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0526 Serindia : vol.1
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446   THE LOU-LAN SITE   [Chap. XI

L.B. Iv, ii. 0015. Wooden bar, semicircular in section; ends sq., and near them broad shallow rounded grooves cut to take straps, or perhaps a bow-grip. 4° x Imo" x 3u". Pl. XXxv.

L.B. Iv. ii. oo16. Woven slipper (L.). Sole of coarsely woven sti ing, over which a shaped patch of leather is stitched to make the heel. Lined throughout with very coarse canvas, of string-like texture, woven to shape, in one piece, with gussets on R. side of heel and over little toe. The uppers are covered with a figured polychrome fabric, woven to shape in one piece without gusset or seam. At the top this is carefully turned over on to the canvas lining, and at the bottom it is sewn on to the string sole. A rough unshaped toe-cap of leather has been stitched over the front of the shoe.. The coloured fabric of the uppers has a somewhat coarse close-cut hempen warp with—round back, sides, and lower part of toe—a weft of buff and white wool, silk weave, in a pattern of flattened continuous S-curves thickened at the bends and with flattened dots between them. To make the toe-caps the warp threads are gathered to a common-centre.

Between the narrowed continuation of the all-round pattern and that of the top edging, a crescent-shaped piece was woven in, consisting at its full width of five zones, viz. from the inner side of the crescent: (I) red band whereon is white rectilinear modification of wave pattern ; in lower intervals oval dots, in upper conventional plant patterns; (2) starting as narrow blue band with red border, develops through two eyes in red, black, and white into yellow band, in centre of which is blue quatrefoil ; (3) plain white band ; in front, lower edge relieved by broken band of five blue threads; (4) red band whereon are close-set yellow lozenges; (5) white band whereon in buff is straight horizontal stem with pairs of triangular leaves. Well preserved ; colours very bright. Length qr. PI. XXXVII.

L.B. Iv. ii-v. oox. Straight ivory rod ; round, broken both ends, at one badly worn. Length 3", diam. TV. P1. XXXVI.

L.B. Iv. ii-v. ooz. Bundle of felt frs., yellow, white, and grey ; somewhat eaten away. Gr. M. too".

L.B. Iv. ii-v. o03. Fabric frs., ragged, including usual buff silk, much decayed, in dark and lighter shades, brick-red woollen fabric of open texture, and buff woollen (?) gauze, very brittle. Gr. M. to".

L.B. Iv. ii-v. 004. Bundle of leather frs., including heel-part of shoe-sole with patch sewed on beneath ; scrap of leather and another of felt ; scrap of hide with hair still adhering in part ; and sole-shaped piece of leather (broken and inside cut out), coloured dark grey on each side, with thong passed through hole 3° from end. Broken ` sole' c. 6° X 2°.

L.B. iv. ii-v. oos. Bronze nail-head, hollow circular

with flat rim. Diam.   . Pl. XXIX.

L.B. Iv, ii-v. 006. Pottery fr., dark grey, handmade, of well-levigated clay, hard and evenly fired, with

mat-marking ' on outer surface ; see L.A. ooz. 24" x 2*" X â". Pl. XXXVI.

L.B. Iv, iii. o01. Rounded wooden peg, tapering to point, cut sq. at other end. From this end projects another smaller peg that tapers to a point sq. in section, and is wrapped round with thin strips of wool. Perhaps a bobbin. Long peg 44" X r (gr. diam.), short peg r4° x (gr. diam.). PI. xxxv.

L.B. Iv. iii. 002. Fr. of carved wood, perhaps foot of piece of furniture,,such as cupboard. At end, tenon with three dowel-holes. In section oblong, in profile like a rude attempt at a leg and hoof. Has a knot-hole that held scanty remains of clay (?) plugging. H. 2" (with tenon 3").

L.B. Iv. iii. 003. Tarigh (millet) grains.

L.B. Iv. iv. 00z-002. Two wooden pins with knobs like L.13. It, 002 ; n•. i. 2, but knobs here conical with flattened points and lathe-turned. Pins roughly sq. in section, and end of oor has been fixed in stucco; used for architectural decoration. Wood rather split. ooz, staff g4° x Ia" sq., cone H. 4", diam. of base 3a"; 002, staff

r o" x I" sq., cone H. 4", diam. of base 24". Pl. XXXV.

L.B. Iv. iv. oo3. Small wooden cupboard (?) leg, lathe-turned. Two-fifths of way up and at top are pairs of mortices at right angles to each other, to take tenons of panels or cross-pieces. Dowels or dowel-holes remain in these, and in lower mortices frs. also of tenon. Mouldings: ring foot, plain .cylinder with fillet above and below, two ball mouldings divided by ring fillet, and remainder (with mortices) plain cylinder. Round this near top and bottom, over dowel-holes, is sunk shallow groove, 3." wide, perhaps for orn. metal bands to cover dowel-heads (?). Condition fair. Cf. N. xtv. iii. 0037. H. r' 5r", gr. diam. C. 2". Pl. XXXIII.

L.B. Iv. iv. 004. Fr. of paper MS., small ; showing part of two ll. Khar., large, faint, upon one side. Ii" X Ig".

L.B. Iv. v. 1. Wedge cov.•tablet, with empty seal cav: (xi" sq.). Obv. on each side of cay. trace of one I. Khar. Rev. blank. Surface poor. 88" x 2" X 8" (max.).

L.B. Iv. v. 3. Oblong tablet, with notch at centre of each side to take string. Obv. faint traces of one 1. Khar. Rev. one 1. Khar. indistinct. Hard but discoloured. 4" x 2rx


L.B. Iv. v. ooz. Fr. of carved wood, from angle of capital (?). Traces of leaf orn. Rotten and much split, broken off behind. H. 8", thickness 2" to s''".

L.B. Iv, v. 002. Fr. of carved wood, flat strip, with

raised plain border,   " wide, along two-thirds of one edge.
Carved with narrow serrated leaves in low relief. which come up to edge of fr. on the one-third of side beyond border, showing that carving continued beyond limit of