. Rev. blank. Fairly hard but surface bleached. 5*" x 2*".

N. xvi. i. ow. Stick of wood, swelling gradually to

N. xxv. iii. 0032. Iron arrowhead, three-flanged, with solid haft; like N. of C. 123. oox. Much corroded. Length I". Pl. xxIx.

N. xxv. iii. 0033. Disc of leather with sq. central hole (like Chinese coin). On one side wool sewn in round edge, three bands of red alternating with bands of blue and yellow stripes. Prob. edging of a button which had a metal centre and shank. z" x â". Pl. xxix.

N. xxv. iii. 0034. Horn seal. Roughly cubical with projecting pierced handle. Rectilinear design on side opposite handle, and on one other side. Apparently unfinished. 14" X V" X i" ; handle A" x â". Pl. XXIX.

N. xiv. iii. 0035. Circular orn. of dark paste inlay. Flat on back, and pierced with a hole. Front, from which outer shell is peeling, orn. with six yellow radial stripes, divided by two thin red radial lines. Between stripes, on dark ground, yellow circles surrounding black discs on which six-rayed yellow stars with red centres. Pendant or button. Fine work. I" x i". Pl. Xxlx.

N. xxv. iii. 0036. Turned wooden chair leg. At base, broad foot with narrow collar ; cylindrical member 3" high, second umbrella-like band and collar ; elongated pear-shaped member 4-i" high ; five umbrella-like bands; cylindrical member 2" long to tenon. 16r (with tenon, 18") x 2i" to IE.

N. xlv. iii. 0037. Wooden chair leg. Fellow to N. xtv. iii. 0036. Pl. xIX.


slight shoulder from which it tapers to (broken) end. Weaving-stick (?). 8a-" X -" to 1".

N. xvi. i. 002. Round stick of wood. At one end warped and bent to right angle. Short cross-piece so cut as to leave projecting knob at end. Long arm 8" x A" ; short arm 21" x i" to ?a". Standard length for soles of shoes apparently between 7" and 8". A fixed shoemaker's measure ? Pl. XXVIII.

N. xvl. i. oo3. Stick of wood with double notch at one

end. Cf. N. xxni. ii. 004. 8*" x   to h".

N. xvu. i. ool. Wedge under-tablet. Point slightly broken. Obv. five short II. Khar., black and clear, at sq. end. Rev. blank. Hard and well preserved. 9r x ri".

N. xvm. ool. Large flat wooden stamp. Roughly heart-shaped with a nick at each end. Hole at broad end, slanting, prob. for handle. On face, very rude design of a cow. Cf. N. xxlrt. 002. 51" X 4" X i". Pl. xIx.

N. xvm. i. I. Rectang. cov.-tablet, with seal cavity (I1" x I*) empty. Obv. one 1. Khar. at one end. Rev. four 11. Khar., black and clear, partly destroyed. Soft and in parts burnt ; edges split. 5" x 2k".

N. xIx. oox. Wooden shoe-last. Not right or left foot.