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0513 Serindia : vol.1
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L. L.

L. L.

L.A. 1. Length complete 1' 6", diam. 2i" x I". See above, pp. 373 sq. PI. Xxxvii.

L.A. I. ii. x. Oblong tablet; pieces split from each long edge. Obv. blank. Rev. 4 11. Khar., faint. 4^ x xi" x

L.A. I. ii. 2. Oblong tablet. Obv. blank; notch cut in one edge. Rev. 5 11. Khar., faint. 4iß" x 1" X".

L.A. x. ii. ool. Fr. of short•pile woollen carpet (in two pieces). Construction like L.A. vi. ii. 0046, but finer in texture. Tufts on back closer together laterally and shorter. Figure pile very short and compact. Colours used-a very rich claret, bright blue, dark brown (natural), light brown, and buff, on a claret ground; pattern unintelligible. Much worn ; colours where present very bright.

I' 81° x 1' (irregular) and 8' x 51". Pl. xXxvii.

L.A. 1. iii. oox. Wooden bar, flat, widened towards centre, where is hole 1" diam. lined with leather to prevent friction by object revolving within it; ends sq.; at each end a hole 8° diam. Prob. a stay, e. g. for churn, pegged to either side of barrel and receiving top of spindle which would be turned by a handle above. Neatly finished with bevelled edges ; well preserved ; cf. L.A. iv. iii. 001. Length I'3/", breadth 1r to 28" at centre, thickness $".

L.A. I. iv. 5. Piece of tamarisk wood covered with bark. On inside 2 11. Khar., faint, by complete end, and traces of Khar. by broken end. Much sand-encrusted. IO"X2°XTV.

L.A. I. iv. 6. Wedge cov..tablet. Obv. seal cay. or x I"), I$" from sq. end, empty ; blank. Rev. blank. 9" x i" x r to A°.

L.A. I. iv. 7. Three frs. of paper MS., sand-encrusted, showing remains of five ll. Khar. in straggling hand, rather faint, on one side. Largest fr. c. 4" x 5".

L.A. 1. iv. rr. a-b. Two sets of wooden armour scales (?), six in (a) and five in (b). Flat sq.-headed labels ' with wedge-shaped points. Two holes pierced through sq. head, having sunken border at each end. Work careless; neither size nor position of holes uniform. Average size 3" x I" x â". (a) Pl. xxxv.

L.A. 1. iv. ool. Pottery fr., fine-grained, hard-baked, covered with dark green glaze and orn. with incised scroll or floral pattern. Part of flat dish. Prob. local fabric,

the glaze showing Western influence. 31" x 22" x c. $". PI. Iv.

A. r. 1v. 002. Fr. of pottery vessel of hard thick grey clay covered on both sides with finely crackled leaf-green glaze. Chinese, Han type. 1" X I$" X i".

A. r. iv. oo3. Fr. of mica. I g° x I" x ".

A. 1. iv. 004. Pottery fr., disc, slightly concave, ground and pierced to form spinning-whorl. Convex side roughly polished. Clay coarse and black, hand-made. Diam. râ", thickness â". Pl. XXXVi.

A. r. iv. 005. Rim of bronze dish (?), distorted ; condition good. 2" x r.

A. t. iv. 006-007. Pair of wooden sticks, round and tapering, sand-encrusted ; cut roughly flush at broad end ; perhaps eating-sticks. Cf. M. Tagh. a. 0019. Length 81", diam. $" to â".

L.A. I. iv. oo8. Bowl of wooden spoon ; cf. L.A. v1. ii. 0017, but bowl here slightly hollowed ; stem broken. Width of bowl Ii", thickness -", handle g" X $".

L.A. 1. iv. oog. Wooden ' chuluk'; carefully rounded stick with roughly pointed end, near which is a notch all round ; carved out of one piece with a ` hammer-head ' or flat cross-piece, thickened at back to receive it. See also L.B. Iv. ii. 009 ; N. xIII. i. 002 ; Ka. z. oo8. Length 4", diam. I", length of cross-piece 21", width of cross-piece

Pl. xxxv.

L.A. I. iv. ooro. Plaited string handle, thick goat's-hair. 8-s" x I °.

L.A. I. iv. ow!. Fabric frs. ; brown red and buff woollen and fine silk, with frs. of leather and of yellow, red, and scarlet felt. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Average length c. 5", width c. 3'.

L.A. I. iv. 0012. a-b. Two frs. of mica. Gr. M. e.

L.A. I. iv. 0013. Fr. of skin from a callosity. Gr. M. I°.

L.A. I. iv. 0014. Small block of wood, sq. in section, with lines rudely incised, on one side equidistant (1" apart) and at right angles to length, on another side at angles. Perhaps a carpenter's rough measure and guide for dovetailing. 2" x i" sq. Pl. xxXV.

L.A. I. iv. 0015. Fr. of lacquered wooden bowl ; flat bottom of ; lacquered black on both sides. Gr. M. 4'.

L.A. I. iv. 0016. Two frs. of thick paper, doubled and stuck together. On one, two or three Khar. chars. (?). Gr. M. 44" x 3k".



L.A. H. ow. Pottery lamp, hand-made, of ill-levigated reddish clay ; lip only just pinched out ; no firm base ; cf. L.A. oo6. Diain. 2r, H. Ir.

L.A. II. 002. Fabric frs., of buff hemp and cotton materials of canvas-like texture, with frs. of buff silk and


leather and of coarse brown matting woven of goat's-hair string. ' The cotton resembles mercerized cotton and was probably soaked in alkaline liquid.' See Hanausek and Winton, Microscopy of Technical Products, New York, 1907, p. 66. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Gr. fr. I' 2" x 9".