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0635 Serindia : vol.1
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for pupils and iris outline ; behind head is circular halo of light buff bordered with red.

The disciples are of a strongly Western type, with decidedly hooked noses and fuller and more prominent eyes. Their heads are of a shorter and rounder type, and the method of painting is different from that of the Buddha but akin to that employed in the faces of M. III. ooz and of the ' angels ' in the dado ; the colouring, however, is much stronger and cruder than that of the latter. All heads are shaven and are seen â to L. ; fig. on L. in top row carries white cauri in R. hand uplifted behind Buddha, and wears bright green robe lined with white, leaving R. shoulder bare ; next wears bright red robe lined with white, covering both shoulders ; fig. on L. in lower row, light buff robe with folds indicated in red (R. shoulder broken off) ; and fig. at other end of row dark red robe covering both shoulders ; a hand of the latter appears at edge of fr. from inside of breast of robe, fingers clasping edge ; this fig. also has two transverse wrinkles in forehead and heavy double-curved eyebrows meeting over nose ; ears are all pierced. The monotony of the heads is diversified by the difference of their gaze, some looking to their R., others straight before them, another more directly towards spectator and up under eyelids.

The flesh itself is painted in clear salmon or flesh pink, shaded with warm grey, and with high pink blush upon

each cheek ; all outlines are red-brown, and the shaven

portions of the flesh are also represented in grey ; the lips are vermilion ; their treatment and colouring, like that

of the eyes, being similar to that of the ' angels', M. ni. i—v, etc.; cf. also M. III. oo8. The white impasto of the eyes is particularly thick, catching real high lights.

The painting is of the same firm bold style as that of the dado, evidencing well-developed methods of producing

a finished effect with economy of work. Colouring very fresh and surface well preserved. 3' 3-k" x I'ro". Pl. XLII.

M. in. 004. Fresco fr. fallen in front of M. ni. v, showing legs from hip to ankle of fig. walking to R., against black background ; part of red-brown robe gathered well up thighs, and loop of buff stole to R. ; contour lines reddish brown ; flesh, light pink shaded with warm grey and bright pink. Towards edge, beyond R. ankle, part of broad red vertical band. Colours well preserved. Plaster backing, coarse and mixed with straw. I' 1"x I' 2i". See Fig. 127.

M. 111. oo5. Fresco fr. fallen in front of M. III. v—vi ; shows portions of three heads of disciples (fourth lost in removal), looking â to L. ; treatment as M. In. 003 ; background vermilion and white ; colours well preserved. r I" x 9". Pl. xLly.

M. n1. 006. Fresco fr. fallen in front of M. In. v—vi ; shows head, â to R., of same type as princely disciple in M. in. 002 ; conical turban nearly all missing; eye very full, the white painted with most effective impasto. Colour well preserved. 2r x 3". P1. XLV.

M III. 007. Fresco fr. in five pieces (now joined), fallen in front of M. III. V ; shows festoon of large overlapping rosettes in red and white on dark grey-black ground ; centres of flowers white, with red radiations on yellow ground indicating stamens ; portion of background covered with white wavy lines, indicating clouds. Colours well preserved. I' 3" x I'.

M. in. oo8. Fresco fr. showing head â to R., of Western type, with black hair, beard, and moustache ; eyes almond-shaped, level, full ; nose hooked towards end ; mouth straight and narrow ; mark on upper lip ; background to R. vermilion and black.

Drawing rather careless, but painting rapid, direct, and very good, the method being that employed for disciples in M. III. 003, but specially clearly revealed in this piece. The flesh colour was first laid on, then pink on cheeks, side of nose, about mouth, under eyebrows, etc. ; this was followed by the grey shadows, and a pearly blue grey in the

eyes ; the contour lines of face and features were then applied in dark red-brown, which gave the exact drawing. This red-

brown appears also under the black of eyebrows, moustache,

etc., and for iris of eye ; the black was then put in, and the red lips, and finally the high lights in white. The

whole evidences a well-established system in constant use, and in decadence rather than development. Colours perfectly preserved. 4" x 3". Pl. XLV..

M. III. oog-ooio. Fresco fr. fallen in front of M. III. v, showing shoulders and part of head of fig. ; shoulders front, head slightly to L. R. cheek, chin, mouth, and point of nose preserved, also end of L. ear. Flesh, a delicate pink touched with brighter pink, and with contour lines in Indian red ; lips, vermilion treated as in M. III. ii ; high lights on sides of cheek, end of nose, above lips, and on chin, in white. End of straggling lock hangs in front of L. ear; face similar to M. III. 0033 in type.

Garments are somewhat unusual ; under-robe is green, draped across front, with folds in dark grey, and finishing in straight white band across hollow of neck. A narrow white stole hangs over shoulders straight down on green vest, ending at breast level on fig.'s R. side ; outside stole and also covering shoulders is band of rich pink, which also ends about breast level on R. p. Beneath these ends appears dull grey garment, possibly part of green tunic discoloured ; placed loosely round neck under stole is cord with end hanging down centre of breast.

In ear is yellow ear-ring consisting of bunch of three balls on ring, and white drapery hangs down by side of face. At lower edge of fr. are flowers, prob. carried in hands held in front of fig.

On R. is portion of face of second fig. with mass of black hair or drapery hanging by side, and R. eye almost com-

plete. All outlines except of shoulder are red ; background yellow ochre ; colours fresh ; painting very good, and well preserved. Ion" x I' 8k". Pl. XLV.

M. 1n. 0011. Fresco fr. fallen in front of M. III. iv, showing half of face, â to L. ; general type recalling Buddha in