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0522 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 522 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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(belonging to rails L.B. n. 0046-0051); cf. L.B. v. oo8. 0010, length 1' 7', diam. 3", tenons i" and Ir". 0010, 0039, 0040, 0044, Pl. XXXIII.

L.B. u. 001I-0013. Three frs. of open-work wooden panel, carved in relief; prob. belonging to each other, though not joining. Represent grotesque beast standing L. with long body humped almost in circle and head looking back to R. Of this only horn and ear are traceable (oox r). Two goat-like hind-legs are shown in oox 2 ; fore-legs indistinct. Remains of plain border and tenon above (oor I) and below (ow 2), and border down L. side (oor I). Cf. L.B. n. 0053. Much bleached and split. 0011, I' I IN 6" x I"; 0012, I' 6" x 5" X I"; 0013, 64" x r x e". 0011 (reproduced upside down) and 0012, Pl. XXXIII.

L.B. u. 0014. a-b. Wooden block carved in relief, broken in two pieces which join. Larger part occupied by a square, within which is carved a circular lotus or rosette of eight petals and eight sepals; remainder sunk and plain. In centre of rosette are three holes in line, all containing wooden pins, none piercing through to back; clearly to affix corolla separately made. Perhaps part of a lintel ; cf. M. v. 0012, Pl. XLVII. Surface worn. I' 3" X Joy' X 3r to 2'. Pl. XXXII.

L.B. II. 0015. a-d. Four wooden beams, carved in relief on one side ; (a), (b), and (d) cut in two for transport, (c) cut off diagonally in antiquity. (a) and (b) with others similar perhaps formed part of wall decoration, of which (a) was outer edge on one side, (b) on the other.

Across one end of each is border formed of plain bands crossed diagonally between two plain sq. mouldings, with half-rosettes in the triangles so formed. Down beam runs series of hanging circles, linked vertically by straight bands and interlacing with smaller circles at sides. Each large circle contains a plain eight-petalled and eight-sepalled lotus or rosette; and in spandrels outside are smaller eight-petalled rosettes halved. The pattern is bounded on L. side in (a), on R. side in (b), by plain border, complete in (b) to 2r" width, but incomplete (r width) in (a). On inner sides it is cut through ; and in these, towards either end, is oblong mortice, showing that additional woodwork (doubtless completing the pattern) was fixed to beams on these sides. On outer (L.) side of (a), where incomplete border occurs, mortices are also found. Condition good.

(c) and (d) show same pattern, but on slightly larger scale, and less well preserved. Side border on L. in (c), on R. in (d), and pattern cut through on other side. (a) 6' II"x 8r x 21"; (b) 7'X 74"X 2-i'; (c) 3'5"X I0'X 2"; (d) 7' X 9" x 2r. Pl. XXXI.

L.B. u. 0016-0017. Open-work wooden panel, carved in relief; in two halves almost complete. Within plain border (prob. sq.) is four-petalled lotus with sepals showing between; petals and sepals notched and veined with curving central rib; petal tips elongated to fill corners. Beyond border above and below is rabbet to fit into adjoining piece.

See also L.B. u. 0030 ; v. oog. I' g' x g" and 8 ' (0017) X 1r. Pl. XXxI.

L.B. u. ooi8. Fabric frs., including piece of coarse cotton material, light buff, sand-encrusted, loose plàin weave; another slightly finer ; and minute scrap of dark red silk. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Gr. M. 6".

L.B. u. 0019. Bundle of buff cotton frs. of coarse texture, with small frs. of yellow felt and red silk ; also piece of coarse brown woollen fabric similar to L.A. Iv. 003, but much worn- and sand-encrusted. [Analysed by Dr. Hanausek.] Gr. M. 9".

L.B. II. 0020. Fr. of coarse cotton stucco-backing; fabric similar to L.B. II. 0018 ; hard and sand-encrusted. Gr. M. 7".

L.B. u. 0021. Fr. of open-work wooden panel, carved in relief; prob. similar kind of design to L.B. II. ooII0013. On L. side, plain border with rabbet ; then head and outstretched neck of grotesque animal, with open mouth, formidable teeth, short pointed ears, and apparently short twisted horns. These are laid back against neck, only shown by incision, and have perhaps lost tips. Condition bad. I' r x 3 X I ". Pl. XXXIV.

L.B. u. 0022. Part of wooden frame for panel (?).

  • Orn. with lozenge pattern formed by cutting diagonal grooves. On rev. remains of mortice and dowel hole. or X 2 X 2r. Pl. XXXIII.

L.B. II. 0023. Corner of open-work wooden panel. Pattern apparently a diagonal lattice-work with wheels as L.B. 0019, but of more solid construction. Below is portion of rabbet. Wood bored in various directions, apparently by insects. I r 4" X 2â x I-i".

L.B. u. 0024. Corner of open-work wooden panel, carved in slight relief on one side. One edge with narrow border and another with rabbet, intact; others broken. Pattern, a wide lattice-work of diagonal bars with wheels about points of junction as L.B. 0019; but here diagonals. pass alternately over and under circumference of wheel, as indicated by shallow relief carving; cf. L.B. Iv. i. col. Wood bleached and split. I' 4r (with rabbet I' 5r) x 6r x


L.B. II. 0025-0026. Two wooden beams, carved in relief on one side. Between plain borders two plain ribbons interlace angularly, forming lozenges. These are filled by open four-petalled rosettes with sq. button at centre. Side triangles filled by similar half-rosettes. Both ends of 0025 and one of 0026 cut slanting; 0025 much worm-eaten, but with good surface; 0026 without worm-holes, but surface less good. Both beams cut in two and thinned behind for transport. 0025, 6' 41" (complete) X 5â" X 2" (orig. 41") ; 0026, 7' I" (complete) X 5 " x Ii-" (orig. 5"). Pl. XXXI.

L.B. u. 0027. Wooden beam, carved in relief on one side with upper parts of human figs. apparently under arcades;