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0521 Serindia : vol.1
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General type of capital, Indo-Corinthian. 'l'he leaves have no eyes', and are channelled with V-shaped grooves from mid-rib to points of serration. The economy of cutting, and retention of orig. surfaces of cubical block, show characteristics reappearing in Byzantine carving. The octofoil upper p)an and circular lower plan are found again in Byzantine capitals of Santa Sophia, Constantinople, and St. Mark's, Venice. Diam. at top 9', at base 7'. H. 7â". Pl. XXXII.

L.B. oois. (From Stflpa.) Fr. .of large blown-glass vessel, yellowish-white, translucent; outside orn. with hollow-grouted circles. Gr. M. z", thickness r.

L.B. ooi8. Part of open-work wooden panel. Pattern an open trellis-work of diagonal bars, with large

wheels about each point of junction.. These touch each other along the diagonals, but not perpendicularly or horizontally, where they are connected by vertical crosses. No relief carving. Rabbet at top and bottom. Condition good. I' 7" x 6" x rg". Pl. XXXIII.

B. oorg. a-b. Two frs. of open-work wooden panel (joining), found at L.B. vi. Pattern of wheels about junction points of diagonal lattice-work as in L.B. 0018 ; but ôn smaller scale and without vertical crosses. Condition fair. See L.B. II. 0024. 2' 2k' X I t" (joined) x â". Pl. XXXIII.

.B. 0020. Fr. of open-work wooden panel, carved from one piece; pattern as L.B. 0018 ; rotten and much split. 811" X 7' X Ir.


L.B. I-III. ow. Bronze ring, plain, made of flat strip. Diam. ft", width - "

L.B. I-III. 002. Fr. of bronze mirror, like L.A. 0029 ; condition good. Gr. M. I-i', thickness $" to A'. Pl. XXIX.

L.B. I-u1.003. Bronze arrow-head ; cf. L.A.-oo69. In each face a triangular depression ; sharp point ; remains of iron tang. Condition good, but broken. Length 2A".

L.B. I-III. 004. Part of bronze buckle (?), rectang., with oblong slit for strap or attachment ; condition good. Length (incomplete) I', width

L.B. I-IU. oos. Silver ring with hollow bezel to take circular stone. Diam. r", width r to r. Pl. xxix.

L.B. I-UI. 006. Bronze strip bent into ring ; cf. L.A. 0046 ; condition bad. Diam. 8', width r.

L.B. I-III. 007. Bar of mica.   x " x

L.B. I-III, oo8. Steatite spinning-whorl ; conical. but .without point. II. 17-6', diam. 4'.

L.B. II. 4. Stick of white stucco, broken ; one side flattened. From E. slope. z1" x $'.

L.B. u. 6. Stucco relief fr. Semicircular convex plaque applied to curved bar. In centre of plaque is circular jewel boss with ring round it. Round this is row of small flames curving clockwise, and with the hollows between them filled by beads. Outside again is row of smaller ringed bosses alternating with hearts arranged blunt end to centre. Most of this orn. (applied) is missing. White stucco. Prob. part of head-dress of large stucco fig. Diam. c. 4'.

L.B. U. 7. Stucco relief fr. of flame border, large scale. White stucco, burned. 6r x 3r

L.B. u. oor. a-b. Two frs. of mica. Gr. fr. z}"x

L.B. u. 002. Tapering wooden pin, sq. in section, with large ball at the thicker end ; one piece of wood

'   throughout, ball not turned. Prob. pin used for fastening

IN RUINS L.B. i-ui

timber frame-work and adapted for architectural decoration. Sec L.B. iv. i. 2 and iv. iv. 001-2. Staff 9" x $' to " sq., diam. of ball z4' x 3'. . Pl. XxxV.

L.B. II. 004. Carved wooden bud, triple, elongated ; hole in one (slightly concave) side to take plaster; possibly from edge of wooden vesica. 4 ." x IF x I". PI. XXXIV.

L.B. u. oos. Part of open-work wooden panel, carved in relief, showing end of leaf or lotus petal ; prob. as L.B. n.40016 when complete ; much split. 7' x 3r x 1f'. Pl. xxxII.

L.B. II. oo6. Part of curved wooded lotus-wreath, carved in round ; petals grouped in bands as in stucco wreath Kha. ii. ooz, alternate groups facing different ways ; roughly carved, condition fair. Diam. 6r, thickness r-".

L.B. II. 007. Part of wooden beam. or panel, carved in relief. One end broken, the other cut slanting ; at this end plain border, and along squared side -AN border; other side bevelled. Within, leaves and tendrils, good free work. Rotten condition. 5" x 9' x r â'. Pl. XXXII.

L.B. u. oo8. Apia of carved wooden finial (?); flat, with edges cut in form of three superimposed `umbrellas' surmounted by a disc. I ' x . ' X Ar".

L.B. u. oog. Finial to wooden model of Stiipa (?), consisting of fourteen ' umbrellas ' strung on a spike, and head on plan of two upright discs intersecting each other at right angles ; the whole cut from one piece of wood ; remains of gilding on heàd ; hole at bottom for attachment. H. 3', diam. at bottom $'. Pl. XXXV (reversed).

*L.B. u. 0010. Upright of wooden balustrade, lathe-turned, with five ball mouldings divided by pairs of sharp-edged rings, and neck of thistle-head shape. Lowest ball moulding sometimes cut short to fit. Ends cut off sq. with round tenon projecting from each. Good condition. Of same pattern : L.B. n. 0031 and 0038-0045