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0512 Serindia : vol.1
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432   THE LOU-LAN SITE   [Chap. XI

L.A. 00146. Pottery fr., hand-made, of well-levigated dark grey clay, evenly fired, apparently shaped in a wicker basket as L.A. 002. 1314'X Ii" xc. â". Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. 00147. Fr. of buff silk` quilted garment (?), three or four layers thick, and crossed for the most part by parallel seams 4" to â" apart. Torn and brittle. Cf. L.A. TV. I. 001. C. I' 8" x

L.A. 00148. Shells of ' Linnaea auricularia, Linn.' Found in soil (hard sediment) Io' below brick mound L.A. x1. [Identified by Col. Godwin Austen.]

L.A. 00149. Fr. of cotton canvas, coarse white, plain weave. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] 61" x 5".

L.A. 00153. Jasper blade, purplish black ; bulb-cavity on one face, the other ribbed, and one edge worked Length Ito".

L.A. 00154. Jasper blade, brownish dark-grey; bulb on one face, the other ribbed, both edges worked. Length 24".

L.A. 00155. Jasper blade, dark grey ; bulb on one face, the other ribbed, one edge worked. Length i".

L.A. 00156. Jasper blade, black ; bulb on one face, the other ribbed, both edges worked. Length I3".

L.A. 00157. Jasper blade, dark grey ; bulb on one face, the other with central rib, edges worked. Length I".

L.A. 00158. Jasper blade, dark grey ; bulb on one face, the other ribbed, edges worked. Length rh".

L.A. 00159. Jasper blade, green, one face ribbed, sand-worn. Length Its".

L.A. oo160. Jasper point, black, with flaked faces and worked edges, thickest at butt, dull point ; the whole sand-worn. See R. A. Smith in Man, xi. 6, No. 52. Length I-'. _ Pl. xxx.

L.A. oo161. Fr. of bronze rod. IA" x - x h". L.A. 00162. Fr. of lead slag. Length 1g".

L.A. 00163. Fr. of bronze mirror (?); cf. L.A. 0027. No orn. Gr. M. Ii".

L.A. 00164. Bronze bell of spherical grelot type ; clapper gone and suspension ring broken ; cf. L.A. 00104. Diam. s".

L.A. 00165. a-e. Five glass beads, flattened lentoids, translucent brown. Found 18. xii. o6. r x s x â". a-b. Pl. xxix.

L.A. 00166. a-h. Eight glass beads, dark blue, semi-translucent : I triangular bugle, I ring, 3 flattened spheroids,

2 faceted spheroids, and I ' nasturtium-seed '. Found x8. xii. o6. Gr. diam. '.

L.A. 00167. a-d. Four glass beads, gilded :-I double spheroid, 2 spheroids, 1 cylindrical; cf. L.A. 00171. Found 18. xii. o6. Gr. diam. i6

L.A. 00168. a-d. Four frs. of blown glass, yellowish-white, translucent; one has lump of same glass on outer surface, prob. terminal of applied thread-work. Found 18. xii. o6. Gr. M. I".

L.A. oo16g. Ten beads :-3 irregular spheroids, ruby (broken) and cornelian ; 2 irregular spheroids, white chalcedony ; I spheroid, crystal ; 2 dumb-bells, yellow paste; I dumb-bell, blue paste ; I ribbed spheroid, translucent light green glass. Found 18. xii. o6. Gr. M. A".

L.A. 00170. Ten glass beads   spheroid, translucent

green glass and 3 blue ; I ribbed spheroid, pale blue translucent glass ; 2 flattened spheroids, opaque light blue glass; 3 rings (two joined), opaque black paste. Gr. M. i".

L.A. 00171. a-d. Four glass beads, gilded :-(a) triple, (b) double, (c) single spheroid, (d) elongated and bulbous; cf. A. Kisa, Das Glas im Allerlume, p. 834 ; Woolley and MacIver, Karanog, p. 75. (d) Pl. XXIX.

L.A. 00172. Seven beads :-1 spheroid, crystal ; 2 frs. of cornelian, broken ; 2 brown glass, one flat, one sq. in section ; r bugle, yellow paste, fr. of; I green glass, five rings joined. Found by Jasvant Singh about Stiipa, 18. xii. o6. Gr. M. '.

L.A. 00173. a-c. Three frs. of blown glass, yellôwishwhite, translucent ; one shows rim, round in section, solid, apparently of bowl ; another has remains of moulded pattern in relief. Gr. M. Ir. (a) Pl. XXIX.

L.A. 00174. a-e. Misc. bronze frs. :-(a) point of arrowhead ; cf. L.A. 0069 ; (b) small lump of slag ; (c-e) wires bent to form rings ; (f) part of orn. in plate bronze ; broken, but shows trefoil. Found 18. xii. o6. Gr. M. A".

L.A. 00177. a-h. Misc. bronze frs. :-(a) nail with pyramidal head. Pl. XXIX ; (b) nail with pear-shaped head. Pl. XXIX ; (c) nail with circular head ; (d) stud with banjo-shaped base. PI. xxIx ; (e) fr. of rod sq. in section ; (f) fr. of" bronze slag; (g) fr. of ear-ring; (h) string of small ' goose-eye ' coins, c. 16, corroded into solid tube c. â in diam. Pl. XXIX. Found on eroded ground, 18. xii. o6. Gr. M. ii".


L.A. I. ow. Bronze ring, ribbed and orn. with raised band of cable pattern, its ends flattened at juncture ; hard green patina. Diam. 4", width â". Pl. xxix.

L.A. 1. 002. Roll of yellow silk fabric, unused ; very dry and brittle ; broken in two ; plain weave. Found on completely eroded ground. S. of L.A. Stûpa and near