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0563 Serindia : vol.1
Serindia : vol.1 / Page 563 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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M. 1. i.. oon. Broken wooden comb ; cf. L.A. viii. oor ; back slightly arched. 3f" x 2$" x g".

M. z. i. 0072. a-c. Three fabric frs. (a) Soft silk damask, dull sage-green, with pattern of tiny double concentric lozenges ; ground finely corded ; pattern twill ; fine ; rather dirty. 2" x 1". (b) Knotted to (c). Plain silk fabric, regular but rather loose texture ; turquoise green. C. 2" xis". (c) Fine cream silk gauze, woven in open-work lattice pattern ; twined weave. C. 1 " X r ".

M. z. i. 0074. Part of wooden comb with flat arched

back; cf. M. r. i. oor t. zâ"x   x. ".

M. z. i. 0075. Lathe.turned wooden ring with rounded edge. -i76.." X 4".

M. z. 11. 003. Wooden tally.stick with two rows of notches (ten and eight). Bark still on; but shallow groove cut in it round stick towards each end, and spiral line connecting these grooves (cut before notches). Length


M. z. ii. 0025. Quilted cloth shoe of plain loosely-woven buff cotton (?). Sole has been picked off; uppers cut in three parts-one long strip forming back and sides of heel and coming forward on each side to middle of foot, the other two forming each one side of vamp and meeting over toes; heel-piece made of five layers of cloth, the edges turned in and over-headed. It is strengthened by a latticework pattern, stitched over whole ground in double buff thread, and bordered by two rows of running stitching

(' split stitch ') round the edge.   Back of heel worn
through ; heel-piece stood 2" high, and in front its lower corners are sewn to those of the toe-pieces.

These cover each one side of front half of foot, and their edges are joined for space of 3f" at toe end, being so cut, also, as to form a turned-up point at its extremity. Above this joined part, each side is cut away in a curve so as to leave an oval opening over front of foot, the upper corners being tied together by strings of buff cloth. The joined edges over the toe are covered by a strong V-shaped stitching that forms a raised band over the seam, and the same stitch is used to bind the edge of the oval opening.

Round each piece run two rows of stitching as on heel-piece, and ground of each is embroidered with three palmate leaves, worked in satin stitch with buff thread (the embroidery being done after the piece was finished, as in case of heel). Length 8r. Pl. L.

M. I. ii. 0026. Reed arrow•shaft, with marks and remains of binding at one end ; no lacquer. Length zo".

M. z. ii. 0027. Half rind of fruit (gourd ?) turned outside in. Gr. M. 2r.

M. z. ii. 0028. Torn fr. of leather, very soft; prob. lambskin, from fine curly wool adhering in part; roughly rectang., with long narrow slit cut out slantwise from near one corner almost to opposite side. Three edges and

edges of slit show marks of careful regular stitching ; fourth edge torn. C. 5" sq.

M. z. ii. 0029. Curved strip of wood lacquered (over canvas), black outside, red inside ; part of side of shallow tray; cf. M. t. iv. 0030. Length point to point 5g", width t"

M. z. ii. 0030. Wooden spoon or spatula, roughly cut; bowl ' flat and oblong. Length 4e", ' bowl ' r i" x 4". PI. u.

M. z. ii. oo31. Wooden stay for well-bucket, as M, r. 0074. Length 326".

M. z. ii. 0032. Straight.sided wooden cup, fr. from wall of ; lacquered (over canvas) red inside, black outside, but lacquer almost entirely gone from latter ; four small holes, irregularly placed, two having bronze rivets in them. Gr. M. 21".

M. z. Ii. 0033. Fr. of horn cup (?), similar in shape to preceding ; three holes triangle-wise near orig., and another near broken, edge ; one plugged with wood. Gr. M. 2r".

M. z. ii. 0035. Fr. of silk damask, soft, thin ; pattern of concentric lozenges ; orig. green, much discoloured and worn. C. I I r x I o".

M. z. ii, 0036. Fr. of reddish•brown woollen fabric, loose twill (herring-bone) weave ; dirty and discoloured. Gr. M. 7 "x 6".

M. z. ii. 0037. Yellow woollen yarn ; mass of short frs. Gr. length 2-".

M. z. ii. 0038. Part of gourd vessel, which has been broken and mended with felt. Strip of thick buff felt, 8f" long, sewn to gourd of which only frs. now remain. Along sides of orig. break, holes have been made at regular intervals of about r, and the strip of felt carefully and closely sewn on with goat's-hair string. These holes were then plugged with short wooden pegs to prevent leakage. Gr. breadth of frs. of gourd 2$", thickness". Pl. LI.

M. z. ii. 0039. a-d. Four frs. of wooden lacquered bowl, black outside and red in. Gr. M. 3*" x â" x A".

M. z. ii. 0040. Flat piece of wood, cut to rough oval with V-shaped nick in each side ; pierced at one end. A label (?). z g" x x â".

M. z. ii, 0041. Bent fr. of bronze plate, holding between folds small fr. of wood covered with buff felt ; much corroded. Gr. M. I".

M. 1. iii. ooz. Head of millet in seed, from small apartment adjoining M. t. iii.

M. z. iii. 003. Fr. of wooden comb like M. t. i. ooz t. IrX Ii" X$".

M. z. iii. 004. Cubical bone die. Holes drilled in sides for numbers which are arranged : six opposite three, four opposite two, five opposite one. Cf. M. Tagh. a. 003 t, a. iv. 00172 ; i. 007. L" cube. PI. LI.

PI. Li.