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0509 Serindia : vol.1
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doi: 10.20676/00000183
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L.A. 0043. Flat tapering bronze strip, broken at broad end. Inside, incised line close to edge and rows of punched dots slanting diagonally towards other edge. Other

side plain ; condition good. Found 22. xii. o6.   " x r to

A" 1 ".

L.A. 0044. Oblong bronze plate ; cf. L.A. 0026. Not pierced ; .condition good. Found 22. XII. o6. -g" x

x A".

L.A. 0045. Bronze rivet-plate, oblong, broken one end; cf. L.A. 0026. Only one hole, no rivet; condition good. Found 22. xii. o6. is" x -o" x ~"•

L.A. 0046. Elliptical bronze binding-ring, made of flat strip bent. Ends do not quite meet. Condition good. Found 22. Xii. o6. Diam. ls" X â", width s".

L.A. 0047. Lump of bronze slag. Diam. â".

L.A. 0048. Bronze spatula as L.A. 0039, but smaller and bent ; condition poor. Found 22. xii. o6. Length c. rr, diam. A", width of spatula s".

L.A. 0049. Bronze ring with incised arrow on flat oval bezel (broken). Condition fair. Found 22. xii. o6. Diam. c. â", width", width of bezel é".

L.A. 0050. Bronze harness-buckle or catch, with iron attachment (or tongue ?) at sq. end, incurving sides, and other end pointed. In section would be sq. ; only upper edges are bevelled. Condition good. Cf. Ancient Kholan, ii. Pl. LI. M. oor. g. Found 22. Xii. o6. r s" x ". PI. xxxv!.

L.A. oo51. Bronze link (?), perhaps from harness. Shape as Char. oor8, but with long triangular opening towards sq. end. Condition fair. Found 22. Xii. o6. Length 3 ", width C. r. Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. 0052. Bronze plaque, lentoid in shape with long flat tongue projecting from middle of one side and doubled under it. Rivet holes in centre of plaque and end of tongue, corresponding to each other. Cf. L.A. viii-Ix. 004, 006. Found 22. xii. o6. Plaque rig" X". PI. xXIX.

L.A. 0053. Bronze ring from harness, triangular in section ; condition good ; part of small iron ring attached. Found 22. xii. o6. Width $", diam. q". Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. 0054. Bronze rivet-plate; cf. L.A. 0026, 0045. One end intact, rounded, with one hole ; other end broken.


L.A. 0055. Bronze wire, sq. in section, bent into ring; cf. L.A. 0046 ; condition good. Found 22. xii. o6. Width of wire is", diam. of ring A" X q7g".

L.A. 0056. Bronze loop-handle, of mirror (?). Handle end, an elliptical ring at end of short stem, surface hollowed between raised edges; end for attachment, solid shield-shaped with two rivets projecting upwards. Condition fair. Found r 8. xii. o6. Length of whole z " ; of handle without attachment plate ri". PL XXXVI. •

L.A. 0057. Bronze ring, round in section ; condition good. Found 18. xii. o6. Diam. r. PI. xxlx.

L.A. oo58. Fr. of moulded bronze orn., circular, with hollow central boss and flat scalloped edge ; cf. V.S. 0035. Condition fair. Found 18. xii. o6. Gr. M. i".

L.A. 0059. Lump of bronze slag broken from end of

bar. Found 18. xii. o6.   X r x 3".

L.A. oo6o. Two frs. of bronze ring, outside incised with cross-lines. Found 18. xii. o6. Diam. c. 4", thickness At.

L.A. oo6i. Wedge cov: tablet with seal cay. (r" x r"), empty. Blank. Bleached and split ; point end perished. Found at eroded ruin near N. wall. to" x z" xis"•

L.A. 0062. Fr. of blown-glass vessel, thick-walled, of yellowish-white translucent glass. On outside, part of wheel-ground hollow ellipse. Found 22. xii. o6. Gr. M. r â", thickness A".

L.A. 0063. Fr. of crystal, rough cube, yellowish. Found 22. xii. o6. S"Xg"XAN.

L.A. 0064. Fr. of blown glass, greenish-white, translucent. Found 22. Xii. o6. $" x r x r.

L.A. oo65. Fr. of yellow cornelian. Found 22. xii. o6.

7 " 1" ru X z. .

L.A. 0066. (1. mile S. of.) Strip of cast bronze openwork. Pattern of floral scroll-work, confused. Rich effect produced by innumerable raised dots on both sides ; possibly intended to hold enamel, which has now wholly disappeared. One side corroded by sand. 3s" x 2" X r. Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. oo67. Bronze hook and eye ; heart-shaped eye with sq. hole through which is flat hook ; other end of hook pierced and broken. Found zo. xii. o6. Length of eye 1", of hook â". Pl. XXIX.

L.A. oo68. Lead spinning•whorl; flat disc, pierced. Found zo. xii. o6. For others see L.A. 0097-98, ooro8, 00109, 00114, 00117, 00137. Diam. 8", thickness r.

L.A. oo6g. Bronze arrow-head of type L.A. 0017, but with no depressions in sides. Point flat ; condition good. Found zo. xii. o6. Length Iii". PI. XXiX.

L.A. 0070. Fr. of blown glass, pale green, translucent. On outside part of two wheel-ground hollow ellipses. Found 20. xii. o6. Gr. M. r, thickness A".

L.A. 0071-0075. Five frs. of blown glass : 0074 is pale green, the others yellowish-white, translucent. 007r, 0072, 0074 are faceted in wheel-ground planes ; 0073 has groups of horizontal engraved bands ; 0075 (rim) is plain. Found 20. xii. o6. Gr. M. from r" to r, thickness IV to V".

L.A. 0076. Fr. of pottery lamp as L.A. oo6, n. oor. Diam. 3", h. r".

L.A. 0077. Iron chisel blade (?). Rod sq. in section, with two sides tapering to give broad flat end. From other end projects slender tang sq. in section. 3r x 4"