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0168 Serindia : vol.3
Serindia : vol.3 / Page 168 (Color Image)

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complete in itself. It consists of a seated monk with another kneeling before him, his hands horizontal in pose of adoration. The seated monk is in yellow robe and green under-robe ; his R. hand in attitude of protection, L. hand on knee. He shows no sign of age like the other seated teachers. In bottom corner adjoining his seat is the corner of a water-tank ; behind remains part of a funnel-shaped green object with yellow rim, perhaps foliage of a tree. The kneeling monk is also young ; he wears a dull greyish-blue robe, and kneels on a vermilion mat. His head is peaked instead of rounded, the forehead receding. In top L. corner remains part of fig. in yellow robe kneeling on white lotus and apparently turned to L.

The rest of the figs. are turned to R. Chief of them is a monk in pale green robe, unhaloed but with red flames on head and shoulders, who sweeps down on clouds from L. The downward motion in this case is strongly emphasized by angle of legs and lower part of body, as compared with that of floating fig. in (2). His R. hand rests on cloud ; his L. is upraised with thumb and forefinger joined and fingers extended. In R. top corner a monk in red-brown robe, kneeling on mat with hands joined (head lost). Behind him rises the trunk of a tree (?) entwined with green leaves; while on extreme R. edge is strip of a similar kneeling fig. in red and green robe.

Below is the kneeling fig. of a boy, prob. last of a row of worshippers. He is dressed in light green long-sleeved coat, sprinkled with large rosettes and girt with vermilion band at hips. He kneels on a checked buff and black mat with his hands together in worship and head slightly raised. Head and face are carefully drawn ; face round and chubby, neck plump; a false outline of cheek has been corrected by a fine sweeping line. Hair is dressed in a peculiar fashion represented with great care. The crown is shaved, leaving only on the forehead a large triangular fringe, parted down the middle. Behind ear hangs long lock tied with red ribbon, with semicircle of small tufts at base.

The flesh of all figs. in (II) and (12) is a pale flesh-colour, tinged in some cases with grey, and quite unshaded. The heads are very well drawn except that of the retouched monk in (I I) ; the hand and arms not so good. Surface considerably worn.

(I I) 2' 2"X 6° ; (I2) I' 9°X I' 5". Pl. CXXVI.

Mi. xiii. oox. Stucco relief fr. Ear and hair of life-size fig. The two locks of hair blue, ear covered with gold-leaf. Length of ear 4". Pl. CXXXIX.

Mi. xiii. 002. Fr. of lime plaster, strip grooved longitudinally, gilded on three sides. I" x s X r.

Mi. xiii. 003. Carved wooden finial, gable-shaped, similar to Mi. xiv. ob2, but much smaller. Angles of base more acute. Plain moulding down edge, within which is trefoil, rising from a half-rosette in relief; on top a square with quatrefoil like that of Mi. xiv. 002. Traces of gilding on white ground. Base angles broken off.

H. 5"; base (would have been) 3k"; thickness 1°. Pl. CXXVIII.

Mi. xiii. 004. a-c. Stucco relief frs. ; one straight and two curved half-round bands ; apparently parts of a relief representing a snake (Naga ?). Curve (c) is best preserved ; surface deep red with narrow white band along inside of coil whereon are diagonal black slashes (hair); on main girth of body are roughly drawn,black rings and five-pointed flower-stars in gold leaf and black paint ; (b) similar, but with more white and red paint lost ; (a) also with more white, but surface much perished. Gr. M. 4y" X 2 X I8°.

Mi. xiii. 005. Stucco relief fr. Plant, prob. used as pedestal for fig. ; cf. Mi. xi. 00134. At bottom a gilded rosette, from which rises a series of broad, deeply ribbed, but smooth-edged leaves painted pale green. Paint much discoloured. Charred wood core. Much broken. Gr. M. 5".

Mi. xiv. ow. Carved wooden border, slightly curved; from vesica (?). Inner edge plain, outer carved in spiral flames, partly sunk work, and partly open-work. Once completely gilded. Much charred ; broken at each end. 7° X 2" X ITV (inner edge) to r (open-work edge).

Mi. xiv. 002. Carved wooden finial of small shrine (?). Solid block, in shape an isosceles triangle, with sq. fixed on to apex ; from base projects tenon. Carved in relief. Sq. has within plain moulding a quatrefoil, once gilded. Triangle has plain moulding parallel to sides, with row of upward-pointing leaves. Outside and inside a long seven-lobed leaf springing from a half-rosette. Outer row of leaves shows traces of blue paint over a thick ground of white. Cf. Mi. xiii. 003. 9 ° (tenon i"); base 4r; thickness I". PI. CXXVIII.

Mi. xiv. 003. Painted wooden carving. Fr. curved in cross-section, carved on convex side ; prob. part of side of circular casket ; bottom chamfered towards outer edge; top fiat, with traces of paint and holes whence projected outwards at an angle of c. 45° round sticks I" apart, perhaps for basket-work top. Along top edge, from under crescents composed of outer row of large beads and plain inner band (half flowers ?), hang festoons of twisted drapery. Along base between two plain mouldings a row of elliptical jewels (blue ?) with red bead setting, on green ground.

In central field, arcade. Short Indo-Ionic column (cf. Foucher, L'art du Gandhdra, Fig. x io) with lotus base (red and green), and sq. shaft (red) orn. with rope pattern in sunken panel, and black (blue ?) capital. Indian horseshoe arches (cf. Foucher, loc. cit., Fig. 102), red. In spandrel, female bust (Gandharvi ?) to R., flesh red, hair and details black. Under arch, fig. of Buddha seated on double lotus throne, head and body full front, legs profile to R. L. hand on knee, Rt hand raised in abhaya-mudrei; double halo and nimbus. Vesica green with red border, nimbus blue with red border. Drapery red, hair black, face and hands gilded, with details in black; traces of