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0564 Serindia : vol.1
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M. r. iv. oo6. Specimen of wheat.

M. r. iv. 007. Knife, with one-edged iron blade, straight, tapering, much corroded, set in plain horn handle elliptical in section. Length (of whole) 6", of handle 3". PI. LI.

M. 1. iv. 008. Strip of leather, doubled, leaving loop at top. Below loop twisted closely and evenly on itself, forming a long flexible thong ; from loop a sq. tongue of leather projects, prob. for binding. Switch (?). Length I Ir". Pl. LI.

M. 1. iv. oog. Terra-cotta spinning whorl ; flat disc, pierced ; ground down from potsherd ; cf. M. r. iv. oor 2. Diam. I" hole fu°, thickness A". PI. LI.

M. 1. iv. ooro. Fr. of horsehair gauze, perhaps for sieve ; ' wrapped-twined ' weave ; cf. L.A. vr. ii. 0043. Gr. M. 3f". Pl. L.

M. 1, iv. ooII. Fr. of leather armour scale, same pattern as 1\I. 1. ix. ooz ; bad condition. 3"x (bent) 2g".

M. 1. iv. 0012-0013. Two spinning whorls of red impure clay ; plain discs pierced. Diam. r°.

M. 1. iv. 0014-0016. Wooden writing slips, blank ; bevelled edges, rectang. 0015, oo16 broken at end. 0014, 2i"xr.

M. 1. iv. 0017. Fr. of bronze plate with remains of rivet holes. Gr. M. Iw".

M. 1. iv. 0020. Polished cylindrical rod of yellowish quartz. Length 2" (broken), diam. g'.

M. 1. iv. 0021. Small pottery bowl, red clay, hand-made, circular. Diam. of rim ri", H. B".

M. r. iv. 0022. Hollow wooden cylinder, with outer surface thinned away for space of g" at one end. (This end broken.) Worn and decayed. Diam. of outer surface I1 ', of thinned end 4°, of hole g", length ii".

M. 1. iv. 0023. Fr. of soft woollen fabric, smoothly-woven twill, pale buff, caked with sand. Gr. M. 9" x 7".

M. 1. iv. 0026. Bone plectrum of boomerang shape, used for plucking strings of musical instrument. One side smooth, the other shows rough spongy texture of interior of bone ; edges show wear from hand grasp, and end from plucking ; polished side orn. with groups of engraved dots. A butt end, two holes (one broken) for cord ; prob. attached to wrist of performer, or to instrument played upon. Cf. Appendix H. Length 7e', gr. thickness c. ".

M. 1. iv. 0027. Fishing net of hempen cord ; meshes about I ° sq. ; ragged. Gr. length 2'. Pl. L.

M. 1. iv. 0028-002g. Two frs. of wooden combs ; slightly arched backs as M.1. i. oor 1. 0028, 24" x i". g" ; 0029, 21" x 2i" x *".

M. 1. iv. 0030. Bottom of lacquered box or tray. Flat disc, lacquered (over canvas) black one side, red the other; on black side some irregular marks of red lacquer; round edge is applied a thin pliable strip of wood, part of side. Diam. 6g°, thickness".

M. r. vi. oor. Fr. of leather armour ; ' green ' leather, A" thick, lacquered black inside, irregularly black and red outside ; two slits in one corner, and one half-way down each side, for attachment to next piece ; also three round holes in line across upper half. Larger and thicker than

usual, curved ; prob. back left shoulder-piece.   Gr.
M. 4-2".

M. r. vii. 31. Ink-seal made of tip of horn, bored for suspension ; on end are cut a lotus flower outspread, with Svastika and Tib. chars. above. Dr. L. D. Barnett reads the latter as the non-Tibetan syllables ai: (?) -lôné, and believes that they possibly represent an attempt to render the Western ' Anthony '. Length 2f6", diam. of end A". Pl. LI.

M. r. vii. 003. Horn seal, like M. r. vii. 31. Design, a large Svastika within arms of which are four Tib. chars. reading giros k'al brlsan. Giros is the name of a tribe in Tibet ; k'al means a load ; meaning unintelligible (Dr. L. D. Barnett). Length 2", diam. of end fs". Pl. Lt. (Seal impression wrongly placed.)

M. r. vii. 004. Horn seal, like M. I. vii. 31. Design, an outspread lotus flower, above which are two lines of Tib. chars., with Svastika at each end of upper line and scroll above. Chars. read by Dr. L. D. Barnett as onala gnat: Iha; gïran Iha may be translated as ' disease god ' or

fierce god'. Length z}1", diam. of end   ". Pl. LI.
(Seal impression wrongly placed.)

M. 1. vii. 005. a-b. Wooden weaving stick and spinning whorl. (a) Wooden stick, narrows quickly at one end and gradually, but to finer point, at the other. Cf. L. B. 0011, etc. 9g" x %" to s". (b) Wooden disc, pierced ; slightly convex at back ; in front flat with decoration of three incised concentric circles. Diam. ri", thickness r. Pl. LI.

M. 1. viii. oor. Fr. of leather helmet(?), lower edge, curving in to neck, then out to rim ; inside lacquered red ; outside black (over layers of red and black), with thin coating of red in band along rim, and remains of two red bands above. Parallel to rim is bare strip (*" wide), from which lacquer has been removed ; two holes for attaching thongs, in which are now two silk strings, buff and gamboge, knotted together. Lower rim and upper edge are orig. edges of fr., sides have been cut. Length (chord) 5", gr. H. 38". Pl. L.

M. s. viii. 005. Wooden key ; cf. Ka. r. oor. Three pegs (one missing) arranged in equilateral triangle ; handle pierced for string. 3e" (with handle 5g") x 1" x

M. r. viii. oo6. Horn seal, like M. 1. vii. 31. Pierced in middle, and smoothed at end, but device not cut. Length 2g", gr. diam. r.

M. r. viii. 007. Wooden key ; cf. Ka. r. oor. Two pegs ; these have split wood so that key has been bound on either side of pegs with string and grass fibre. Handle (plain continuation of key proper) is pierced twice and also