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0640 Serindia : vol.1
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M. v. 004. Fresco panel from outer S. passage ; for original position see Fig. 133. Shows head and shoulders of winged fig. rising from lunette, akin to ' angels ' of M. III, but of inferior workmanship both in technique and drawing. Fig. is seen from front with shoulders inclined to L. and head upright, .1 to R., and eyes turned as far as possible in same direction ; head is of squarer and shorter type than M. III ' angels ', more resembling head of M. v. vi, but with rounder jaw. Flesh is painted flat white, devoid of the delicate tinting of cheeks and transparent shading so characteristic of the M. in series ; all contour lines are black, and eyes are solid black ; red only on lips. Hair is black, curly on forehead and carried all over head and down sides of face ; the leaf-like tuft of the M. ni examples still shows itself, but only as a slightly higher mass in the general black wig. The wings are thinner and not so well shaped ; outer long feathers are white, with indications of yellow in the shorter ones ; middle ray has each feather longitudinally half black and half white ; inner ray has plain band of yellow. Robe is yellow, with light red lines forming band round neck and indicating folds across breast and over arm.

The lunette is flatter and more extended, its field

a bright pinkish red; above, it is bordered by a 3' band of pale blue over white (both colours almost entirely

effaced), and above again by a 3" border of bluish black;

the lower curved edge is bordered by a 7' wide festoon in black with bold and coarse cloud scroll effectively painted

in red outlined with white. A detached fr. in L. corner shows that background beneath this was yellow with wave lines in red and black. The whole is wanting in delicacy and vitality. Fr. well preserved but considerably broken away at ends. 2'3" x I' 9". Pl. XLV.

M. V. 005. Fresco fr. from outer S. passage, showing portions of wings of angel similar in all respects to M. v. 004, excepting that some of the white long feathers are tinted, as to half their breadth, with pale grey ; colours well preserved. r' I" x 7".

M. v. 006. Lotus carved in wood from top of S.E. passage. Eight petals curved outwards and downwards from centre ; traces of gilding on two petals and loose pieces of gold-foil found with lotus ; between points of petals are sepals painted red, as are also petal edges. Stamens form basin-like cavity, in centre of which is solid knob with iron tang projecting. Well preserved, but slightly insect-eaten. Diam. 41", h. Ir. Pl. XLVII.

M. V. ooz. Oblong wooden block, pierced with eight

. holes arranged in a circle with a ninth at centre. On one side dark paint in centre and, outside ring of holes, traces of stucco and blue paint ; on this side holes show marks of wedges used to keep upright objects fixed in ; perhaps a stand for votive incense-sticks. Stucco prob. took the form of a wreath, from centre of which the sticks rose; the holes are pierced with a bar of red-hot metal, not properly drilled. 5â' X 4" x I}'.

M. v. oo8. Wooden relief rosette, part of, from N.E. ; would have twelve petals when complete ; part of four petals and four sepals remain, curving downwards ; petals show traces of blue and pink paint, sepals of bright red paint, on white slip. 9' x 24".

M. v. oogooio. Pair of wooden discs, lotus-shaped, with bevelled edges, from S.W. passage. Upper surface is cut concave, leaving small flat disc in centre; actual centre pierced by iron tang. Forms rough lotus-flower ; central disc green bordered with red, concave surface green ; on bevelled edge eight green petals outlined in red with red sepals. 41" to 3" x I i•".

M. v. ooII. Fr. of painted wooden panel from gate. Paint mostly gone ; design unintelligible ; black and red on white ground. I' 21" x 4k" x I".

M. v. 0012. Carved wooden lintel, end of. Oblong block with plain frame round three sides, enclosing sunk space, towards inner EL.) end of which is carved lotus-like flower ; this has ten petals, and inside many stamens in cuplike form round pistil. Inside frame at complete end is plain moulding, which is interrupted by the flower and continues beyond it in a plant motif, apparently a highly conventional wreath. Cut off at this (R.) end. Very rotten. I' 5" X I' ." x 4". Pl. XLVII.

M. V. ooi3. Fresco fr. showing portion of male head 4 to L. General type as in M. III. 002, etc. but no head-dress; short black hair; moustache and straight lock carried down in front of L. ear. No shading on face, which is darker 'pink than in the case of ' royal personages ' ; lips in bright vermilion, outlined only. Background blue-black ; above head, portion of hand holding cauri. Well preserved. 44" x 54". Pl. XLIV.

M. v. 0014. Fresco fr. showing pair of life-sized hands joined in supplication. Pink shaded grey, outlined reddish brown ; short nails ; finger tips slightly recurved ; two plain yellow bangles on each wrist ; well drawn. Background faded greenish blue. 7 " x 4". Pl. XLV,

M. V. oo15. Fresco fr. showing part of two heads â to R., same type as central fig. in M. In. ooz. Head on R. retains red-flapped turban, and behind is pendent end of white drapery ; upper and back part of second head lost ; flesh of both yellowish buff with pink on cheeks ; colouring generally as in M. III. ooz. Background vermilion; well painted. 64" x 5".

M. v. 0016. Fresco fr. with portion of large pink lotus, outlined black on red ground. Rough work. 42" x 34.

M. v. oo17. Fresco fr. showing portion of arm (?), about life size, with snake-like bangle in red; flesh pink, shaded grey. Background pale blue. 3" x 3a".


y. 0018. af. Fresco frs. Unimportant pieces of background; no recognizable pattern. Largest fr. 4" x 5".

M. v. ooig. Fresco fr., showing portion of pink flower festoon on green ground (?) ; found in E. passage. 3" x z4".