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0157 Serindia : vol.3
Serindia : vol.3 / Page 157 (Color Image)

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together by a core of similar clay strengthened by bundles of wood or reeds running up the centre. All have been accidentally burned.

A few figs. show traces of colour : flesh-tint was light red (xi. 002, 0040) ; jewels in hair red (0040) ; hair blue (0028, etc.) or red (0042); fillet binding hair gilt (0028, 0038) ; eyes blue over white ; the colour of drapery has disappeared.

For frs. of similar figs., see Mi. x. 003 ; xi. 001-2, 004, 008-9, 0012, 0015, 0018, 0021-3, 0077, oo86; for heads only (type a) Mi. v. oox ; x. 001, 004-7 ; xi. 0010I1, 0013, 0016-17, 0019, 0025-8, 0030, 0032-50, oo65, 0079-81, 0093 (large scale) ; (type b) Mi. xi. 003, 002o, 0029, 0059-62, 0078 ; for arms and hands, see Mi. x. 002, 0013-14; xi. 0070-r. For similar figs. on smaller scale, cf. Mi. xii. oor ; xv. oo6 ; and for heads, cf. I Ii. xii. 002 ; xvii. 001. For specimens see Pl. CXXXIV.

Mi. xi. 001. Stucco relief fig. of type *Mi. xi. oo. Head, a variant ; tilted up and back over R. shoulder. Body from different mould inclined to its right from hips upwards, and leaning back so that front forms convex curve from throat to navel. Cut off at thigh, the legs not being shown, but body issuing from some flat base. The attitude gives a more vigorous expression to fig. than is usual. H: 1Ii". PI. CXXXIV.

Mi. xi. 002. Stucco relief fig., best example of *Mi. xi. oo type. R. arm broken at wrist, L. just above elbow ; R. leg below knee and most of L. side from hip down wanting ; also part of head-dress. Hole and impress of reed core visible at back. H. s' 6â". Pl. CxXXiv.

Mi. xi. oo3. Stucco relief head, variant of *Mi. xi. oo, being on same scale but with face slightly less full, otherwise similar. Turban with top-knot (type b). Ears missing. H. 5s". Pl. CXXXIV.

Mi. xi. 004. Stucco relief fig. Variant of *Mi. xi. oo, body being draped. Body perhaps from same mould, but clay plastered on to denote close-fitting tunic looped from R. shoulder under L. arm ; beaded bands over this with double rosette at crossing point. From R. shoulder a heavy cloak came down, hiding R. arm to wrist, and probably crossing body at waist (see xi. 0077). Body broken above waist, L. arm at elbow, R. arm at wrist; most of drapery missing. Head-dress above fillet, and rosette from R. ear gone. H. 9".

Mi. xi. oo5. Stucco relief fig. of celestial attendant; youthful male type, cf. Mi. xi. 0064. Face round and soft ; eyes nearly closed, lips full and dimpled. Rosettes in ears. Crown of head bald ; over forehead hangs a flower-like lock divided into four curling tresses, and over each ear hangs a single heavy curl of hair. Body nude, with crossed jewel chains and central rosette ; _drapery looped from hips and knotted over each thigh (then broken away). Upper arms held slightly away from body and forearms bent forwards, drawing with them at elbows the veil which descends from head behind body like a vesica.

Armlets with rosettes on upper arm, necklace round neck. For figs. from same or similar mould, see Mi. xi. 0024, oo66, 0083, and cf. xi. 0084 ; xv. oor. For heads,. see Mi. x. 009-1o; xxvi. oor. H. 7", chin to crown

Mi. xi. oo6. Stucco relief fig., a variant of type *Mi. xi. oo, on smaller scale. Cf. also Mi. xi. oo5. Head held up and turned slightly over L. shoulder ; both arms stretched forwards (forearms lost), drawing with them at elbows the veil which descends on either side of fig. from back of head. Veil orig. painted blue. Jewelled bands as usual across chest ; head-dress above fillet missing ; broken off at waist. H. navel to top of head 5g". Pl. CXXXIV. -

Mi. xi. 007. Stucco relief fig. Torso as Mi. xi. oo6, but from different mould.. Broken at waist and neck. Arms broken above elbow ; L. was outstretched. H. 3".

Mi. xi. 008. Stucco relief fig. Neck to waist, of type *Mi. xi. oo. Arms broken at elbow. Surface much decayed. H. 71".

Mi. xi. oog. Stucco relief fig. Body from neck to navel; type *Mi. xi. oo. Arms broken at elbow, both forearms bent inwards and upwards. H. 5".

Mi. xi. ooxo. Stucco relief head of type *Mi. xi. oo. Head-dress above fillet missing. In hair, traces of pale cobalt-blue. Cracked right across face at level of eyes. Chin to top of hair 2â".

Mi. xi. oon. Stucco relief head of type *Mi. xi. oo. Ears, hose, and head-dress above fillet missing. From angle made with background it is seen to belong to fig. of variant type xi. oor. Chin to top of hair 2r.

Mi. xi. 0012. Stucco relief fig. Body from neck to waist of type *Mi. xi. oo. L. arm broken at shoulder. R. arm with rosette, broken at elbow. Either malformed or from slightly different mould. H. 5".

Mi. xi. 0013. Stucco relief head of type *Mi. xi. oo, but small scale. Head-dress above fillet missing, also L. ear. Chin to crown 2$".

Mi. xi. 0014. Stucco relief fig. Body from neck to hips, from mould like Mi. xi. 0064. Head lost, and both forearms; but arms were held slightly away from sides, pulling mantle with them at elbows. The mantle is painted black between arms and body; and side-knots of drapery fastening the lower robe remain on either hip. H. 6".

Mi. xi. 0015. Stucco relief fig. Body from neck to waist of type *Mi. xi. oo. Apparently from same mould, but arms (broken above elbow) differently attached ; both outstretched from shoulder, L. being higher. H. 6".

Mi. xi. 0016. Stucco relief fr. Face of type *Mi. xi. oo. Half R. ear left ; other accessories broken away. Chin to top of forehead 2r".

Mi. xi. 0017. Stucco relief head of type *Mi. xi. oo. Head-dress above fillet and L. ear missing; R. ear and nose broken. Chin to top of hair 2$".