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0520 Serindia : vol.1
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440   THE LOU-LAN SITE   [Chap. XI


L. L.

L. L.

L.A. viii-1x. 0015. F`r. of bronze plate with cast relief orn. of Chin. character. Broken ; use uncertain. i's x" X ig". Pl. XXIX.

L.A. vin-ix. 0016. Bronze stiletto (?) of thin wire, one end pointed, the other curving into ring but broken off. Length 2â", diam. A". PI. XXIX.

L.A. vin-Ix. 0017. Red agate bead, part of; spheroid. Diam. c.

L.A.vm-ix. 0018. Glass bead, ribbed bugle, dark green, translucent. 8" X A".

L.A. vm-ix. oomg. Fr. of glass bead, greenish-white, translucent spheroid. Diam. c. 4".

L.A. viii-1x. 002o. Fr. of yellow cornelian ; part of bead (?) T7-g# x A" x 0021. White stone charm (?); one side

concave ; in other flat side are cut four circular depressions ; pierced with two" holes from long edge to long edge. XguXB".

.A. vin-1x. 0022. Three frs. of silk fabric, red, peach,

and blue ; very fine texture, ragged and brittle ; red and blue of corded weave, peach plain. Gr. M. 5".

A. viII-Ix. 0023. Pendant of green paste, roughly shaped as snake (?). Gr. M. s".

A. vin-rx. 0024. Glass bead, rude three-sided bugle, translucent brown. 8" X

A. vrII-Ix. 0025. White quartzite pebble. Diam. i".

A. ix. i. x. Oblong tablet, rudely cut. OLv. seven columns Khar. (each with seven II.), very faint; surface perishing. Rev. ten columns Khar., faint. Wood hard but split. I' 3." X 41" X ". PI. XXXVIII.




L.B. ow and 003. (2 miles N. of.) Two frs. of blown-glass dish, translucent yellow ; raised ridge beneath; this and broken edges sand-corroded. Gr. M. xi?, thickness " to -". oot, Pl. XXXVI.

L.B. 002. (2 miles N. of.) Fr. of blown-glass vessel, translucent yellowish-white ; appliqué pattern of glass thread in parallel bands. Type assigned by A. Kisa (Das Glas im Allertume) to 3rd century A.D. Gr. M. i3", thickness ".

L.B. 004. (2 miles N. of.) Bronze strap-loop, ivedgeshaped; cf. L.A. vr. ii. ooro; condition good. Length If", length of base -19g", diam. of bronze i". Pl. xxxVI.

L.B. oo5. (2 miles N. of.) Fr. of hollow bronze boss, conical, but with point cut off. H. c. ", orig. diam. c. PI. XXIX.

L.B. 006. (2 miles N. of.) Bronze arrowhead; heavy stem, socketed for shaft ; three barbs, thick and hardly differentiated from stem by shallow grooves, so that section is practically a triangle with rounded corners ; cf. C. 123. ooi. Length 2". Pl. XXXVI.

L.B. 007. (2 miles N. of.) Jasper flake, dark grey, one flat face, the other irregularly ribbed, sand-worn. Length

L.B. oo8. (2 miles N. of.) Piece of bronze wire bent almost into a ring. Diam. of ring i" X -b", of wire A".

L.B. oo5. (2 miles N. of.) Bronze relief orn. with tongue behind for attachment ; floral design (?) ; condition good. IA ' X â". Pl. XXix.

L.B. ooro. Wooden stick, roughly rounded at one end, shaved flat at the other, and cut to point. A pen (?). Length 3i", width r, thickness r to".

*L.B. Doll. Wooden stick, tapering suddenly to one end, gradually to the other. Through the latter a small

hole is pierced. Prob. a carpet-weaver's needle. For others see :—N. xxty. viii. 007-8 and ooro; Xvr. 1. ooi; XxXVIII. i. 001 ; M.I. vii. 005 ; viii. oo8-10 ; L.B. iv. i. oo6 ; Iv. v. 0019 ; M.Tagh. a. 009, and Ka. r. 004. Length i r diam. r to

B. 0012. Wooden pen (?). Rough stick with the bark on, split down centre and pointed. Length 7",

diam. s".

.B. 0013. Wooden beam (found at L.B. II) with relief carving on one side. Between plain borders two continuous palm (?) branches interlace, and in oval spaces so formed are eight-petalled rosettes. Triangles at sides much defaced, but traces of half-rosettes. In one side, i' 7" from end, a mortice 5i.°)‹ rte" X Ir. Condition fair. Cf. Strzygowski, Kopf. Kunst, p. 66, Fig. 86. 3' it" X 6" X 2*". Pl. XXXI.

L.B. 0014. Fr. of carved wooden capital, c. one quarter ; found at L.B. D. Plan of top, an octofoil within the limits of a square. The foils occupying the corners of the square are sharply pointed ; those coinciding with the diameters, square-ended. Plan of necking, circular.

From a simple chamfered astragal spring two whorls of sharply serrated acanthus leaves. The lower, of four leaves meeting at their bases, rise half the height of capital and have their tops abruptly curved over on the line of its diagonal section, and so designed as to occupy fully the sq. section of the block. The second whorl has its leaves alternating with the first, and rising from between the rapidly diverging edges of these to top of capital. These also have the tips sharply recurved and hanging down, occupying the centres of sides of sq. contour. From behind them spring R. and L., upward and outward, curving volutes, meeting and curving downwards in pairs, at the upper angles of block ; a row of diminishing seeds following the lower edge of horn of volute.