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0335 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 335 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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No traces of writing. Very soft and poorly preserved. 61" x 2°.

N. xxxvu. i. 4. Oblong tablet, pierced at wedge-shaped end. Obv. four II. Khar., faint. Rev. blank. 4k-" x

N. xxxvu. i. 5. Wedge under-tablet. Obv. three 11. Khar., faded. Rev. blank. Hard but warped. 9" X I$".

N. xxxvu. ii. oor. Wooden peg, with raised collar round middle. Cf. N. xxiv. viii. oo6. Used in sheep-shearing implement ? 3-1" x 8" to Am (in raised central part).

N. xxxvu. ii. 002. Fr. of warped stick with notched ends like N. xxix. ii. oor. b. One end broken off. Handle of fire-drill or 'dead-eye'. H. of bow I'; thickness r to r.

N. xxxvu. ii. 003. Wedge cov.-tablet, with seal cay. (rg' x iß") empty. (One side of cay. repaired as boring near lower edge shows.) Blank. Wood bleached, cracked, and warped, but hard. 9r X 2r"

N. xxxvu. ii. 004. Fr. of wooden furniture, roughly carved. Both ends appear to be finished, though one has curved edge and the other straight. One side complete, but other, in spite of edge worn smooth, looks as if part had been split off. Pattern consists of three bands, 3" broad, bearing a circle, within which a four-petalled flower, alternating with three bands, c. 41" broad, of curved lines concave towards finished side. These are cut at middle by a plain band I" wide. Near finished side three dowel-holes, one with dowel. Band with circle next to curved end, band with curves next to straight end (broken in two pieces). 23-" x 2i° to 2" X . Pl. XIX.

N. xxxvii. iii. I. Wedge cov.-tablet, with seal cay. (r'x i ") empty. Obv. to R. of cay. two 11. Khar., to L. three 11. Khar. Rev. five 11. Khar. Writing faint, and on Obv. indistinct. Good condition. 5r x 2'.

N. xxxvii. iii. 2. Rectang. cov.-tablet, with seal cay., (Iâr x Ii", one side broken), empty. Obv. blank. Rev. two Il. Khar., very faint. Hard but bleached. rye' x

N. xxxvur. oox. Sample of Jigda wood, with bark.

22° X Ir.

N. xxxvui. 002. Split log of apricot (?) wood. Hard. Partly insect-eaten. No bark. 16" X 3*" X I '.

N. xxxvur. i. ooi. Wooden needle, like N. xxiv. viii. oox o. Hole through end furthest removed from thickest point.

9" x g" to   . Pl. XXVIIi.

N. TXTTY oox. a, b. Two sticks from the same kind of tree (willow, suget ?). a. 3' r x a" to ï ; b. 2' 91" x c. I'.


N. 002. Part of wooden bowl. Five irregular holes. Inside, a piece of thin and very rotten grey felt. A sieve. H. 2*' ; Gr. M. 4*' ; thickness r.

N. 004. Oblong tablet, pierced at rounded end. Obv. five

N. xX7rrr. 002. Rectang. cov.-tablet, unfinished. Three sawn string grooves, but no seal cavity. Hard. 6' x 3° x I"t0Am.

N. zu. I. Rectang. double tablet, complete ; opened. Seal cay. (I" x I") empty. Cov: tablet : Obv. three ll. Khar. to R. of seal cay. Rev. five il. Khar.

Under-tablet : Obv. five 11. Khar. Rev. blank. Writing throughout black and clear. Hard and excellently preserved. 5r x 2-". Pl. XXIII.

N. xu. 2. Takhti-shaped tablet, with pierced diamond handle. Obv. three II. Khar., clear. Rev. blank. Hard and well preserved. 4r x Ii'. PI. XXIII.

N. xu. 3. Rectang. under-tablet. Obv. eight 11. Khar. clear. Rev. blank. Good condition. 6rr X 2g".

N. xir. 4. Bronze rod, sq. in section ; tapering. 3*' x 112° to 2sq.

N. xI.i. 5. Bronze spoon, handle and top of bowl. Handle 6' x " xi'; bowl fig" (as far as break), g wide ; and c. 1 o" thick. PI. XXXVI.

N. xu. ooi. Rectang. cov: tablet, with empty seal cay. (I" x I'). Obv. blank. Rev. traces of three 11. Khar., very fragmentary. Warped and bleached. 41" x 21'.

N. xi.i. 002. Bundle of rags of buff and red fabrics, sewn together in places, and buff felt, with frs. of dark brown string. Fabrics very dirty.

N. xii. oog. Part of wooden comb, round-topped, fine-toothed; like L.A. vin. oor. H. 21'; length of teeth ii'; width (actual) (complete c. 3'); thickness r; 29 teeth to I'.

N. xri. 004. Part of hollowed-out gourd, bell-shaped, perhaps used as inkpot. H. r"; across mouth 2'.

N. xu. 005. Long rounded stick, tapering gradually to one end, and quickly to the other. Rounded ends slightly charred. Prob. fire-drill. 23*' X ' to A'.

N. xu. 006. Piece of curved horn, hollow, the two ends rounded off. Similar to N. XXIII. ii. oos. 4*" x x ' x c. '.

N. xu. 007. Wooden object, with blade, on one side slightly hollowed. Resembling kitchen ladle, or a winnowing-fan (?). Length 23r; blade 21" wide x ' thick; handle I' wide x i' thick.

N. xu. 008. Wooden stick, sq. in section, with short narrow rounded point ; perhaps pen. Length Ion" (point r1'); diam. Aft sq. (point 1').


cols. Khar. of three short Il. each, and one of two I1. below; writing indistinct. Rev. three cols. of 2, 2 (?), and 3 11. Khar. Central and part of L. column gnawed by mice (?). Hard and well preserved. Received Oct. 15, 1906. 71' X

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