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0516 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 516 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.A. v. oox. Fr. of wooden comb, with arched top; broken both sides ; bad condition. H. 2â", length of teeth I", c. 4 teeth to â".

L.A. v. i. 5. Oblong tablet, long slip split from. 0k'. blank. Rev. one 1. Khar. faint ; hard. 8r x ~" x A".

L.A. v. i. 6. Wedge cov.•tablet. Obv. seal-cay. or x ré"), i" from sq. end, empty, pierced with hole ; blank. Rev. one short 1. Khar. (?), very faint. Bleached. 4g" x

n 4 n


L.A. v. i. 7. Rectang. cov.•tablet. Obv. :seal cay. (Iâ" x

i"), empty ; blank. Rev. blank. Bleached and split. 7*" x 4-" X 8" max.

L.A. v. ii. 1. Wooden fire-stick, ' female ', ,rectang. in section with four ' hearths ' close to one edge, which had been notched. In centre is hole, through which is short thong attached to short pointed stick ; the other end conical and showing signs of fire ; prob. an old ' male' fire-stick, broken and cut down for use as peg. See Joyce in

Man, xi. 3, No. 24, Fig. 5.   Length of stick 3 ", of
peg 2". Pl. xxxv.

L.A. v. ii. 2. Oblong tablet. Obv. traces of four 11. Khar., very faint. Rev. the same. Wood hard, but surface perished. 3a" X x 4" X A".

L.A. v. ii. 4. Rectang. cov.•tablet, part of. Sides have been split off and V-shaped notch cut in one end. Obv.


seal cay. (I"x II"), empty; blank. Rev. one I. Khar. 68"x i "x " max.

L.A. vi. oox. Bronze terminal, perhaps from curved rail . of piece of furniture; outline nearly semicircular, ending in lioness's head rudely cast. Hollow and up to chin of lioness semicircular in section, being open beneath to fit on to curved wooden (?) surface. Broken behind. Length 2", diam. $". PI. xxxvr.

Wooden leg of piece of furniture.

Bevelled ring base ; round leg, starting thin, swells to same diam. as foot, then narrows quickly. Above, fr. of tenon. Not turned, but trimmed round with a knife. Shows traces of green paint, perhaps part of leaf pattern. H. a", H. of foot 4", diam. g" to ii". Pl. xxxv.

L.A. VI. 003. Târigh (millet) grains from rubbish-heap.

L.A. vi. 006. Bronze bell, ' grelot', as L.A. 00103, with suspension ring. Gr. M.

L.A. vx. 007. Pottery fr. from hand-made vessel of poorly levigated clay, hard-fired on an open hearth and blackened by 'smothering'. Om. at top with applied strip which is notched ; beneath this is row of single stamped circles at intervals, and below this again traces of incised orn. 24" X 24- x â". Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. vi. i. I. Rectang. cov.•tablet. Obv. seal cay. (I ?is" X Iw "), empty ; blank. Rev. blank. Bleached and split. .7156" x 41g" X iA" max.

L.A. vl. 002.


L.A. vl. ii. I. Pottery fr., hand-made, of well-levigated clay, orn. on outside with three horizontal bands of comb-drawn ' wave ' pattern, separated from each other by bands

of incised lines. 4iß" x 3 x   Pl. XXXVI.

L.A. VI. ii. 010. Oblong tablet. Obv. blank ; edges bevelled and V-shaped groove cut in middle of three sides. Rev. seven 11. Khar., faint. 4" X 2" X

L.A. vi. ii. o6x. Part of tablet, afterwards cut into ellipse with three string grooves sawn. Obv. two 11. Khar. at one end. Rev. three Il. Khar. at same end. Faint. 3" x 2i" X

L.A. VI. ii. 062. Wedge cov.•tablet, part of; broken at seal cay. Obv. one 1. Khar. at sq. end, faint. Rev. blank. 3"X ITV Xr.

L.A. vx. ii. 064. Fr. of cov.•tablet. Obv. part of empty seal cay. Rev. one 1. Khar., faint. 2iß" x 8" x â".

L.A. vx. ii. 0102. Fr. of paper MS., showing portions of seven 11. Khar. on one side. 31" x I". Pl. XXxVIII.

L.A. VI. ii. 0103. Fr. of paper MS., showing on one side two 11. Khar., almost complete. I° x 9". Pl. XXXVIII.

L.A. vx. ii. 0104. Fr. of paper MS., broken on all edges but one,, showing on one side part of four 11. Early Sogdian. See Dr. A. Cowley, Another Unknown Lan-

guage from Eastern Turkestan, J.R.A.S., Jan. 1911. Gr. M. c. 4". PI. CLIII.

L.A. vx. ii. 0284. Paper MS. (complete ?), showing on obv. seven 11. Khar., clear, black ; on rev. parts of two sloping 11. Khar. in larger hand. 9s" x 2r. Pl. xxxIx.

L.A. VI. ii. 0285. Strip of fine silk, plain, undyed, showing two 11. Khar., incomplete, on one side. 4" X s". Pl. XxxiX.

L.A. VI. ii. 0236. Fr. of paper MS., much torn ; showing remains of six 11. Khar., faint, in straggling hand, on one side. 6" x 2".

L.A. vx. ii. oox. a. Rim of lacquered wooden vessel, fr. of; outside black, inside dark red with " band of black round top; edge rounded. H. Ii", length g", thickness W.

L.A. vx. ii. oox. b. Pottery fr. from body of vessel. Hand-made, of well-levigated hard light grey clay, evenly fired ; orn. with band of incised wave-pattern, above which •

is series of shallow incised lines.   Ii" x z1" x f. Pl.

L.A. vi. ii. 002. Pottery fr., wheel-made, reddish-drab clay with buff slip, kiln-fired. Handle set horizontally, orn. outside with series of vertical scorings, and pierced