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0028 Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia : vol.5
Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia : vol.5 / Page 28 (Color Image)


[Figure] Hypsometry, Vol.II Panoramic Profiles of the snowy ranges of High Asia. II. The Himálaya of Kãmáon and Gãrhvál. Drawn and surveyed by Adolphe and Robert de Schlagintweit.

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.   PanDrarair.lriofiles of the snowy ranges DT High Asia.

H. The Himitlay-a. of Kiimkon and Olurhvil.

  •  ;losses de. Schlagintwokt India ,Pb'' •


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The Chimer mountain in Kimion. the highest summit irt.the immediate environs of the sanitar,i0:01.. N11111iiii. in situated to the weal of the lake. It commands an extensive view of the snowy ranges from the BaisM chain to the )(timid). peak. The angular dimensions of the panorama. from the itzd peak to Illitarnath, •

  • embrace 79' in the hot-Mental plain, its vertical angles are very uniform and in *encest erinartab:v dent for Ur considerable distance of Ur objects. To the east or the AO peak. the snowy ranges extend. to some distance. though they are very indistinct . Drawn by Adolphe. surveyed by Hobert . 1553. May. I.07. No no




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L.1. ••• ■■■•••• I ...A •■•■•.1 .,... to -.1■1—.1   _.


nearly due north of blissiri. From its proximity to the principal crest of the Himalaya. all the snow peaks ni this view present theinselyrs under very considerable angles. notwithstanding the great absolute height of the eye station This panorama includes a

   summary horizontal angle of t IS Drawn and sumeyea by Adolphe. ISIS .0ciober .   ■ or s.. ne milli.

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..""t2irtr:   a o . ... . . . . ..—" 11 5 ...F 7. r. 4 . . i 0 ,.. . =Lt. o. o w a,. o ■■•• r" .   '''''''Z'or*.t.'   ...."'""'......V.:',......!...="

••••• ■   -..4r=',75t   1 W,..:w

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Eqrare.1 art.] publiabrA by fA

see the oxpIonations at the font of plate 1 of the .Psnorantir Proftleic'


71M7I711% • MOM."

  • ■•••••,....e..•••• •

Drawn and sury eyed by Adolphe and Robert de Sehlatinlweit.