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0022 Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia : vol.5
Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia : vol.5 / Page 22 (Color Image)


[Figure] 11-t Fort and Lines of Udelgúri in the province Dárrang, Assám.
[Figure] 11-b Village of Mangeldái in Assám.

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This snail native fort. now occupied bn a drlaeltmenl of aipdhis. is situated at the fool of the Mullin Himalaya, on the right shore of the river liarnuira, an affluent of the lir:rhmaprlra. Al a short distance from the lines nia, lne seen the smoke arising from nTarsi jungle, which has been set on nee. line or the smaller trees or the foreground is fou n( (lying loxes, which are in the habit of suspending themselves. brad downwards, from the branders .

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Throughout the whole of .\esnm, although the climate is very Ind in sununee and sensibly emit in *winter. the oaths buildings are of the most simply construction, generally consisting of bamboo trante work with a roof of reeds or leaves. and rang mailings for walls. here and there mud walls may area

sionally be seen. but neither within nor will   t the huts is lime mode nne of in their ronatrurtion and etas is the only material employed in laving down the
floor. Various fruit trees surround the houses. but no palms are in he met with. and Islets alao bnl ramis. Amongst the smaller trees we remark n KRA, or .klu,a paradisiara. and near the falling hut, a boropaldin tree or Elneurorpuu. Sticking to the wall of the central house may br seen severed rakes of dnnd cowdmng.whirh are used as fuel for cooking as well ao Other ordinary purposes.