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0329 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 329 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Under-tablet : Rev. blank. Good condition. 74" X 24" x ? to I8"

N. xxiv. viii. 76. Rectang. double tablet, unopened. Cov.-tablet : 06v. Seal cay. (xi" x Iii") with strings and clay intact. Circular seal having same design as N. xxiv. viii. 71, but less disjointed. One I. Khar. above seal, very faint. Flange at lower L. end of under-tablet orn. with diamond pattern. Under-tablet : Rev. blank. Hard and in good condition ; but lower tablet split. 8i" x 3a" x" to fr.

N. xxiv. viii. 77. Rectang. double tablet. Complete; opened. Cov.-tablet : Obv. Seal cay. ('?a" x tie") with seals preserved in three oblong impressions. R. (I) two 11. writing in relief, perpendicular, very faint. Script uncertain. C. (2) Large head R. ; face destroyed. Ear small and pointed ; hair in roll behind with comb at top of head. L. (3) Head and bust in low relief R. R. hand holds a flower. Nose aquiline. Hair in big waves tied by head fillet, one end of which falls down back, one over shoulder. Faint. Good original, prob. imported. Above seal, two 11. Khar. Below seal, two 11. Khar. clear. Rev. six 11. Khar. clear. Under-tablet : Obv. six I1. Khar., clear. Rev. blank. 88" x 3,1" X -56-" to I8".

N. xxiv. viii. 78. Rectang. double tablet. Complete. With cover (61" x 3â") and strings intact. Cov.-tablet : Obv. seal cay. (2$" x is") with oval impression. Apparently two figs. On L. nude fig. apparently female, facing R., legs crossed and R. arm raised to head ; half sitting. On R. fig. not clear, apparently male, L., leaning slightly forwards ; L. arm behind and bent at elbow, R. hand advanced to thigh of other fig., R. knee raised and bent, with foot behind L. calf (?). Bad impression in fibrous clay, prob. from good classical orig. Part of embossed border shows. Above seal, two 11. Khar. Below seal, one I. Khar. Under-tablet : Rev. blank. 84" X 3156" xi'," to â"

N. xxiv. viii. 79. Rectang. double tablet, unopened, with cover (515" x 24"). Cov.-tablet : Obv. seal cay. (IA" x ii") with strings and clay filling intact. Two seals : (i) oval, flat field ; bust of woman L., with R. arm raised, smelling flower (?) ; head slightly inclined ; hair falls in

tail down upon shoulders. Elbow and lower part of body   N
cut off by railing forming a kind of exergue (cf. Anc. Kholan, ii. PI. LXXII, N. xv. 155). (ii) oval intaglio with flat field, impressionist' sketch of bird in flight (cf. Anc. Kholan, ii. Pl. LXXII, N. xxlii. I). Poor work. Above seals, four ll. Khar., black and clear ; below, two 11. Khar. equally good. 64" X 24" X 4" to 8". I'l. xx.

N. xxiv. viii. 80. Rectang. double tablet, unopened, with cover (7" x 3a"). Cov.-tablet : Obv. seal cay. (IA" X i*), has clay and one string intact. Circular stamp on flat field, Indian head R., bearded, hair done in two rings and knob at top. Back hair falls in close mass on nape of neck. L. hand raised holding fly-whisk or some symbol

of office (thunderbolt ?). Coarse work. Four 11. Khar.   N
above seal, black and clear. Below, one 1. Khar., also very

black. Hard and well preserved. 9" x 3" x â" to I". PI. xx, XXII.

xxiv. viii. 81. Rectang. double tablet, unopened. Cov.-tablet (a"x 24") : Obv. seal cay. (Ia" x 2") with strings and seal intact. Two impressions : (i) oval 4" x ". Bearded fig. wearing fillet with long ends strides to L., drapery clinging to L. leg, L. arm outstretched. In front of face is long sceptre held in R. hand. Classical work. Archaistic Zeus. See N. xxiv. viii. fib. (ii) oval r x Flat field, plain border, head with long hair falling down sides. (Cf. Ltibke-Semran, Die Kunst des Altertums, Abb. 421, e. Medusa.) Local work, see N. xxiv. viii. 73. Above and below seals resp., two 11. Khar. Under-tablet : Rev. eight full 11. Khar. written across smaller dimension of tablet. A little lower is one 1. Khar. alone. Further down, a col. of five short 11. Writing much obscured by encrustation. Hard and well preserved. 6U" x 214" x r to it". PL xx.

. xxiv. viii. 82. Rectang. double tablet, unopened.

Cov.-tablet : Obv. seal cay. (I ?g" X I -") with strings intact. Clay seal with impress of oval intaglio, a bird, R., with wings expanded and fan-like tail. Above seal, two II. Khar., clear though slightly faded. Hard and well preserved. 8"x3"Xj' to I". Pl. XXIII.

xxiv. viii. 83. Rectang. double tablet, unopened, with cover (7" x 3r"). Cov.-tablet : Obv. seal cay. (Ii" x I-A") with strings and seal of pink clay intact. Circular seal 14" diam. ; flat field, narrow milled border ; soaring eagle, wings and legs outstretched as N. xxiv. viii. 75 (Anc. Kholan, ii. Pl. LXXII, N. xv. 133. a). Poor work. Above seal, two 11. Khar., faint.

Under-tablet : Rev. incised pentagon with Khar. inscr. at R. and L. points. Ink faded, but forms of letter remain. Hard and well preserved. 9, x 3" x r to I". Pl. XX.

. xxiv. viii. 84. Rectang. double tablet. Complete ; unopened ; five strings broken, one intact. Cov.-tablet : Obv. seal cay. (2" x I") has much damaged seal in pink clay, perhaps bearing same device as N. xxiv. viii. 82. Below seal, three ll. Khar.

Under-tablet : Rev. blank. 8i" x z " x â" to ii".

. xxiv. viii. 85. Rectang. double tablet, unopened "

(cover 7 x 2g"). Cov: tablet : Obv. seal cay. (2$" Strings intact and clay filling stamped with three seals : (i) circular convex (A"x i") diam., three faces united in one head (one on top of head), that facing L. being bearded ; bust (with sceptres ?) indicated ; classical type. (ii) head on flat field, of Indian type, R. ; hair cut close, marked off by distinct furrows from ear, face obliterated; (iii) same design as on N. xxiv. viii. 7 r, 72, 76, but only slight impression of upper part. Below seal, two 11. Khar., black but encrusted.

Under-tablet : Rev. blank. Hard and well preserved. 9$" x 2A" X r to Ii". Pl. xx, XXI.

. xxiv. viii. 86. Rectang. double tablet, complete. Strings knotted below, prob. opened and re-sealed in