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0514 Serindia : vol.1
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434   THE LOU-LAN SITE   [Chap. XI

L.A. II. I. ool. Wedge cov.•tablet, part of. Point cut off. Obv. seal cay. empty (IA" x 1"), g" from sq. end ; blank. Rev. blank. 4' X

L.A. u. ii. ool. a—b. Two frs. of silk fabric; (a) white, very fresh, plain weave, part of 1"-wide band. 4" x ; (b) pale greenish-blue, slightly corded weave, worn. C. 3" x 2r.

L.A. II. ii. 002. Dried muscle (?), knotted strip, apparently frayed out for use in stitching leather. Length c. 9'.

L.A. u. ii. 003. Wedge under-tablet. Obv. one 1. Khar., faint. Rev. one I. Khar., faint. Sand-encrusted, rotten. 5â" x 2 â"xis"

L.A. u. v. 5. Oblong tablet, broken at one end, found embedded in floor below platform. Obv. one end three 11.

Khar., other end one I. Khar., very faint. Rev. traces of two 11. Khar. at one end. Utterly rotten and surface almost destroyed. 8i" x I" x I".

L.A. II. v. ooi. Fr. of bowl (?), with horizontal ridge running round sides. Hard slaty-grey clay, wheel-made, kiln-fired, with deep leaf-green glaze on outside. Prob. Chinese, Han dynasty. 3" x I g" x"•

L.A. II. v. 002. Round bronze bolt, pierced at one end and with sq. head at the other; condition good. Length 2k", diam. 3-'-u". Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. u. vi. ow. Wooden ' inch measure; flat wooden strip incised on one side with nine cross-lines I-" apart ; central line crossed again by diagonals, indicating use of decimal system. Warped. I I 8" (0.302 m.) x i s" to i 6" x i". See above, p. 374. Pl. XXXV.


Bronze arrowhead; type of L.A. oo17,   two wheel-ground grooves on outside. Yellowish-white

condition poor. Length I$". Pl. xXlx.   translucent glass. Gr. M. Ii", thickness A".

L.A. III. ool.

L.A. III. 002. Pottery fr. from edge of dish. Clay, pink and hard, covered with faintly lustrous pale green ' slip with blotches of darker green (manganese 1). Prob. Chinese, Han dynasty. Length

L.A. III. 003. Bronze rivet with flat triangular head having edges bevelled on top ; condition fair. See L.A. VI. ii. oog. Length xi". PI. xxIx.

L.A. In. 004. Lug of wooden bowl, lacquered. Lug black, inside of bowl red applied over black. See L.A. vim 002. 4"Xi"Xr.

L.A. In. 005. Fabric frs., including small piece of coarse yellowish woollen fabric, plain weave, with frayed threads of red wool and bit of knotted dark blue woollen cord, made in manner of military braid, sq. in section. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Fabric I o" X I i cord 4" x

L.A. In. oo6. Fr. of vessel. Tops of


L.A. Iv. ool. Wedge under-tablet ; pointed end much broken and bleached. Obv. four 11. Khar. Rev. single Khar. char. at sq. end. Soft, bleached, and cracked. From refuse to N.E. 9*" x 2*" x A".

L.A. Iv. 002. Three frs. of rope of twisted grass or straw. Gr. length c. 2' 7".

L.A. Iv. 003. Fabric frs., very coarse dark brown woollen material. Warp set tight and woof threads pressed close together, giving ribbed appearance. Firm and even in texture. Had enveloped tablets L.A. iv. ii. z-3. C. 2' x I'.

L.A. Iv. 004. Two frs. of coarse woollen material.

L.A. III. on. Fr. of matting (?). Four quills, the plumes trimmed off, pierced with two holes and threaded on one string. I " (orig. length) x

L.A. uI. i. ool. Flat oblong piece of wood with rounded ends ; V-shaped groove cut inwards all round sides. Perhaps for winding thread (1), but seems hardly wide enough. Cf. M. Tagh. a. iv. 00176. I $" x I*" x v". PI. xxxv.

L.A. III. i. 002. Wooden writing style (?). Tapering stick trimmed to irregular octagon in section and lacquered black ; black covered by a coat of red lacquer for I" from end. Length 5", diam. r to A".

L.A. III. i. 003. Chip off wooden slip. Obv. two 11. Khar. faint. I e" x I" X

L.A. III. ii. 3. Chip off wooden slip. Obv. one 1. Khar. clear. xi" x 1" x~".


Warp of fine brown thread, very close ; weft red and ochre yellow with alternating bands of blue and white. All weft threads are two-ply. Satin weave throughout. Many of the warp threads are floating on back, owing to decay of weft in places. Pattern, an all-over lozenge, open, in red, of â" sides with rectangle of mixed red and yellow at the junctions. Each lozenge is inhabited by a centre stem springing from one obtuse angle, dividing into two leaves, and bearing at top a spot to represent a flower. A narrow band of alternate blue and yellow, and white and yellow, passes transversely through lozenges dividing leaves from flower, interrupted by the red and yellow rectangles. Weaving close and regular ; colour well preserved. I' x 8" and 5" x r i". Pl. XxxVll.