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0637 Serindia : vol.1
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projecting neck, which must have been hidden by flange round top of pillar ; capital hollowed to take tenon at top of pillar. Traces of dark paint ; for somewhat similar Coptic example, see Quibell, Saqqara, 1909, Pl. XLVIII. 5-6. 34" X 44" to 4". Pl. XLVII.

M. ru. 0024. Cylindrical wooden block, roughly hollowed, outside cut to a waist, hour-glass fashion, with straight ends. At â" from either end a row of holes 4" sq. pierced to hollow centre ; eight holes at each end, set alternately ; in one, remains of sq. wooden peg projecting outside ; no sign of wear ; traces of stucco covering and paint ; resembles hub of wheel (for revolving axle), but spokes very weak for such purpose ; traces of colour. About of whole preserved ; good condition ; length 88", diam. at ends 4r. PI. XLVII.

M. iu. 0025. a-c. Three frs. of coarse buff cotton cloth ground for artificial flowers (M. in. 0013) : (a) shows traces of black paint put on in lines ; (b) has traces of dark blue and white paint and one fr. of gold leaf ; (c) shows plentiful traces of green ; holes for flowers about 2" apart. (Fabric analysed by Dr. T. F. Hanausek.) Gr. M. I1".

M. in. 0026. Remains of coarse cotton cloth, covered with a very thin coat of white plaster painted dark blue. On to the wet plaster were fixed groups and sprays of artificial leaves cut separately out of red or blue cloth and' stuck together with paste ; artificial flowers on sticks (as M. Ill. 0013) were stuck upright into cloth and plaster background. Whole prob. meant to represent the sacred lake, Sukhâvati, with floating lotuses and water-plants. Another and finer cotton fabric also occurs as a background to the same flowers ; it has no plaster facing, but was painted with colours now faded, and was folded in three or four thicknesses. (Fabric analysed by Dr. T. F. Hanausek.) Largest fr. c. I' 3" X 1'. Pl. XLVIII.

M. ru. 0027. Artificial flower-cup, as M. III. 0013, of fine pale-buff silk, with larger piece of same silk from which flowers were evidently cut ; silk clean but much split. Diam. of flower 2â", silk 1' x 4".

M. m. 0028. Fr. of thick buff corded silk, evidently from piece adorned with flowers as M. iii. 0026 ; traces of black paint, and six peg-holes placed at regular intervals. 5.r X 44". Pl. XLVIII.

M. u1. oo3o. Fresco fr. from N.L. passage, showing

part of face   to L. ; very roughly painted, but strong ;
same type and treatment as M. iir. ooII. Flesh greyish buff ; outlines Indian red over broad rapid lines of light red ; no shading ; chin indicated by circle of red ; black moustache and eyebrows joined. 4" X 4". Pl. XLIV.

M. m. 0031. Fresco fr. representing head of royal personage to R. ; same type and treatment as in M. in. 002, but less carefully painted. Background vermilion, with buff architectural (?) details lined with red ; stole white ; colours well preserved. 6" x 6". Pl. XLIV.

M. w. 0032. Fresco fr. showing head of royal personage to L., on pale yellow ground. Same type, treatment, and head-dress as in M. in. ooz, but painting more delicate. Part of L. hand on chin level, in pose of adoration ; small patches of vermilion stole at shoulders ; above appear toes of an elephant in pink. Colour well preserved but surface scored. 81" x 6h". PI. XLIV.

M. u1. 0033. Fresco fr. showing middle part of face, nearly life-size, 4 to L. ; white drapery behind outline of cheek ; flesh pink, shaded with richer pink and with high lights in white. General type and treatment as in M. in. 009-0010, showing great skill ; background ochre yellow. 3k" x 3k". Pl. xLV.

M. m. 0034. Fresco fr. showing portion of face, to R. ; from chin to lower part of L. eye only. Similar in type and treatment to M. III. 0033 ; by R. edge are two parallel curved black lines, prob. part of halo of another fig. 34" x 3k". Pl. XLV.

M. m. 0035. Fresco fr. showing portion of L. hand and drapery, life-size. Flesh shaded pink, duller on back of hand ; nails cut very short, tips of fingers rather recurved. On first joint of index finger is ring with elliptical bezel ; high lights on fingers and nails boldly painted in white. In hand is held bunch of flowers (?) painted on red ground ; drapery buff, with red contours. Very good work and well preserved. 7r X 414". Pl. XLV.

M. m. 0036. Fresco fr. showing, on vermilion ground, feet and lower part of legs and loose drapery of striding fig. ; prob. front view. Legs pink, shaded grey, outlined red-brown ; feet turned in profile in opposite directions, outward, striding to R. ; loose drapery hangs in classic folds, roughly contoured and shaded in red on yellow. To L. appears L. foot and leg of second fig. in similar pose, but with light green drapery. White and grey band forms ground line marking bottom of frieze ; workmanship rough. I' 3"X 8". Pl. XLV.

M. m. 0037. Fresco fr. showing upper part of face of

royal personage,   to L., similar to smaller fig. of M. III.
002 ; part of flap (green) of turban and R. ear of a second fig. to R. Ground strong vermilion ; all colours very bright and fresh ; good work. 6" X 4f".

M. m. 0038. Fresco fr. showing lower part of face and L. shoulder ; treatment similar to M. n1. 002. Black moustache painted over preliminary red-brown ; drapery over shoulder, dull plum colour with black contours ; background brilliant vermilion ; high light on end of nose, white. Colours very fresh, good work. 3a" X 2$".

M. u1. 0039. Fresco fr. showing part of L. cheek and eye, nearly life size, of human fig. looking to L.; flesh pink shaded grey ; treatment of eye similar to that in M. IIr. angel ' dado. Very good work. 24" X 2".

M. u1. 0040. Fresco fr. showing chin and neck of human fig. ; prob. part of M. in. 0039. Flesh pink shaded grey ;