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0333 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 333 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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N. xxvi. vi. oox. Wooden seal-case, empty, cay. (-° x i"). Through floor of cay. a round hole pierced. Well preserved. i" x Ir. Pl. XXVII.

N. xxvi. vi. oog. Wooden knife-handle. Corners rudely rounded. Socket to take blade Ir deep, f' long x f wide. 31" x I" x f". Pl. XXXVI.

N. xxvi. vii.i. Ladle-shaped tablet. Long end whittled down into mere stick; sq. end with empty seal cay. (r° x Iilg"); untrimmed on Rev. retaining bark. Blank. Well preserved. 9f° x Ig° max. Pl. XXVII.


N. xxvn. oox. Wooden comb, round-topped, like L.A. VIII. oor. H. 31" ; length of teeth it/j" ; width 3118°; thickness s". Pl. XXVIII.

N. xxvii.i. ooi. Rectang. cov.-tablet. Bleached ; no writing. Good condition. 5â" X 2" to II" X 4" to it".

N. xxix. ooi. a-d. Fabric frs. a. Fr. of ingrain material. Warp of thin brown thread. Weft, white, blue, and crimson. Pattern : a variety of chequer, forming stepped lozenges, blue with red square in centres, divided by stepped chevron bands of blue. Evenly woven. Colour fresh. White discoloured to yellow in places. gi" x 3". Pl. XLIX. With this,

b. piece of bright pink twisted cord, colour very fresh, but strongest on surface. Length 2f". Also C. fr. of dark red fabric, loose texture. Length 5". And d. part of flat string band of goat's hair, as L.B. ni. 004. This example is of three strings (buff in middle, with dark brown on each side), sewn together with buff twine which passes horizontally through the three and appears in alternate stitches on outer edges. Fr. of fourth string at end. C. 13" x f".

  • N. xxix. 002. Oval piece of wood, flat, pointed roughly at either end. Face quite flat, back rounded and with two projecting ends of (broken) loop handle. Builder's float for plastering wall faces. 7i" x 3 " X f" to i'. PI. XIX.

N. xxix. oog. Part of broom of dried grass, tied round

with a flat cord of plaited goat's (?)-hair.   Length

c. 6'.

N. xxix 004. Flat bronze disc, with nicked edge. In centre repoussé boss, broken. Between each nick on edge a small repoussé boss. Diam. If° ; diam. of boss I". Pl. xxix.

N. xxix. 005. Pendant in blue paste, in shape of urn, resembling closely products of Roman Egypt both in material and in form. H. I4"; diam. fut. Pl. XXIX.

N. xxix. 006. Bronze ring, with flat bezel bearing intaglio. Closed eye. Diam. f ° x 4j" ; bezel x fr.Pl. xxix.

N. xxix. 007. Fr. of bead of blue paste, large cylindrical. Channelled edge. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. PI. LXXIV, N. 005. b. Regular Western type. Thickness f" ; diam. was C. I". PI. xxIX.

N. xxix. i. x. Rectang. under-tablet. One edge split off. No writing. Wood hard. 91" x 24" X 3 e".

N. xxix i s Wedge under-tablet. Obv. seven Il.


Khar. mostly distinct. Rev. one 1. Khar. at sq. end, faint. Well preserved. 9" X 2" X f4". Pl. XXVII.

N. xxix. i. 3. Rectang. under-tablet, lower edge broken away. Obv. five 11. Khar., and upper half of characters of sixth. Rev. blank. Good condition. rod" x 2*° (incomplete) x

N. xxix. I. 4. Rectang. cov.-tablet, with empty seal cay. (1f" x rag"). Obv. one 1. Khar. on one side. Rev. blank. Well preserved. 58" x 3a" x g" to

N. xxix. I. 5. Fr. of rectang. under-tablet. One end lost. Obv. four II. Khar., clear. Rev. blank. Save for breakage, well preserved. 8*" x i4" x f" to

N. xxix. i. 6. Rectang. under-tablet. One edge split away. Obv. four and a half II. Khar., black and clear. Gash cut in lower edge. Rev. blank. 7i" x r f" x 136-".

N. xxix. I. 7. Wedge cov.-tablet, with seal-cay. (i/g" x iig") empty. Obv. one short I. Khar. at sq. end ; trace of usual character near point. Rev. one 1. Khar. in corner by sq. end. Well preserved. 9" x I4° x

N. xxix. i. 8. Oblong tablet, pierced in one corner. Obv. nine short I1. Khar. written across narrower dimension ; faded but fairly distinct. Rev. five II. Khar., faded. Good condition. 3if° x I44" x f".

N. xxix. i. g. Oblong tablet, pierced one corner. Obv. two cols. Khar., of five and three Il., clear. Rev. blank. Hard ; split in places. 5a° x 2 g° x 4".

N. xxix. i. io. Wedge cov.-tablet. Notch cut either side close to point. Obv. seal cay. (I4" x IF) Ii" from sq. end. By sq. end one 1. Khar. Usual char. by hole. Rev. two 11. Khar. Ion" x 2" x f" to 4'.

N. xxix.i. II. Wedge under-tablet. Obv. four Il. Khar. Rev. one 1. Khar. near sq. end, and one 1. Khar. in middle: Good condition. 94" x I f" x

N. xxix. I. 12. Oblong tablet, with hole in corner. Obv. blank. Rev. seven 11: Khar., faint (five are only i" long). Well preserved. 54" x 24" x

N. xxix. i. 13. Wedge under-tablet. Two holes by point. Obv. four 11. Khar., clear. Rev. one I. Khar. by sq. end, very faint. Good condition. 8i" x I4" xÎ8".

N. xxix. i. 14. Rectang. tablet. Notches for string in middle of each edge, and sides bevelled in between. No seal cay. Obv. two 11. Khar., faint but clear, in R. upper corner and off L. upper side resp. Rev. eight 11. Khar.,